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Board of Selectmen Minutes 07/03/2007
I            Call to Order
             The meeting was called to order at 7:04 p.m. by Acting Chairman, Jeff Harriman.   

II      Roll Call
        Present were Selectmen: Jeff Harriman, Bob Irish Jr., Abe Parker, Town Manager, Bob Nicholson and
             Recorder, Maureen Scanlon.  Absent were Selectmen: Allen Crabtree, Maureen Harriman.
             Guests present were: Don Olden Sr., Jim Libby, Lauris Champagne.   

III     Adjustments to the Agenda
              1.) New Business – Section A – Appointment of Code Enforcement Officer/Local Plumbing Inspector –                 
                    moved to the beginning of agenda.  

                    Bob Irish Jr. made a motion to appoint Jim Smith as the Code Enforcement Officer and as the
              Local Plumbing Inspector.  Seconded by Abe Parker.  Motion carried with all in favor.   

              2.) Tax Acquired Property – Mr. Nicholson reported that the balance has been paid in full for the   
                    property located at 8 Joy Street as previously discussed at the last meeting.  Therefore, he
                    requested that the Selectmen sign off on the Quitclaim Deed returning ownership of the property to
                    the former owner.  This action was approved by the Board of Selectmen at the June 19, 2007

IV      Written Communication
A.      Approval of the June 19, 2007 Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes
Bob Irish Jr. made a motion to approve the June 19, 2007 Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes.  It was seconded by Abe Parker.  Motion carried with all in favor.

 V             Comments from the Public
              Mr. Don Olden Sr. mentioned that he has noticed a flag on every pole in East Sebago.  He heard that
              these flags were purchased by the Town of Sebago; therefore, he would like to know why they are not    
              disbursed more evenly throughout the town.  Mr. Nicholson explained that the town purchased 24 new
              flags this year and through the Cole Museum Foundation, he was able to obtain an additional 24 flags
              that were donated to the town.  The flags were put up by the SYAA organization.  Some discussion
              ensued regarding the fact that last year the SYAA donated flags to the town, which they also put up.  
              Bob Irish Jr. asked why the town has purchased flags this year and expressed concern that it is setting
              precedence for coming years.  Mr. Nicholson stated that he was approached by the SYAA and
              informed that new flags were needed this year.  He mentioned that when he asked why the flags were
              only displayed in the eastern section of town, he was informed that additional flag poles were needed
              to put flags up in other areas of town.  He further stated that he will look into this matter to assure that
              proper procedures are being followed.     

        Mr. Jim Libby, who lives on Hancock Pond Road, stated that his wife walks the dog along this road.   
             There is a 25 mph sign posted on this road that has been obscured from view by overgrown shrubbery.  
             He would like permission to cut back the bushes in order to make the sign visible again.  Mr. Nicholson
             stated that he will have this taken care of by the Public Works Department.  There was some
             discussion on the posted speed limit which is set by the Department of Transportation.  Lauris
             Champagne stated that there is an additional “curve” sign that is also obscured from view by
             shrubbery.  Mr. Nicholson will have the Public Works Department check all of the signs on this road to
             make sure they are visible to motorists.   
VI         Old Business
A.      Town Manager/BoS Discussion of Public Safety Building Committee Direction
Bob Irish Jr. made a motion to discuss.  Seconded by Abe Parker.  

Mr. Nicholson asked for clarification from the Board of Selectmen as to what they are asking the Public Safety Building Committee to accomplish when they reconvene.  His understanding is that the committee is being asked to once again look at Fire Station #2 as a possible site, and review the footprint area of Site #1, including a follow-up workshop with the Board of Selectmen to review their findings.

Lauris Champagne asked to speak to the Board on this matter.  She stated that she feels a disservice has been done by the Board by allowing a small group of people to put this work that was done by the committee on the back burner.  She further stated that she feels that the Board has not supported the work the committee has already accomplished based on the fact that the committee has been asked to reconvene because a few individuals did not like the outcome of their findings.  She finds it very frustrating to put so much time and effort, over the past four years, into something and then have it basically tossed aside.  She stated that it may be a deterrent for others wanting to volunteer in the future.  Bob Irish Jr. stated that as a committee member, he agrees that it did seem as though the committee’s work has been undermined and it is very frustrating.  However, he does understand the Board wanting to be thorough in exploring all possibilities before making a final decision.  He stated that as responsible committee members, the issues discussed at the previous Board meeting, should have been addressed as a committee before a final recommendation was brought before the Board.    

After quite a bit of discussion on this matter, it was determined that Maureen Harriman’s motion holds due to the fact that she is not in attendance at this meeting, therefore is not able to discuss this matter and make any changes to her original motion.  

B.      Discussion of Disbursement Warrant
Bob Irish Jr. made a motion to discuss.  Seconded by Abe Parker.

Mr. Nicholson explained the process for the Disbursement Warrant, and reviewed the
changes in wording as discussed at the previous meeting.  Basically, the policy itself
has not been changed; just the names of the specific Selectmen have been removed.  
This eliminates having to revise the policy on a yearly basis due to name changes.  
There was some discussion regarding stipend firefighters receiving hourly wages as well.  Mr. Nicholson has looked into this matter, and has contacted the individuals to inform them that this is not an acceptable practice in the Town of Sebago, and therefore will no longer occur from this day forward.               

Bob Irish Jr. made a motion to adopt Order 07-01 – A Policy for Treasurer’s Disbursement Warrants for Employee Wages and Benefits.  Seconded by Abe Parker.  Motion carried with all in favor.

C.      Sand/Salt Shed Update
                                        Bob Irish Jr. made a motion to discuss.  Seconded by Abe Parker.

Mr. Nicholson reviewed the information on the handout sheet entitled, Town of Sebago 5000 Cubic Yard Sand Salt Shed Real Time Budget Tool.  He explained that this information is the most current information and will be constantly updated as progress is made on this project.  

Mr. Nicholson reported that the site work for this project was started yesterday.  There was quite a bit of discussion on the budget for this project.  There was concern expressed by Bob Irish Jr. regarding the fact that the wages for Public Works employees has not been included in the submitted budget for the Sand/Salt Shed project.  Mr. Nicholson stated that the original budget amount approved by the citizens of Sebago was set by the former Town Manager and did not include the Public Works wages for any work they may be performing on this project.  However, Mr. Nicholson is keeping track of the hours worked by Town employees on this project so that this information is included in the final budget when this project has been completed.  Bob Irish Jr. asked Mr. Nicholson to provide a projected quote on the cost for labor associated with this project.  Mr. Nicholson will provide this information to the Selectmen.  

VII     New Business – None

VIII        Reports from Town Officials
A.      Town Manager
Mr. Nicholson reported that as per Selectman Maureen Harriman’s request, he has sent out letters to all of the local organizations that utilize Douglas Mountain reminding them of the location of the parking lot.  Robert mentioned that he has been meeting on a weekly basis with the Attendants to make any necessary improvements.  There was some discussion on this subject.

Mr. Nicholson stated that the Public Works Department has been doing a great job cleaning up and maintaining the beach area.  Jeff Harriman commented on the fact that he has had occasion to visit the beach twice during the past few weeks and it is looking great.  He also stated that Corinne Davis is doing a great job in assuring compliance with town policy by people using the facilities, as she did with him.    

Robert reviewed information on the Paving Replacement Cost Schedule that was distributed to the Board Members.  

B.      Selectmen
                                         Abe Parker asked that a United States flag be placed in the Town Hall building for
people to salute when holding meetings there.  Mr. Nicholson will make sure this is done.  

Jeff Harriman asked about having workshops again for the Board Members before the actual meetings.  Bob Irish Jr. stated that there needs to be consistency in holding regularly scheduled meetings so that citizens wanting to attend know when they are being held.  Therefore, whether they are called workshops or actual meetings, they should be held on the first and third Tuesdays of the month.
C.      Committees – None

IX      Adjournment
             Bob Irish Jr. made a motion to adjourn at 8:35 p.m.  Seconded by Abe Parker.  Motion
              carried with all in favor.

Respectfully Submitted,

Maureen F. Scanlon   
Recording Secretary