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Board of Selectmen 07/15/2003
Town of Sebago
Board of Selectmen's Meeting
4:00 p.m., Tuesday, July 15, 2003
Town Office & Town Hall
I Call to Order
The meeting was called to order by Chairman, Ruth Douglas at 4:00 p.m.

II Roll Call
Roll call was done by Recorder, Michele Bukoveckas. Present were: Selectmen, Ruth Douglas, George Tinkham, Ted Davis, and David Hague, and Town Manager, Rosemary Kulow. Robert Irish Jr. joined the meeting at 4:07 p.m.. Guests present were: Betty Tinkham; Maurice Davies; Public Works Director, Ted Shane; Code Enforcement Officer, Brian Morse; Carol and Edward Woodman; Michael Borsetti; George Anderson; and Mike Corrigan of The Bridgton News.

III Adjustments to the Agenda
There were none.
IV Introduction of Mike McClellan, Executive Director of the Greater Bridgton Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce
Mr. McClellan was unable to attend, therefore this item is tabled until the next meeting.

V Comments from the Public on Issues Not on the Agenda
Carol Woodman addressed the Board stating that they owned a dock at the end of Marathon Ave. She stated that a dock has been there since 1923. She also stated that they have liability insurance for the dock, and that the Town was relieved of all claims against it. The reason she was addressing the Board was that they are having issues regarding people using the dock claiming that it was a public dock. Recently, the Sheriff's department has called the Code Officer inquiring about claim of ownership. The Code Officer stated that the dock is at the end of a Right-of-Way, therefore the pubic does have right to use it. The Woodmans were asking the Board for documentation that they owned the dock and that the public did not have right to use it. The Board stated that because it was at the end of the Right-of-Way, the Woodmans may not prohibit the public from using it, but they may restrict the amount of time the dock may be used. The Woodmans stated that they will post a sign stating a time limit for the dock's use.
Maurice Davies thanked the Board for the ad in the newspapers recently regarding the requirements of obtaining a permit for pumping septic tanks. He also stated that he was aware that a portion of Rte. 114 would be closed during the reconstruction of the Bachelder Brook Bridge. He asked the Board whether contingency plans had been made for Fire and Rescue. Public Works Director, Ted Shane, stated that the road would be closed from Aug 4, 2003 through Labor Day, and that mutual aid from Naples had been discussed. Maurice also stated that the Public Works Department had done a great job cleaning up Town buildings, and cleaning up roadside brush.

Mike Borsetti asked the Board whether or not his complaints at the last meeting concerning alleged violations had been addressed. Code Enforcement Officer, Brian Morse, stated that he needs to see the complaints in writing in order to address them. Brian also stated that he had in fact visited the area and found that the docks in question had permits or had been placed prior to the Shoreland Zoning Ordinance. Brian invited Mr. Borsetti to his office to show him the permits and address any other issues. Brian informed the Board that the Portland Water District had also visited the area, and did not have any problems with the docks that were there.

VI Consideration of Consent Calendar
Approve Minutes of the June 7, 2003 Annual Town Meeting and the June 17 and July 1, 2003 Board of Selectmen's Meetings
George made a motion to approve the consent calendar. It was seconded by David. Motion carried.

VII Reports from Town Officials & Committees
Town Manager
See attached.
George inquired whether model franchise agreements from other towns will be used for the Cable Television Franchise Agreement negotiations and wondered why the Town Attorney will be involved in negotiations. Rosemary stated that model ordinances are being used and that the Town Attorney is advising throughout. George also wondered why the Town Attorney had been contacted regarding Gaye Burnell's question concerning the Teddy Bear Reserve account. He felt that the Maine Municipal Association's Legal Department could have answered these questions saving the town money.
Public Works
Ted reported the following:
Remove cedar trees at the Town Hall and painted trim and entrance outside.
Fixed everything that was identified at the beach outhouses.
Trees trimmed around road signs.
Excavating work (ditching and culvert installation) has begun. This week Anderson Rd, next week, Valley Ln. After next week, work will commence on Orchard Rd. and Allen Rd. to prepare for paving.
Veteran's stones have been repaired and cleaned.
Roadside bush hogging has started. Roads to be bush hogged include: Long Beach, Shore Rd., Dolloff Rd., Folly Rd., Peaked Mountain Rd., and Anderson Rd.
Lastly, Ted reported that vehicle maintenance has been done in their spare time.

Town Clerk and Treasurer, Michele Bukoveckas, stated that she had presented the Board with a reconciliation report for Town accounts for the months of May and June. She asked the Board if they had any questions, and whether or not a motion could be made to accept the report. There being no questions, George made a motion to accept the May and June Reconciliation reports. It was seconded by David. Motion carried.
VIII Old Business

A. Determine the Disposition of Tax-Acquired Property as Shown on Sebago Tax Map 10 Lot 7, Formerly Owned by Nancy Sylvester
The Board inquired as to whether or not Mr. Anderson had completed the sale. Rosemary stated that he had not. David made a motion to offer the property by bid to the second highest bidders. It was seconded by Bob. Motion carried with George abstaining. George made a motion to refund $100 to Mr. Anderson, which was above the required deposit. It was seconded by Bob. Motion carried.

Consider Estimates for Masonry Work & Handrail Replacement at Town Hall (Building Maintenance Work Plan)
Ted stated that he had received two quotes. One quote was for approximately $2,500 and would remove the current stairs and handrail and replace them with masonry. The second quote was for $1,040 and would replace the current masonry steps with pressure treated wooden ones. George made a motion to replace the stairs and handrails and to consider the estimates. It was seconded by Ted Davis. Motion carried. The Board felt that wooden stairs may not last as long as masonry ones. David made a motion to get three cost quotes for masonry replacement of the stairs. It was seconded by Bob. Motion carried.

Adopt Order 03-14, Town of Sebago Financial Management and Investment Policies (Selectmen & Treasurer - please bring documents previously distributed.)
George made a motion to discuss parts of the Financial Management and Investment Policies. It was seconded by Bob. Motion carried, with Ted abstaining. George made the following comments:
Page 3, IV Sec. A.-2 people would be required at all times in the front office. Perhaps the words, "whenever possible" should be added.
Page 3, V Sec. A-not necessary as the Town has a lockable safe and an alarm. Such trips would be costly in wages and mileage.
Page 3, V Sec. B-could result in addition hours for staff, as this would have to be done beyond the normal working hours.
Page 3, VI-Sec. B-was under the assumption payroll would be out-sourced.
Page 6, Sec. II- include reserve accounts in list.
Page 8, Sec. IX-questioned if this is a function of the Treasurer.
Page 11, Sec. VII-"Suggested Useful Lives: schedule missing, therefore didn't know what that meant.
Clerk/Treasurer, Michele stated that she would like to see some language regarding the cashing of payroll checks. She stated that currently, some checks are not being cashed for extended periods, which creates book-keeping problems. George made a motion that payroll checks be void after 30 days. It was seconded by David. Motion carried. George made a motion to have his comments considered and any other comments from the Board, and to consider the policies at the next meeting. It was seconded by David. Motion carried.

Decide Whether to Continue Contract with Portland Water District for Septage Disposal after Contract is in Effect with LAWPCA
Ted made a motion to consider contracting with Portland Water District for Septage Disposal after the contract is in effect with LAWPCA. It was seconded by Bob. Motion carried. Rosemary explained that we contracted with PWD before starting the process with LAWPCA. She further explained that by contracting with both PWD and LAWPCA, the haulers would have a choice, as well as provide a back-up. George made a motion to continue the contract with Portland Water District for Septage Disposal after the contract is in effect with LAWPCA. It was seconded by David. Motion carried, with Ted opposing.

George stated that he would like Rosemary to have a list of the increases and savings in the following list for discussion of the Fund Balance at the next meeting.
•Sale of Town Owned Property
•Cumberland County tax levy savings
•State Revenue Sharing
•S.A.D. # 61 payment savings
•and any other unanticipated revenues

Approve & Sign Quit Claim Deed for the Sale of Tax-Acquired Property as Shown on Sebago Tax Map 10 Lot 33, Formerly Owned by the Heirs of Herbert Gray
David made a motion to approve and sign the quit claim deed to Jeff and Belisa Harriman for the sale of tax-acquired property as shown on Sebago Tax Map 10 Lot 33, formerly owned by the Heirs of Herbert Gray. It was seconded by Ted. Motion carried.

IX New Business
Establish Fees for the Disposal of Household Hazardous Waste
Rosemary stated that Clean Harbors charges $45.00 for 10 gals of liquid or 10 lbs of solid. She also stated that Raymond charges $20.00 for 10 gals of liquid or 10 lbs of solid, and have reduced rates for lesser amounts. She stated that she and Ted would be present that day to collect the fees. David made a motion to charge $5.00 for 5 gals of liquid, or 5 lbs of solid with a $5.00 minimum. It was seconded by George. Motion carried.
X Other Business
Bob made a motion that he would like estimates for installing safety devices on all automatic doors in municipal buildings to be added to the list of building improvements. It was seconded by David. Motion carried.

XI Adjourn
George made a motion to adjourn at 6:15 p.m. It was seconded by Ted. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Michele A. Bukoveckas
Town Clerk