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Board of Selectmen Minutes 06/22/2010
6:00 p.m.
Tuesday, June 22, 2010

All Regular Board of Selectmen Meetings ARE held the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of Each Month.

Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm by Chairman, Ann Farley Present:  Selectmen Ann Farley, Jeff Harriman, Edythe Harnden, Allen Crabtree, James Smith, III, Town Manager and Recorder; Lin Petersen Greene.  Guests present:  Timothy Smith, Ned and Carol Woodman, Dan Kennedy and Phil Allen.

I.      Written Communication
  • Approval of corrected Town Meeting Minutes – Allen Crabtree moved to accept as corrected, 2nd by Jeff Harriman.  Approved
  • Approval of the June 15, 2010 Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes Allen Crabtree made a motion to accept the minutes as written, Ann Farley 2nd.
  • Motion to rescind the motion regarding encumbering funds made at the June 15th, 2010 meeting.
  • Motion to carry over $3,450 from Public Works for cemetery improvement.  Ann Farley moved, Allen Crabtree 2nd.  Approved
II.     Adjustments to the Agenda
  • Executive Session to discuss personnel matter.
III.    Executive Session
Motion by Ann Farley to go into Executive session at 6:07 PM, to discuss a personnel matter.  It was seconded by Jeff Harriman.

Motion to return to regular session by Ann Farley at 7:02 PM., seconded by Jeff Harriman, motion carried.  Allen Crabtree made a motion to appoint Tim Smith as Rescue Chief; 2nd by Jeff Harriman, motion carries.  

IV.     Comments from the Public        
  • Marathon Avenue – Ned and Carol Woodman expressed concerns about cars parked to block access to the fire hydrant.  Discussion held regarding possible solutions.  Jim Smith to follow-up.

V.      Old Business
        A.  Safe Harbor Beach Policy – Dan Kennedy requested a survey of the beach and reported the disturbances on the beach are sporadic.  Discussion followed regarding posting signs and sending flyers with a list of Beach regulations. Long Beach has a Plexiglas covered sign posted with the Association Rules.  Jim will check with the sheriff to see if this is adequate for enforcement.  A flyer will be mailed and sign posted.  Ann Farley made a motion to accept with Edie Harnden 2nd.  Allen Crabtree requested an amendment to wording of the sign to contain only the minimum requirements for enforcement.

        B.  Property and Casualty Insurance – Pros and Cons of Property & Casualty carriers was discussed.  Jim Smith recommended staying with MMA.  Ann Farley made a motion to change to Chalmers Insurance; 2nd by Edythe Harnden.  Motion passed with one opposed.

VI.     New Business
  • Quit Claim Deeds – Jeff Harriman moved, 2nd by Allen Crabtree.  Approved.  Signed by Selectmen
  • Fire Department Request to operate Beano Concession at Sebago Days -  Jeff Harriman moved to accept,  Edythe Harnden 2nd.  Approved
  • General Assistance – Edie and Jim met with PROP representatives regarding annual contract renewal.  Administrating GA in house was discussed.  PROP will continue services until notified of any change by the Town.  Edie will contact State GA representatives to meet with the BOS at the next regular meeting.
VII.    Reports from Town Officials - None

VIII.   Adjournment at 8:30 PM
                Motion to adjourn was made by Allen Crabtree, 2nd by Ann Farley.  Approved.

Respectfully submitted,
Lin Petersen Greene
Deputy Clerk