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Board of Selectmen Minutes 07/20/2010
6:00 p.m.
Tuesday, July 20, 2010

All Regular Board of Selectmen Meetings ARE held the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of Each Month.

Call to Order
The meeting was called to order by Chairman, Ann Farley at 6:05 p.m.
I.      Roll Call
        Present were Selectmen; Allen Crabtree, Ann Farley, Edythe Harnden, Abe Parker, and Town Manager; Jim Smith.  Guests present were: Public Works Director Dan Nowell, Ted Greene and Alan Greene.

II.     Adjustments to the Agenda
        There were none.

III.    Old Business

  • General Assistance
The Board discussed administering the General Assistance program for the town.  Ann and Edythe attended a workshop for GA administrators in Buxton and are now both certified.  Jeff, Allen and Jim have said that they would also like to take the course and be certified, and Ann requested Edythe to find out when other courses would be offered.  

There was discussion about continuing with PROP to administer GA for the town as has been done in the past.  They need to know if Sebago will continue with them by the end of July.  Edythe has offered to take over the responsibility and felt that we could serve the needs of GA recipients as well as PROP and save money at the same time.  Abe thought that it would be a good idea to keep GA in the town.  Ann suggested that it would be worthwhile trying it on our own for a six-month trial basis and then revisit to see how it is working.  Jim said that this would be an opportunity to check on PROP’s performance and endorsed Ann’s suggestion for a six-month trial period.  

Allen asked if the town took it over would additional insurance or bonding be required.  Jim said that he had checked and our current insurance covers the Selectmen.  Allen said that we need to have additional certified GA administrators to cover for vacations and emergencies.  Also Edythe should be reimbursed for any administrative expenses that she incurs as GA.

Allen made a motion to appoint Edythe as Sebago’s GA administrator on a six-month trial basis, 2nd by Abe, motion passed.  Jim was asked to inform PROP of our decision and inform the 211 Hotline for new contact numbers.  Allen asked Jim to request a debriefing from PROP and to get a copy of their performance report for the current year.

Edythe has performed this function with Parsonfield and Ann asked to sit in with Edythe to get a better understanding on how to do the job.  Edythe said that she would begin next Thursday, July 29, from 2 to 4 pm.  This Thursday, July 22, would be the last time for PROP.
                B.  Paving
Jim asked if the Board could add to the agenda a paving question that Dan Nowell had.  Dan asked the Board for direction.  F.R. Carroll is ready to begin laying hot top tomorrow and there is enough in the paving budget to do 13,000 feet at 21 feet wide, or about 2.4 miles.  He wanted to know if he should have them do Folly Road.

Jim talked about the comments he has received about the need to pave part of Folly Road on the Rte114 end.  Allen said that he felt the town has spent a great deal of energy developing a road plan and should follow the road plan.  The plan identified three roads that needed to be paved next – Hancock Pond Road, Dyke Mountain Road and Kimball Corner Road.  Also, DPW has spent a great deal of work preparing Hancock Pond road with new culverts and ditching, while no prep work has been done on Folly Road and it isn’t ready yet.  Ann asked about Dyke Mountain and Kimball Corner Road.  Dan said that part of Hancock Pond Road could be done this year, but that it would hard to do both Hancock Pond and Kimball Corner because of the distance and need for F. R. Carroll to pick up his equipment and move it.  Dan said that he would plan on doing the remainder of Dyke Mt and Kimball Corner next year.  Jim said that the $200,000 in the road budget is not enough to do all in one year.  

Abe had heard that the State wanted funds from the town for a repaving of Convene from the Hiram line.  Jim and Dan didn’t know anything about it.  Edythe wanted to know if Sebago gets any URIP funds from the State.  Jim didn’t think so but would check and get back to the Board.  Abe suggested that fresh gravel on Folly Road would be sufficient for now.  

Ann and Allen recommended DPW follow the road plan, and Edythe said they should pave Hancock Pond road as planned.  Ann said that no vote was needed by the Board.  

Dan said that he would instruct F.R. Carroll to pave Hancock Pond this year.  Two pieces would be done – one from the Denmark line east and another short piece east of the cemetery, with a sealer coat first followed by a topcoat later in the summer.

                3.  Town Meeting Issues
Ann distributed notes that Allen had e-mailed to the Board with notes taken during town meeting of questions and issues raised.  

1.~ Hold town meetings during the week in the evening to increase attendance.
2.~ Charge for out-of-town boat launching at the town beach - would require change to policy
3.~ Change the "cut from the bottom" language for the CIP to make it part of the warrant language, not an add-on.
4.~ Check the condition of trails and the tower at Douglas Mountain, including the sign on the tower
5.~ Create a committee to review and make recommendations for Douglas Mountain, organize a community workday.
6.~ Include the UDF balance for information in the town report (re Article 13)
7.~ Develop a system to let townspeople know planned maintenance and road work projects (Dan now includes some of these in the newsletter but the word needs to get out better.)
8.~ Hold public informational meetings on the town budget and the CIP before town meeting.

There was discussion on the list but no action taken.
Edythe would like to see town employee salaries listed in the town report as they used to be.  Abe endorsed her suggestion.

                4.  Douglas Mountain Trails and Tower
Ann distributed the notes from the hike that she, Allen, Jeff and Ted Greene took of the Douglas Mountain trails on July 13.  It had several suggestions for improved signage and trail maintenance.  There was a general sense that there needs to be regular maintenance of the tower, trails, and tree removal.

Abe said that he has set up a committee with interested individuals and has flagged a new trail to replace the Scout trail to the summit.  Committee members include Diana Letellier, Helen Rogers, Joan Moffat, Laurie Clough, Ted Greene and Donelle Allen.  Jim said that he had several townspeople approach him who were interested in working on the mountain, including Greg Smith, Alan Greene and Mr. Andrews.  Ted Greene commented on the need to clear trees and brush on the top, and Alan Greene offered to brush hog the junipers and brush near the tower while he is working on the mountain in the next few days.  The fire fuel situation is dangerous on the mountain and needs to be corrected before there is a bad wildfire that could be a serious safety situation if there were hikers on the mountain at the time. Ted said that there are many different things that could be done to improve the experience that people have on the mountain, and is willing to work with the committee.

Abe said that he would set a date and time for the group to look at his proposed new trail.  Ann asked Abe to work with Ted and the others interested in the mountain and bring it back to the Board to keep them informed.

The regular Board Meeting was concluded at 7:10 pm, and the Board’s Goal Setting Workshop began after a 10-minute break.  In attendance at the workshop were Selectmen Farley, Crabtree, Harnden and Parker, and Town Manager Smith.

The Board and Town Manager convened a workshop to review goals and objectives set at the last BoS goal workshop on August 18, 2009, to add any new goals to the list, and to prioritize the top goals for the Board and the Town Manager for the next six to twelve months.

The first task was to look at the top eight goals prioritized at the August 18, 2009 workshop.  Four were removed having been completed, and new dates were set for the remaining four.

These four were removed:
- Develop a street light policy – completed
- Develop a fuel storage and tracking system – completed
- Develop a plan for the brush dump – pilot project in place
- Identify alternate sources of funding – well underway

These four were continued but with revised due dates (see attachment 2):
- Implement a road plan
Initial draft completed, final plan by October 30, 2010
assigned to Town Manager and DPW
- Develop energy efficient maintenance plan     
     some work done, final plan by March 1, 2011
     assigned to Town Manager and DPW

- Review Town ordinances
     schedule to be developed for BoS 21 Sept mtg
    plan to do one ordinance a month till done
    assigned to Board of Selectmen
- Develop a plan and site fire hydrants
    report due December 31, 2010
    lead is Ann Farley

The second task was to review the remaining goals identified at the August 18, 2009 workshop but that did not make it into the top priority goals.  Three were removed since they were either completed or were being worked on anyway.

These three were removed:
- Develop a policy to deal with Sebago elementary school
(Being developed under new CDBG planning grant)
-Increase participation at annual town meeting
        (Being addressed by Board )
- Complete review of land use ordinance
        (Land use ordinance approved by voters)

One goal was modified – the Public Safety building was renamed the Fire and Rescue Building to reflect the primary nature of the new facility.  

Three new goals were added – identify the town offices with a sign, revise the town fee schedule especially building permit fees, and to have the Town Manager meet with his employees on a monthly basis.  (See Attachment 3 – new goals in italics).

Selectmen and the Town Manager discussed each of these goals, and then voted for their top priorities that would be assigned primarily to the Board and the top priorities that would be assigned to the Town Manager for completion.

Priority 1 – Site, Fund and Build a new Fire and Rescue Building
A Board responsibility with assistance from the TM Ann, Allen lead with assistance from Jim
Target completion date – June 2011 town meeting

Priority 2 – Investigate Law Enforcement options for Sebago
                A Board responsibility  - Edythe lead
                Target completion date – December 1, 2010

Priority 3 – Revise Town Fees, including building permit fees
        A Board responsibility with assistance from the TM
        Ann lead, with assistance from Jim and CEO
        Target completion date – June 2011

Priority 4 – Develop support system for Sebago’s elderly
                A Board responsibility with assistance from the TM
                Edythe and Abe lead with assistance from Jim
                CDBG grant is available for part of this effort
                Target completion date – October 1, 2011

Priority 5 - Develop a harbor master ordinance
                                A Town Manager lead with Board assistance
Jim lead, assistance from Allen, CEO, Phil Lowe, Bruce Hart, Richard Perry.
Target completion date – June 2011

At the  next Board meeting these goals will be discussed, refined as needed, leads assigned, benchmarks and target dates for deliverables developed.

Abe made a motion to adjourn the workshop at 8:37 p.m.  Edythe seconded it.  Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Allen Crabtree
Vice Chair, Board of Selectmen

Encl – Attachment 1 - Goal Setting Process
Attachment 2 – Review of goals prioritized at BoS Workshop July 22, 2010
Attachment 3 – List of town goals identified during July 22, 2010 workshopAttachment 1
Goal Setting Process

1.      Review top priority goals set last year
– renew, refine, cancel if completed, and/or set new dates

2.      Add new goals to list
- each participant can add as many as they wish, one at a time
- combine similar goals as appropriate

3.      Remove goals from list that have been completed

4.      Prioritize top goals
- Town Manager and Department goals – Blue dots
- Selectmen goals (working with TM and staff) – Red Dots

5.      Identify top goals for the Board, the TM, and joint goals
        - Top  TM goals
        - Top  BoS goals

6.      Set a date for the next goal review workshop
Attachment 2 –
Top Goals for Board and Town Manager
From the July 22, 2010 Workshop
1.      Implement a road plan
                Lead –Jim Smith, Dan Nowell
                Target date for report – October 30, 2010
                Initial draft completed, final plan not yet approved
2.      Develop energy efficient maintenance plan for town properties
                Lead –Jim Smith, Dan Nowell
                Target date for report – March 1, 2011
                Some work done, not completed.
3.      Review town ordinances and policies     
                Lead – Board of Selectmen
                Target date for schedule of work – Sept 21, 2010
                Develop schedule, work on one ordinance a month

4.      Develop a plan and site fire hydrants in town
                Lead – Ann Farley, Ken Littlefield, Jim Smith
                Target date for report – December 31, 2010
                Initial plan done, considerable work done installing hydrants

5.      Site, Fund and Build a new Fire and Rescue Building
A Board responsibility with assistance from the TM
Ann, Allen lead with assistance from Jim
Target milestones and dates – Town Meeting June 2011

6.      Investigate Law Enforcement options for Sebago
                A Board responsibility  - Edythe lead
                Target milestones and dates – Report to BoS Dec 1, 2010

7.      Revise Town Fees, including building permit fees
        A Board responsibility with assistance from the TM
        Ann lead, with assistance from Jim and CEO
        Target milestones and dates - Town Meeting June 2011

8.      Develop support system for Sebago’s elderly
                A Board responsibility with assistance from the TM
                Edythe and Abe lead with assistance from Jim
                Target milestones and dates – October 1, 2011

9.      Develop a harbor master ordinance
                A Town Manager lead with Board assistance
Jim lead, assistance from Allen, CEO, Phil Lowe, Bruce Hart, Richard Perry
Target milestones and dates - Town Meeting June 2011Attachment 3 –

Other Town Goals identified
At July 22, 2010 Workshop

Provide direction and develop an effective recreation program
Develop a plan to identify and protect the town’s historic resources and beautify town owned properties
Explore establishment of land trust
- review/revise comprehensive plan
- implement comprehensive plan goals, land use ordinance
- set priorities & goals for land acquisition
- enhance the quality of life in Sebago
Revise and update emergency management plan
Develop a policy for private use of town property
Develop and implement a town equipment maintenance policy
Develop a long-term plan for public works storage
Improve the town beach
        - add boat wash at Town Launch (new addition)
Develop selectmen bylaws/charter
Renovate the town hall
- upgrade furnace (not fuel efficient & create two zones)
Development of a long-term economic development plan
Develop budget committee policy
Research and develop alternative energy sources for the town
Develop an impact fee ordinance
Develop plan and maintain Douglas Mountain area
Upgrade all radios for the town (DPW, Fire, Rescue)
- to meet new FCC narrow-band status requirements
- modernize and provide security for Douglas Mt radio repeater
Identify town offices with a sign on the building (new addition)
Revise town fees, especially building permit fees (new addition)
Town Manager meet with town employees monthly (new addition)