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Board ofSelectmenMeeting Minutes 06/03/2003
Town of Sebago
Board of Selectmen's Meeting
7:00 p.m., Tuesday, June 3, 2003
Town Office Building

I Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman, Ruth Douglas.

II Roll Call
Roll call was done by Recorder, Gail Irish. Present were Selectmen, Ruth Douglas and George Tinkham; and Town Manager, Rosemary Kulow. Robert Irish, Jr. was absent.
Guests present were: Betty Tinkham; Maurice Davies; M. Lincoln Douglas, Jr.; Elaine Dewitt; Fern Letellier; Ted Davis; Ron Tabor; Public Works Director, Ted Shane; and Transfer Station Supervisor, Dick Clow.

III Adjustments to the Agenda
There were none.

IV Comments from the Public on Issues Not on the Agenda
There were none.

V Consideration of Consent Calendar
Approve Minutes of the May 6th & May 27th Selectmen's Meetings
George made a motion to approve the consent calendar. It was seconded by Ruth. Motion carried.

VI Reports from Town Officials
Town Manager's report is attached.
Ms. Kulow also informed the Selectmen of a Public Hearing being held at the Standish Municipal Building on June 11, 2003 at 7:00 p.m. regarding the Route 114 Reconstruction
Project from Gorham to Standish. At this informational meeting, representatives from the Department of Transportation will be present to explain the phases of the construction.
Ms. Kulow provided Sexual Harassment training at Fire Station #2 which was well attended by the firefighters. The tape will also be distributed to town employees. The training is mandated by the Federal government, State government, and by Town Policy.
Mr. Tinkham inquired about the meeting on June 13, 2003, with Pine Tree Waste. Ms. Kulow stated that Ms. McNaughton had contacted her to schedule the meeting to discuss cost increases.
Public Works Director, Ted Shane reported the following:
Grounds around the Town Office, Town Hall, and the cemeteries have been groomed for Memorial Day.
Stairways in the town hall have been painted, and the ladies' room closet will soon be done. Also the curtains have been repaired in the gym.
Work has been started on the new playground. To date approximately 5 hours of backhoe usage, 8 hours of dump truck usage, and 12 man hours.

Installation of a metal roof on the town beach outhouse and the placement of the swim buoys, weather permitting.
Inspection and clean- up of Douglas Mountain trails.
Continue vehicle maintenance and working on road signs through month of June.
Mr. Tinkham inquired about painting a crosswalk from Sebago Elementary School to the Library. He feels that not having one presents a safety hazard. It has not been done for about 5 years, and historically was done in the past. Ms. Kulow said that the State would not do it, but would not object if the town painted it. Both Mr.Tinkham and Ms. Douglas felt it would be in the best interest of the town and suggested it be painted at the same time the crosswalks in the Long Beach area are done. Mr. Shane will contact the person in charge at the Long Beach Community Association.

VII Old Business
There was none.

VIII New Business
A. Open and Consider Bids for Tax Acquired Property
There were 8 bids submitted for the tax acquired property located on Sebago Tax Map 10, Lot 007. They are as follows:
Theresa Grover - bid $13,600 with a deposit of $680
Jerry Anderson - bid $18,000 with a deposit of $1,000
Deborah Dolan - bid $15,000 with a deposit of $750
Albion Browne - bid $10,750 with a deposit of $1,075
Robert Briggs - bid $15,100 with a deposit of $755
Richard Lyons - bid $12,260 with a deposit of $1,000
M. Lincoln Douglas Jr. - bid $11,652 with a deposit of $600
Ronald Tabor - bid $15,100 with a deposit of $805
George made a motion to award the bid for Sebago Tax Map 10, Lot 007 to Jerry
Anderson for the sum of $18,000, with a provision that the two 8'x10' gray structures remain the property of the Town of Sebago. It was seconded by Ruth. Motion carried.

There was one bid submitted for the tax acquired property located on Sebago Tax Map 10, Lot 33. The bid is as follows:
Jeffrey & Belisa Harriman - bid $13,551 with a deposit of $677.55
George made a motion to award the bid for Sebago Tax Map 10, Lot 33 to Jeffrey & Belisa Harriman. It was seconded by Ruth. Discussion followed with an inquiry as to whether the Harrimans owned the abutting property, as this particular property was only offered to the abutters at this time. The Harrimans were not present for questioning, therefore, with uncertainty as to the legality of this situation, George retracted his motion, and Ruth retracted her second. No action was taken at this time.
B. Consider and Adopt Guidelines for Summer Recreation Program Scholarships
George made a motion to adopt the guidelines for summer recreation program scholarships. It was seconded by Ruth. Motion carried.

C. Appoint Budget Committee Member
George made a motion to appoint David McCarthy as a Budget Committee member. It was seconded by Ruth. Motion carried.
Eric Newcomb received the other Budget Committee seat.
IX Other Business
Ms. Kulow informed the Board that a sign language interpreter has been requested to be present at the annual Town Meeting on June 7th, 2003. If the meeting should last more than 4 hours, two interpreters would have to be present. The town is responsible to pay the hourly fee with travel time included. The fee for week-ends is $63.00 per hour. George requested that Ms. Kulow try to recruit volunteers, and possibly a member of a hearing impaired family that resides in Sebago, and to also check with the Baxter School for the Deaf in Falmouth.

George stated that he would like to mark off the end of the Town Hall parking lot on Saturday morning before Town Meeting, to indicate the area that would be used for an addition to the Fire Station as proposed in Article 65 of the Annual Town Meeting Warrant.

George also stated that the dock has been completed at the Town Beach by Myles Farrell as an Eagle Scout project. The dock is attached to aid in the launching of boats. Everyone is pleased with the results and there should be some type of recognition and dedication ceremony.

X Adjourn
George made a motion to adjourn at 7:34 p.m. It was seconded by Ruth. Motion carried.

These minutes are not verbatim. A recording of the proceedings is available in the Clerk's office.

Respectfully submitted,

Gail Irish
Deputy Town Clerk