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Board of Selectmen Minutes 09/19/2006

I       Call to Order
The meeting was called to order by Chairman, Allen Crabtree at 7:00 p.m.
II      Roll Call
Present were Selectmen; Allen Crabtree, Maureen Harriman, Dave McCarthy, and Recorder, Michele Bukoveckas.  Selectmen Bob Irish Jr. and Jeff Harriman were absent  Guests present were: Rescue Chief; Lauris Champagne, Public Works Director; Dick Aube, Recreation Director; Corrine Davis, Anthony Schwieterman, Michael Cain, Joan Morford, Bruce Hart, Kurt Christensen, Richard Merritt, Don Allen, and Bette-Jean Espeaigenette.
III     Adjustments to the Agenda
Allen Crabtree made the following adjustments to the agenda:
        Mil Rate will be set at the next meeting
Pole Permit Application to New Business
Appointing Zac Horton as Interim CEO and LPI to New Business
Anthony Schwieterman seeking reimbursement for paving the R.O.W at the Town Hall to Old Business
IV      Reports from Town Officials & Committees
A.      Town Manager

B.      Selectmen
Maureen Harriman stated that she called the State Police and Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office to request more coverage along Route 114.  It was stated that Andy Madora of the M.S.A.D. # 61 does have “Bus Stop” signs available to us.  Public Works will get posts and install the signs.

Allen Crabtree stated that the Town Manager search is progressing well, that a wide range of candidates had been received.  The Board hopes to have the position filled soon.  Allen Crabtree also reported that the ad for a C.E.O will be re-posted.
C.      Department Heads
        Public Works Director; Dick Aube reported on the following:
1.      Looking at options for universal waste.
2.      Looking at fuel cost.
3.      Looking at transfer station fees.
4.      Working on bids with engineer for sand/salt shed.
5.      Working on Douglas mountain work schedule.
6.      Looking at all town building for repair schedule.
7.      Working on mutual aid agreement for public works and equipment sharing program.
8.      Working with Roger Hale on the Folly road bright replacement.
9.      Working with residents on private road compliance plains.
10.     Looking at ways to pay for ditching shouldering and culvert repair and replacement.
11.     Working on plowing and sanding routes.
12.     Looking at future need assessment for public works department.
13.     Calling DOT daily to get work done on state roads in our town.
14.     Working on a new street sign program.
15.     Working on getting the new town manager’s office painted and some painting at town offices.
Highlights include: working with Cumberland County on an Equipment Sharing Program where communities would share equipment and services.  Funds would be reimbursed through FEMA.  Dick Aube also reported that Roger Hale who owns property on the Folly Rd. is interested in re-building the Folly Bridge.  Dick Aube recommended that the 90K that was budgeted for paving be used rebuild shoulders, replace culverts and grading to prepare Peaked Mountain Rd. for paving next year.  He stated that the road needs major work done before it can be paved.  The Board advised Dick to prepare a proposal and present it at the next Board Meeting.

        There was discussion regarding the Town being approached by Andy Madora of the School Department to have the Town plow the school.  This issue will be researched.

        Rescue Chief; Lauris Champagne stated that she would like to take IX-A out of order.   Lauris Champagne stated that she had a discussion with Chief Burnham of Naples, and that the Town of Sebago will be charged $500.00 for intercept calls.  Lauris stated that Sebago will no longer use Naples for mutual aid, but will continue to use United of Bridgton or Standish EMS.  Lauris also inquired when the A.E.D. will be installed.  

        Recreation Director; Corrine Davis introduced herself.  She stated that she is looking forward to working with the Town and that she has many activities planned such as a Senior Foliage Trip.  She is looking for ideas that the Town may be interested in.  Lastly, she told the Board that Soccer schedules and trips are on the web page.

D.      Committees

V       Next Board of Selectmen’s Meeting is scheduled for:  September 21, 2006 for Town Manager interviews and the next Board Meeting will be September 26, 2006

VI      Comments from the Public
VII     Written Communication
A.      Approval of the September 12, 2006 Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes  
        Minor changes were made to the minutes adding additional verbiage for clarification.  Dave McCarthy made a motion to approve the September 12, 2006 minutes as amended.  It was seconded by Maureen Harriman.  Motion carried.

B.      Approval of Warrant # 10 & Warrant 11
        Dave McCarthy made a motion to approve warrants #10 & 11.  It was seconded by Maureen Harriman.  Motion carried.

VIII    Old Business
A.      Report on Public Easement Roads and Status of Maintenance       
Richard Aube stated that all the Easements for Brookside and Mountain View had been received.  He stated that D.O.T. is work along Route 114 and that Public Works is working with Portland Water District to resolve issues near Bachelder Brook.  Tower Road still has some issues to resolve.  A letter is being revised stating what those issues are and the letter will be sent certified.  Letters were sent to the residents of Oak Rd. and Hall Rd, but received no response.  New letters will be sent certified that plowing will cease.  Certified letters will also be sent to residents of the other roads that have not yet responded.

B.      Discussion of Portable Lease
Dave McCarthy made a motion for discussion.  It was seconded by Maureen Harriman.  Dave McCarthy made a motion to pay Dana Watson $5,000 from the Undesigned Fund Balance to move the portables.  It was seconded by Maureen Harriman.  Motion carried.  Allen Crabtree stated that the lease was revised after speaking to the volunteer groups.  Maureen Harriman made a motion to approve the lease as presented.  It was seconded by Dave McCarthy.  Motion carried.

C.      Anthony Schwieterman-reimbursement of Payment for Paving the R.O.W. at Town Hall
Dave McCarthy made a motion to discuss.  It was seconded by Maureen Harriman.  Public Works Director, Dick Aube stated that Mr. Schwieterman approached him regarding paving the R.O.W. at the Town Hall.  Dick stated it would cost approximately $2,000 and Mr. Schwieterman agreed to pay.  Mr. Schwieterman has since stated that because this is a Town R.O.W. and that there will be wear and tear, he feels that Town should pay.  The Board would like this researched and will discuss this at the October 3, 2006 Selectmen’s Meeting.
IX      New Business
A.      Discussion and Setting the Mil Rate
        Dave McCarthy made a motion to table.  It was seconded by Maureen Harriman.  Motion carried.

B.      Discussion of Naples Rescue Fees
        This issue was discussed by the Rescue Chief during the Department Head reports.

C.      Pole Permit Application
        Dave McCarthy made a motion to approve the pole permit application (job # 100087832).  It was seconded by Maureen Harriman.  Motion carried.

D.      Appointment of an Interim C.E.O and L.P.I.
        Dave McCarthy made a motion to appoint Zac Horton
X       Executive Session Pursuant to Title 1 M.R.S.A. § 405 (6) (A) to Discuss a Personnel Matter
Dave McCarthy made a motion to enter into Executive Session pursuant to Title 1 M.R.S.A. § 405 (6) (A) to Discuss a Personnel Matter at 8:30 p.m.  It was seconded by Maureen Harriman.  Motion carried.

Maureen Harriman made a motion to reconvene at 9:50 p.m.  It was seconded by Dave McCarthy.  No action taken.

XI      Adjournment
        Dave McCarthy made a motion to adjourn at 10:04 p.m.  It was seconded by Maureen Harriman.  Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Michele A. Bukoveckas
Town Clerk