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Board of Selectmen Minutes 04/21/09
6:00 p.m.
Tuesday, April 21, 2009

All Regular Board of Selectmen Meetings ARE held the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of Each Month.

Call to Order
Chairman, Allen Crabtree, called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.                              
I.      Roll Call
        Present were Selectmen; Allen Crabtree, Ann Farley, Jeff Harriman, Maureen Harriman; Town Manager; Jim Smith and Recorder, Lin Petersen Greene.  Guests present were Public Works Director, Dan Nowell, Abe Parker, David Heath, Tony Schwieterman, CEO, Bob DeVilleneuve, Claudia Lowe and Jim Libby.

II.     Adjustments to the Agenda
III.    Written Communication
  • Approval of the April 7, 2009, Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes
Ann Farley made a motion to approve the minutes as written   Maureen Harriman seconded it.  Motion carried.  

  • Comments from the Public
Abe Parker expressed his concerns regarding the location of the “Brush Dump”.  Robert Nicholson had a preliminary o.k. from DEP.  Past discussion regarding putting brush, dump on other side of Transfer Station. There is not enough space above the Transfer Station and the proximity to wells makes the site unusable.  Abe Parker stated we do not need another eyesore in Sebago.  Abe also advised there is tons of trash buried under the brush dumpsite covered with filler.

Test pits dug to find water table and samples taken at the same time.

Town Manager, Jim Smith, will ask Sebago Technics to look for an alternative location for the brush dump.

Town Manager, Jim Smith will review options and report to the Selectmen.
Claudia Lowe, representing the Spaulding Memorial Library, requested an explanation regarding the stipend for the Library in the next fiscal year.

Ann Farley and Allen Crabtree explained the decisions regarding cutting the stipends to service providers.  Maureen Harriman explained that the Town of Sebago had to freeze the wages of the Town Employees and that with the current state of the economy compromises were made.  

David Heath asked if the $2,500 in question could be taken from the Undesignated Fund.  Town Manager, Jim Smith, responded that taking funds from the UDF would affect next year’s budget in a negative fashion (i.e. $5,000 to make up).

An article could be added to the Town Warrant “to see if the town will vote for additional funding of $2,500 to support Spaulding Memorial Library.

Town Manager, Jim Smith, expressed his concerns regarding the importance of fire fighter’s salaries weighed against librarian’s salaries.

Maureen Harriman stated that we do not yet know what the school assessment will be, nor do we know the mil rate.

V.      Old Business
A.      Photographs for the Town Report
        No pictures at all
Foley Road Bridge Construction montage
Montage of various pictures – 1 page
Various Sebago groups

B.      Warrant Articles

To see if the Town wants to change the name of Dyke Mountain Road to Mountain Road.  Maureen Harriman, Please change to “Selectmen do not recommend the change, no opinion on the Warrant”.  Suggestion of Dyke Mountain Road to Douglas Hill Road or Douglas Mountain Road to Stone Tower Road.
Jim Smith advised that the 911 people want different road names in different towns

Jeff Harriman, Residents should have input regarding the changing of road names.  Jeff Harriman suggested a Public Hearing regarding the naming of the roads.  Question raised was how many people affected by name change.  Approximately 25 residents affected.  Options:

Special Town Meeting or a Selectman’s Meeting
Shoreline Zoning
Bond Issue
Land Use Ordinance

Create mailing explaining the consideration of changing road names and 911 issues   Selectmen prefer to have residents to have input.  Easiest way is to continue name through town’s Public hearing vs. selectman decision.

What are the steps that needed to change road names for 911?  Jim has contact with 911 representatives.  Procedure will spelled out in E911.  

                Dan Nowell, Several town road names currently cross town lines.  

Article 25 to see if town will authorize $5000 for Warming hut renovation

Warrant Articles 21, 22 and 23   Jeff Harriman recommended a change in the wording to “wishes to authorize the Board of Selectmen to appoint members to the budget committee in the event that less than 25 votes are cast for any candidate

24 spelling error correction

Allen Crabtree reported the Fire Department has looked at several sites for a new fire station.  Federal stimulus money may be available to pay for whole thing.  Have to have site, permits, etc.  aka shovel ready.  Fire Department likes piece of land at end of Fitch Road however barely adequate for size.  Current fire station, land would revert to heirs if no longer fire dept building.  Condition of current deed With no stimulus lots of time for other options.  Long Hill Road property most suitable for new fire station

Article: Allen Crabtree  "To see if the Town will vote to authorize the Board of Selectmen to approve use of town-owned land for building a new fire station, contingent on obtaining funding, permits, and site plan approval.  No funds are being requested for this action."

Allen Crabtree is pleased that fire dept has taken initiative regarding a new fire station.  Any action must be a joint effort between fire and rescue.  Fire and Rescue to meet with Selectmen to review.  

Strike specific location from warrant article.  There has been no previous vote on this issue – vote of confidence only.

Article 9 Plow Truck – budget committee voted for the amount in the budget and $ 42,166    Accelerate plow truck by one year.

If half of the plow truck cost is taken out of UFB, it will make budget $23,000 over last year’s budget; reduce by $21,000 if taken from UFB

Article 9   vote to raise $248,000 from taxes, other revenues, and an additional $21,083 from the UFB.  Ann Farley asked if the Town has to reveal what funds taken from UFB are used for.  

Cab and Chassis for an International

Dan Nowell, trade in 95 Ford is an option; approximate value of trade in is $12,000.

Dan Nowell has made several changes in options for plow gear and changes in specs for the truck to lower cost.

Bids   Low bid Kenworth $64,779.
HP Fairfield $56,950, Tenco $56,398

V03 - $165,000 original request, cumulative funding to date $89,000.  .

Table this item until next meeting.

Jeff Harriman – how long do we have to act on vote?  Dan Nowell reported that all bids Bid’s are pending town meeting.

Need most current version of CIP.and summarization of bids for next meeting.

Jim Smith stated we are at a 2.3% increase in budget over last year.  

Town report has to be at the printer by mid-May.  Michele has date

New Business

Don Olden has requested Mandatory recycling for cost saving.  Jeff Harriman wants nothing mandatory because of cost of enforcement There needs to be education process  Could we collaborate with Pine Tree Waste for education purpose, Maureen Harriman agrees the educational process is the first step.  Ann Farley, Transfer Station would have to hire another person, which would not be cost effective.  Committee could be formed to educate the public.  Jim Smith, Town Manager, asked if there  has there been a study regarding roadside pickup including recyclables.  

Municipal election:  all copies prepared by Michele must be signed in black ink.

Maureen Harriman raised a question regarding the School budget  to put on warrant.  The Selectmen do not need to agree with all of the figures

New Lease for Warming Hut was prepared for signature at this meeting.

Jim Smith, Town Manager, Introduced the new CEO Bob DeVilleneuve.  Bob was previously a small business owner, CEO for the town of Limerick.  Welcomed by Allan Crabtree on behalf of the Selectmen.

Town Hall Shower Construction is currently out to bid; bid’s are due n this Friday.  Work has been done to ready the site A retaking wall has been built on the slope to support the addition.  A 9 foot entrance on that side of the building was created making the doorway handicapped accessible.  An Architect drew up plans for the addition.  The Contractors had many good cost savings ideas.  The bids need to come in under $20,000.  If bid’s for the two bathroom bids are higher, the plan is to complete one bathroom and the second to be finished less the fixtures.  Part of the plan is to build a protection from the snow over the doorway.  Allen Crabtree stated he would like to have bathrooms complete prior to town meeting.

Newsletter – full color $951    b/w $370  Recommended that the first issue be printed in  full color.

Can the newsletter be emailed?  Defray part of the cost with cdbg funds.

Does the Town have enough money for future newsletters?  The newsletter was not included in budget.  Selectmen must decide on the number of publications per year.  Cardinal Printing can prepare mailings to “residents” at a lower cost than if the Town mails.  Suggestion made to publish to two per year.  Jeff Harriman asked if people could opt to receive electronically.  

The newsletter was created in Publisher, and is accessible to change.  

The Selectmen agreed to use color for the first edition.  Jim Smith stated there might be money left from this year’s budget to fund newsletter.

Jeff Harriman suggested utilizing the Shoppers Guide for distribution of the newsletter.  Jim will see if shoppers guide will print and insert the newsletter for Sebago residents.
An additional can is needed at transfer station.  

VII.    Reports from Town Officials
  • Town Manager
Dividend received from MMA Health Trust in the amount of $859.

  • Selectmen
Allen Crabtree reported that Lin Petersen Greene, Deputy Clerk, has looked into alternate health insurance.  Lin explained the HRA option and cost savings.  Questions regarding out of pocket costs, pre-existing condition.  Lin will email numbers to the selectmen..  Lin will ask the TD Banknorth rep to attend the May 19th Selectmen’s meeting

C.      Committees

VIII.   Town Manager, Jim Smith,  made a motion to enter into Executive Session pursuant to M.R.S.A. Title 1 § 405 (6) (A) to Discuss a Personnel Matter at 8:05 p.m.  Motion was seconded by Ann Farley.  Motion carried.

Maureen Harriman made a motion to re-convene to regular session at 8:22 p.m.  Motion  seconded by Jeff Harriman.  Motion carried.

There was no action taken during executive session.

VIV.    Adjournment
Maureen Harriman made a motion to adjourn at 8:24 p.m.  Seconded by Jeff Harriman.  Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Lin Petersen Greene
Deputy Clerk