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Board of Selectmen Minutes 05/19/2009
6:00 p.m.
Tuesday, May 19, 2009

All Regular Board of Selectmen Meetings ARE held the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of Each Month.

Call to Order
Chairman, Allen Crabtree, called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.                              
I.      Roll Call
        Present were Selectmen; Allen Crabtree, Ann Farley, Jeff Harriman, Maureen Harriman; Town Manager; Jim Smith and Recorder, Lin Petersen Greene.  Guests present were Public Works Director, Dan Nowell; Sebago Fire Department representative, Phil Strike and Don Olden.

II.     Adjustments to the Agenda
Presentations by guests will be moved to the beginning of the meeting.
III.    Written Communication
  • Approval of the April 21, 2009, Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes
Ann Farley advised that Article IV regarding the Spaulding Memorial Library needs to be placed on the Town Warrant.  The Library rescinded their request following the April 21st meeting.  Jeff Harriman moved and Ann Farley seconded.

                B.  Approval of the May 5, 2009, Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes  
Ann Farley moved and Jeff Harriman seconded approval of the minutes as submitted.

II.     New Business

Lt. Phil Strike, Sebago Fire Department and President of the Sebago Fire Company.  The Sebago Fire Department and the Sebago Fire Company has raised $15,600 toward the purchase of a rescue boat.  The department sees a real need for a boat so they do not have to rely on mutual aid or the commandeering of a boat when there is a water rescue emergency.  

The boat the department is proposing is a 16’ to 18’ Zodiac with a 75 hp motor, a center console for 360-degree visibility and will be supplied with life vests, ropes, webbing, water rescue suits and spotlights.  The cost is approximately $17,500.  Maintenance is estimated to be $200 per year.  Lin Petersen Greene is currently checking on insurance cost.  A boat trailer can be purchased from a member of the fire department for $200.  The rescue boat will be housed at Fire Station 3 where an open bay is available.  This item will be placed on agenda for the meeting on June 2, 2009.

Tammy Lane, Assistant Vice-President, TD Insurance, presented a health insurance contract that would replace the current contract through MMA.

The current contract, through MMA, is a full service contract.  The premiums will continue to increase annually.  The increase for next year is predicted to be 9%.  Most MMA sponsored plans are considered dinosaurs as the industry is moving to Consumer Directed Healthcare.

The proposed contract would have a $3,000 individual deductible and a $6,000 family deductible.  After the deductible is met, services are covered at 100%.  The current monthly premium for covered employees is $5,232.68.  The proposed plan premium is $2,377.00.  An annual savings of $34,268.16 is anticipated.

The proposal would allow the Town to cover all deductibles on a reimbursement basis.  Assuming 100% usage, the Town will still save $9,618.16.  Less usage will increase the savings.  Tammy Lane advised that utilization is averaging from 40% to 60%.

Tammy Lane recommended that three (3) informational meetings be held prior to installation of the plan.

The Town of Naples is currently contracted though Aetna, with the above described HRA.  Lin Petersen Greene, Deputy Clerk, will contact Naples Town Manager regarding their experience with the plan.

Dental, Disability and Life Insurance can remain with MMA or be rewritten with Aetna.

III.    Old Business

Dyke Mountain Road - A Public Hearing to be held on June 16, 2009 to determine if the name of Dyke Mountain Road should be changed to Douglas Mountain Road.  Jim Smith, Town Manager, stated that he has received three (3) letters in favor of the name change.  Discussion followed regarding all of the changes the residents will have if there is a name change and renumbering of the residences.

A.      Warrant Articles

Warrant Article 3 and 9 – The Budget Committee needs to reconvene to approve the $1,500 the Selectmen allocated to the newsletter/administration budget and the $42,166 allocated for a new plow truck to be funded from the UFB.

Warrant Article 2 – Add $98,528 to be allocated from the UFB which represents a change in the School Budget after the 2008-2009 mil rate was set. The Board will invite the Budget Committee members to the next Selectman’s meeting.

LD974 - Excise Tax – Passage of this bill would decrease the excise taxes. It is estimated the Town of Sebago will lose $120,000 in revenue.  The Board recommends using $120,000 from UFB to fund the revenue shortfall.  If the town turns down the option to use the UFB, a special town meeting will be required to allocate funds.  

Michele Bukoveckas has prepared an estimate of the effect of the tax cut based on the current year’s numbers.  The result was a revenue decrease of $28,000 so far.  

New Business

Road Plan – Dan Nowell and Maureen Scanlon will perform an additional road survey on Thursday, May 21st.  

Swamp Road, Dyke Mountain Road and Hancock Pond Roads are in the most need of repair.

Costs:  Grinding - $22,000 per mile
          1” overlay - $17 per lineal foot
          2” overlay - $34 per lineal foot

Frank Carroll predicts price stability for approximately 5 years.  

Ditching and replacing culverts is currently being performed.  Hancock Pond Road has been damaged because maintenance of the ditches has not been kept up.  

Discussion on whether the Town crew or a sub-contractor should handle the roadwork.

Allen Crabtree asked if we should apply for a Bond or create an operating budget.  If a Bond was taken out, the Town could take advantage of the currently lower cost of supplies.

Ann Farley asked if $150,000 plus $100,000 could be taken from the UFB on an annual basis to apply toward paving needs.  Her concern is that a Bond payment is not flexible and the funds from the UFB could be adjusted based on circumstances.

The Board decided that a Road Plan is needed prior to any decisions on funding for road repair.

Allen Crabtree requested that Jim Smith have a report on the Road Plan ready for the next Selectman’s Meeting.

Handicapped Person – Alice Holt has requested a Handicapped person and/or Wheelchair signs  be placed on the north and south sides of her home; also a “Blind Drive” sign be placed on the south side of the property.

Allen Crabtree asked Dan to check the cost of the signs.

Sebago Days – a request from Bear Mountain Grange to operate a gaming booth at Sebago Days was approved/signed by all Selectmen present.

Grants – A Grant for $20,000 has been requested by the Sebago Fire Department to fund an intercom system for the fire trucks.  The Town would be responsible for a service contract; estimated cost of $100 per year.

CDGB – Allen Crabtree suggested that we request a speaker regarding the funds available for “Neighborhood Stabilization”.

No Trespassing – signs have been posted by Gaye Burnell that cover the blaze marks on her property lines.  Gaye’s brother has told the Town staff that the surveyor is accurate in the boundaries marked.  Gaye will be advised that she is not allowed to move boundary markers.

Town Meeting – Jeff Harriman advised that several towns are using referendum rather than holding a Town Meeting.  The Board will look at alternatives to Town Meeting or create a hybrid.

  • Comments from the Public

VII.    Reports from Town Officials
  • Town Manager

  • Selectmen
Allen Crabtree – The current location for the brush dump is the best option.

The lease has been signed for the Warming Hut and site plan approval is complete.

The new owners of the gravel pit, Shaw Brothers, will be asked for a donation of fill need for the placement of the Food Pantry building.

C.      Committees

VIV.    Adjournment
Maureen Harriman made a motion to adjourn at 8:24 p.m.  Seconded by Jeff Harriman.  Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Lin Petersen Greene
Deputy Clerk