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Board of Selectman Minutes 08/019/2003
Town of Sebago
Board of Selectmen's Meeting
4:00 p.m.
Tuesday, August 19, 2003
Town Office Building

I Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at 4:00 p.m. by Chairperson, Ruth Douglas.

II Roll Call
Present were Select persons, Ruth Douglas, George Tinkham, David Hague, Robert Irish Jr., and Ted Davis; Town Manger, Rosemary Kulow. Guests present were: Mike Corrigan of The Bridgton News; Gary Sanborn, Harold Hugo; Al and Marty Chambers; Maurice Davies; Harry Martin; Elizabeth Tinkham; Emma Shute; Diana and Fern Letellier; Al Fleming; Greg Cutting; John and Joan Nesteruk; Donald Sr. and Mabel Olden; Denise Olsen; Gail Irish; David McCarthy; Richard and Carol Tidd; Allen Crabtree; Gail and Peter Mills; Scott Douglas; George Sampson; Public Works Director, Ted Shane; and Rescue Chief, Helen Twombly.

III Adjustments to the Agenda (by Selectmen)
No action taken.
IV Consideration of Consent Calendar
Approve Minutes of the July 29, 2003 Board of Selectmen's Meeting
George made a motion to approve the consent calendar. It was seconded by David. Motion carried.

V Reports from Town Officials & Committees
Town Manager
See attached.

Public Works
No report.

Helen reported that the Public Works Department put the sign up on the Rescue Building. She thanked the Public Works Department for a job well done.
VI Old Business
A. Sign Quit Claim Deed to Robert & Ruth Briggs for Purchase of Tax-Acquired Property
Bob stated that he would abstain from voting on this issue, as he is a member of the Tax-Acquired Property Committee. David made a motion to sign the quit claim deed to Robert & Ruth Briggs for the tax-acquired property, formerly owned by Nancy Sylvester, tax Map 10, Lot 7. It was seconded by Ruth. Motion carried with David, Ruth and Ted in favor, and George and Bob abstaining.

B. Adopt Order 04-01, A Policy for the Disbursement of Stipends
Bob made a motion to discuss a policy for the disbursements of stipends. It was seconded by David. George wanted to know why this was on the agenda. Bob stated that it was a way to insure that when an oath is taken for an office, that the duties are carried out prior to being paid. He stated that although there haven't been any problems with this yet, it was a way of assuring that the problem would not occur. Suggestions were made that stipends could be disbursed monthly or quarterly. Ted felt the policy should be adjusted and brought back to the Board. A vote was taken and failed with George, Ruth and Ted opposing, and Bob in favor. David abstained.

VII New Business
Award Bid for Tag-Along Trailer
The bids were as follows:

        Company Nam
        Amount of Bi
        Nichols Trailer
        Maine Trailer, In
        Hale Trailer Brake & Whee
        Bob recommended that the Public Works Director review the bids at this time and give his recommendation. After reviewing the bids, Pubic Works Director, Ted Shane recommended the Board approve the bid from Nichols Trailer, as it had a 14 ft deck as opposed to a 12 ft deck, and it had 14 ft main beams as opposed to 12 ft beams. It was seconded by David. Motion carried.

Award Bid for Heating Fuel
See the attached chart.
David made a motion to award the fuel bid to Webber Energy. It was seconded by George. Motion carried with Bob opposing.

Approve Tax Assessor's Return for the County of Cumberland
George made a motion to approve $140,852.00 for the Cumberland County Tax Assessor's Return. It was seconded by Ruth. Motion carried.

Approve Mutual Aid Agreement for Fire Services
George made a motion to approve mutual aid for the Towns of Bridgton, Brownfield, Casco, Denmark, Fryeburg, Harrison, Lovell, Naples, Otisfield, Stoneham, Sweden and Waterford. It was seconded by David. Motion carried.

Discuss Changing Board of Selectmen's Meeting Time to 7:00 p.m.
David stated that he currently has to take time off from work in order to make the 4:00 p.m. meetings. Bob stated that even though public participation is equal, the 7:00 p.m. meeting time would be more convenient for everyone to attend. There being no more discussion, Bob made a motion to change the Selectmen's Meeting time to 7:00 p.m. It was seconded by David. Motion carried.

At this time, Gary Sanborn addressed the Board. He informed the Board that Kealey Crane will be moving the Stitzell cottage on Hancock Pond Rd. on Friday. He stated that because the cottage was to be lifted over the power lines, the road would be blocked for approximately 30-60 minutes, and that power would be interrupted. He felt that dispatch should be notified so that emergency vehicles can plan for the delays.

Discuss the Bidding Process for Expenditures over the $2,500 Policy Requirement
George wanted to make sure that the $2,500 policy was still in effect. He felt that recently, the policy had been overlooked, concerning work that was being done at the Old Town Hall. Rosemary explained, that at a Selectmen's Meeting, when the work was being discussed, the Board decided, that since the contractor was present, they would allow the work to be done, expediting the process. She also stated that the policy contains a clause which allows the Town Manager to approve expenses without the bid process in some instances.

Discuss Lions Club Offer to Inspect and Repair Front of the Old Fire House at Town Hall
George read a list of service projects that the Lions Club had done for the town. He felt that there is still a lot to do, but with minimum funds. George made a motion that the Lions Club take a look at the Old Fire House at the Town Hall, and return to the Board with a proposal for approval. It was seconded by Ruth. Motion carried.
Approve Closing Town Office September 23, 2003 for Clerks to Attend Training
Michele explained that the Secretary of State now mandates that Clerks attend Elections training once every two years. Ted made a motion to close the office on Sept. 23, 2003. It was seconded by Bob. Motion carried.

Accept Town Manager's Resignation
Bob felt that the Selectmen are incapable of handling all the things that Town Manager handles on a daily basis. Bob made a motion to not accept the Town Manager's resignation out of respect to her, and to show her that the Town needs her. It was seconded by Ruth. Discussion followed.
Members of the public express their support and opposition to the resignation. Members felt that the Board should vote to accept the resignation with regret as opposed to not accepting it. Bob withdrew his motion, and made a new motion to accept the Town Manager's resignation with deepest regret. It was seconded by David. Motion carried.
Appoint Project Manager for Community Gateways Program Grant
George made a motion to table this item until the next meeting. It was seconded by Ted. Motion carried, with Bob abstaining.

VIII Other Business
George made a motion to give the shelves in the large meeting room back to the Historical Society. It was seconded by David. Motion carried.

George made a motion to hold a Selectmen's Workshop on Tuesday, Aug. 26, 2003 at 7:00 p.m. to discuss the Town Manager Replacement Process. It was seconded by Ruth. Motion carried.

IX Move to Executive Session per M.R.S.A. Title 1, Sec. 405 (6)(A)
George made a motion to move to Executive Session at 5 p.m. It was seconded by Ruth. In lieu that the Town Manager did not want to participate in the Executive Session, George retracted his motion, and Ruth retracted her second.

X Return to Open Session
No action required.

XI Adjourn
George made a motion to adjourn at 5:01 p.m. It was seconded by David. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Michele A. Bukoveckas
Town Clerk