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Sebago Maine Town Seal
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Board of Selectmen Minutes 10/05/2004
Town of Sebago
Board of Selectmen’s Meeting
7:00 p.m.
Tuesday, October 5 2004
Town Office Building
I Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman, Ruth Douglas.
II Roll Call
Present were: Selectmen, Ruth Douglas, Allen Crabtree, Robert Irish Jr., Dave McCarthy,
Town Manager, David Hague; and Recorder Maureen Tabor. Guests present were:
Fire Chief Ken Littlefield; MauriceDavies; Richard Merritt; Scott Douglas; Jeff Cutting ;Ann McMahon; Mike Farrell; Fern and Diana Letellier; Phil Cressy; And Mike Corrigan from the Bridgton News.
III Adjustments to the Agenda
Add Hot Air Furnace Bid to New Business E.
IV Next Board of Selectmen’s Meeting is scheduled for: October 19, 2004 at 7:00 p.m.
V Comments from the Public
Jeff Cutting asked how the town was doing in respect with the rock issue on Quest Ave.
The owner was told that he would not receive an occupancy permit until the rocks were moved.
Since then no action has been taken. Allen made a motion to give the owner 30 days for action to take place. It was seconded by Bob Irish. Motion carried.
Mr. Phil Cressey presented Ruth Douglas with an award for her mail service and her dedication as a Selectperson for the Town of Sebago.
VI Appointments
Allen Crabtree motioned that we approve and accept the following members for the
Waste Disposal Committee:
Robert Irish Jr.
Don Olden
David Hague
Ted Shane
David Crawford
It was seconded by David McCarthy. Motion carried.
The first meeting will be October 20, 2004 at 7:30 p.m.
VII Written Communication
A. Bob Irish Jr. made a motion to approve the Selectmen’s Minutes from the September 21, 2004 Meeting. It was seconded by Allen Crabtree. Motion carried.
B. Dave McCarthy made a motion to approve warrants # 13 and 14. It was seconded
By Bob Irish Jr. Motion carried.
VII Old Business
A . None
IX New Business
A. Bob Irish Jr. made a motion to table the approval of Bret Bistowski’s Liquor License. It was seconded by Dave McCarthy. Motion carried.
B. Allen Crabtree made a motion to award the Town Hall Roof Bid to Quality Custom Carpentry with the bid of $45,000.00. It was seconded by Dave McCarthy. Motion carried.
C. Dave McCarthy made a motion to award the Salt/Sand Bid to George Anderson and Sons with a bid of $10,000.00. It was seconded by Bob Irish. Motion carried.
D. Allen Crabtree made a motion to approve the Employment Agreement for Town
Manager. It was seconded by Bob Irish Jr. Motion carried. All the Selectmen
welcomed Dave. They stated that they are pleased with what they have seen over the past few months, and they offer their support 100%.
D. Bob Irish made a motion to discuss the Hot Air Furnace Bid. It was seconded by Allen Crabtree. Bob would like to see it go back to bid, as it only received one bid. Dave McCarthy made a motion to table until we have received at least two other bids. It was seconded by Bob Irish. Allen abstained from voting, Ruth opposed, and Dave McCarthy and Bob voted in favor. Motion failed. David Hague said he would call other businesses for an estimate.
X Reports from Town Officials & Committees
A. Selectmen:
Allen Crabtree stated that he will be attending the MMA conference in
Augusta on October 6. He stated we will be having a public hearing on the impacts the Tax Cap will have on Sebago, and welcoming comments from the public, on October 19th at 6:00 p.m.
Bob Irish asked Mr. Cressey if he was trying to get a Bill to the state for
posted speed limits. Mr. Cressey replied with regards to Rt. 114. He said that it
being a state road, it has to go through the state process. Residents would have
to present the Selectmen with a petition to be sent to DOT. DOT would then
investigate the area. The Bill Mr.Cressey is looking to establish, is a no passing
zone in a 35 MPH zone.
B. Department Heads:
Fire Chief Ken Littlefield stated that the old Fire Truck is out to bid.
In regards to the Fire Station addition the septic site has been approved,
and the permits have been granted. He is currently asking contractors for
bids. Dave McCarthy asked Dave Hague if he would review the process for
acquiring bids with Ken. Ken also stated that the repeater is in, and is now just waiting for the electrician. It will be about two weeks before hook-up. Ken believes it will be 95% better coverage than from Winn Mountain.
C. Committees:
Fern Letellier said that rock and stumps have been removed from the trail. He asked
if there would be any objection to the scouts camping out in the work area, as they are
planning a two day work session. Fern also said that there is about 1400 feet left to be
completed, and there are other boy scouts interested in finishing the job. There was
concern that new signs directing hikers on their way down should be placed on the
mountain. Also, the pad lock on the donation box needs to be replaced.
Fire Stations Committee:
Dave McCarthy said that the report is at the Maine Fire Training Education
getting reviewed. He should have a response by the end of the week, after which
a 1st meeting can be scheduled.
D. Town Manager:
Dave said that he has a meeting with Pine Tree Waste on October 21st,
to discuss fees. He also will be meeting on that day with MMA, so if anyone
has any insurance questions they should get them to him.
Three tax acquired properties have been put out to bid. Dave would like
a clean-up plan organized.
X Executive Session:
Bob Irish Jr. motioned to move to Executive Session at 8:25 p.m. It was seconded by Dave McCarthy. Motion carried.
The meeting reconvened at 9:44. There was no action.
XI. Adjournment:
Bob Irish made a motion to adjourn at 9:44. It was seconded by Allen Crabtree. Motion
Respectfully submitted,
Maureen Tabor
Deputy Clerk