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Board of Selectmen Minutes 08/15/2006
I       Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman, Allen Crabtree.
II      Roll Call
Present were Selectmen; Allen Crabtree, Maureen Harriman, Jeff Harriman, Bob Irish Jr., Dave McCarthy, Town Manager; Dave Hague, and Recorder Michele Bukoveckas.  Guests present were: Public Works Director; Dick Aube, Rescue Chief; Lauris Champagne, Fire Chief; Ken Littlefield, Code Enforcement Officer; Bob Sharkey, Transfer Station Attendant; Dave Crawford, Don Olden Sr., Don Allen, Abe Parker, Maurice Davies, George Sampson, Phil Strike, Bob Burns, Jim and Jane MacDonald, Rita Doll off, and Mike Corrigan of The Bridgton News.
III     Adjustments to the Agenda
        The Board would like to see Discussion of a Junkyard Ordinance on the next agenda.
IV      Reports from Town Officials & Committees
A.      Town Manager
        Dave Hague reported the following:
ü       Hazardous waste day is scheduled for September 26, 2006 from 9:00a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
ü       The Town Hall and Town Office parking lots will be paved on September 8, 2006.  The Town        Office will be closed on September 8 and September 9th.
ü       Helen Twombly is willing to be the Health Officer.
ü       Prioritizing for the next Town Manager.

B.      Selectmen
Dave McCarthy inquired about the following:
ü       Commercial Haulers using the Transfer Station should have a permit to do so, or transport               waste to Pine Tree Waste.
ü       The survey regarding the Long Beach area.  Dave Hague reported that the surveyor agrees with    the C.E.O.s findings that the owners own to the low water mark.  To place pins would cost                       approximately $3,000.
ü       Letters to abutters of public easements for road maintenance.  Dave Hague stated that the               assessment of the roads is still being done, and then the letters will go out.
ü       Status of Brush Dump.  Dave Hague reported that 2 items are required for the permit.  They              are minor modifications to the plan and the Transfer Station Identification Number.  Once                       these items are received the permit will be issued.

Maureen Harriman reported the following:
ü       One of the portables at the school will be moved this weekend by Ron Willey.  He does not                       have the time to move the other.  The Board will look into options for moving the other                                 portable in a timely fashion.

Allen Crabtree reported the following:
ü       The Town won a grant in the amount of $76,451 for FY 05.  The Board would like                  Department Heads to design a plan for replacement and maintenance of equipment for their                        departments.  The Board would like a closer view of Department Grant Applications.

C.      Department Heads
        Code Enforcement Officer, Bob Sharkey reported that his office is busy.

        Public Works Director, Dick Aube reported that his department has been busy and that they are working effectively and efficiently within their budget.  Don Allen stated that he is very satisfied with the condition of Folly Rd. and Maurice Davies stated that he was very happy with the condition of Safe Harbor Rd.

        Rescue Chief, Lauris Champagne reported that calls are down, the rescue is running well, and that the banner recruiting new members will be put up soon.  It was suggested that a posting on the web site should be done as well.

        Fire Chief, Ken Littlefield reported that he would like a “big ticket” line in the C.I.P. process. He also stated that pump test will be soon.

D.      Committees-There were none.

V       Next Board of Selectmen’s Meeting is scheduled for:  September 5, 2006.

VI      Comments from the Public
Abe Parker would like the Town to clearly mark the Douglas Mountain trail and install signs.  He has had several people show up on his property because they are getting lost.  Dave Hague stated that this will be taken care of this week.

George Sampson stated that he was saddened by the news of David Hague’s resignation.  He felt that David did a great job and was an asset.  George Sampon’s thoughts were shared by many.

Jim MacDonald inquired about whether his deed in reference to the Safe Harbor R.O.W. had been reviewed.  David Hague stated that it had been reviewed with the help of George Anderson.  The R.O.W. goes to the Old Farm Sandy Beach, not the Safe Harbor Road easement given by Florence.  It does not mean the footpath.  This is not the same deed as referenced in James MacDonald’s deed.
VII     Written Communication
A.      Approval of the August 1, 2006 Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes
        Jeff Harriman made a motion to approve the August 1, 2006 Selectmen’s Minutes. It was seconded by Bob Irish Jr.  Motion carried.

B.      Approval of the August 3, 2005 Selectmen’s Site Walk Minutes
Jeff Harriman made a motion to approve the August 1, 2006 Selectmen’s Minutes. It was seconded by Bob Irish Jr.  Motion carried.

C.      Approval of Warrants #5 & # 6
        Bob Irish Jr. made a motion to approve warrants #5 and # 6.  It was seconded by Jeff Harriman.  Motion carried.

VIII    Old Business    
A.      Discussion of Contracting a Cumberland County Sheriff for Law Enforcement
        The Board will bring this issue back in one month after more research is done.
IX      New Business
A.      Acceptance of Town Manager’s resignation
        Bob Irish Jr. made a motion to accept the Town Manager’s Resignation with regret.  It was seconded by Jeff Harriman.  Allen Crabtree thanked David Hague for his service.  Bob Irish Jr. also thanked Dave and stated that he helped the Town move forward.  There being no further comments, motion carried.

B.      Appointment of David Hague to Budget Committee
Dave McCarthy made a motion to appoint David Hague to the Budget Committee.  It was seconded by Bob Irish Jr.  Motion carried.

C.      Discussion of Beach Closing Criteria
        Bob Irish Jr. made a motion for discussion.  It was seconded by Dave McCarthy.  Dave Hague stated that the State Guidelines state that the water is unsafe when levels reach 235 colonies by 100ml.  The water is tested 3 times a week.  They suggested that 11x 17 signs be posted stating that the Beach is closed due to unsafe bacteria level.   The Board voted to have a policy developed stating the sign for closing the beach would state swim at your own risk.

D.      Appointment of Helen Twombly as Health Officer
        Bob Irish Jr. made a motion to appoint Helen Twombly as the Health Officer.  It was seconded by Jeff Harriman.  Motion carried.

E.      Discussion for a Proposal for Pavement Condition Survey
        Bob Irish Jr. made a motion for discussion.  It was seconded by Jeff Harriman.  Public Works Director Richard Aube stated that this would be great tool in determining road maintenance schedules.  The Board agreed that this would be a great tool especially during the budget process.  Richard Aube will get an exact price quote for the next meeting.

E.      Discussion to Move a Tree from School Property to Town Property
        Bob Irish Jr. made a motion for discussion.  It was seconded by Dave McCarthy.  The Board suggested that Public Works could remove the shed and use it for storage and put the tree where the shed was.  Public Works will look at the shed this week and report back at the next meeting.
G.      Discussion of Trash Hauling Permits
        Bob Irish Jr. made a motion for discussion.  It was seconded by Dave McCarthy.  The Board stated that there are many commercial haulers who transport trash to the transfer station and do not have a permit to so.  There is one hauler in particular who has been given notice that they must have a permit and they have not obtained one.  The Town Manager will send them a letter stating they have 14 days to comply before legal action takes place.  The Transfer Station Attendant will notify other haulers that they must obtain a permit to haul within Sebago boarders.

X       Executive Session Pursuant to Title 1 M.R.S.A. § 405 (6) (A) to Discuss a Personnel Matter
        Bob Irish Jr. made a motion to enter into Executive Session Pursuant to Title 1 M.R.S.A. § 405 (6) (A) to Discuss a Personnel Matter at 9:06 p.m.  It was seconded by Maureen Harriman.  Motion carried.

        Dave McCarthy made a motion to return to regular session at 9:50 p.m.  It was seconded by Jeff Harriman.  Motion carried.

        There was no action taken during Executive Session.

XI      Adjournment

Bob Irish Jr. made a motion to adjourn at 9:51 p.m.  It was seconded by Maureen Harriman.  Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Michele A. Bukoveckas
Town Clerk