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Board of Selectmen Minutes 11/02/2010
6:00 p.m.
Tuesday, November 2, 2010

All Regular Board of Selectmen Meetings ARE held the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of Each Month.
Call to Order:~ Meeting called to order at 6:02 PM by Chairman Ann Farley.
I.~~~~~~~~~ Roll Call
Present were~Selectmen Ann Farley, Allen Crabtree Edythe Harnden, James Smith, III, Town Manager and Lin Petersen Greene, Recording Secretary.
~~~~~~~~~~ Absent:~ Jeff Harriman
~~~~~~~~~~ Guest present:~ Tracy Webber, Tim Smith and Jim Libby.
II.~~~~~~~~ Adjustments to the Agenda
~~~~~~~~~~~ Move PROP guest speaker Tracy Webber to beginning of meeting.
~~~~~~~~~~~ Move EMS report to follow PROP speaker
III.~~~ Written Communication
A.~~ Approval of the October 19, 2010 Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Accepted as Written.
~IV.~~~~~~ Comments from the Public
~~~~~~~~~~~ None
~V.~~~~~~~ PROP, Tracy Webber – PROP has received a grant for Communities Putting Prevention to Work in Cumberland County.~ Awareness of diseases like diabetes, heart disease, etc. and how to prevent same.~ Increase physical activity and access to healthy foods while working with existing agencies in towns.~ Develop wellness policies, healthy school lunches, school gardens and community gardens.~ Coordinate with other towns to combine accessibility .~ Work with Food Pantry’s to increase access to fresh fruits and vegetables.~ Grant money available for refrigeration.~ Increase advertising to let communities know about availability of food, meals and clothing through local churches and advertising.
Encourage local camps to use local produce when possible.
Discussion of Senior lunch program at the Nazarene Church.~ How to get participation.~ Currently participation is low and there is little social interaction.~ Participant’s come to eat and leave immediately.~ Need some guidance re: what to offer to increase participation.
VI.~~~~~~ EMS Update – Tim Smith is reviewing billing companies to make sure we have the best rates and service.
~~~~~~~~~~~ Most urgent need of EMS is to keep the continuing education current.~ The cost of equipment maintenance is~ a constant concern.~ Tim reported the new driver program is working well.
A discussion was held regarding current billing procedures and the possibility of using a collection service for non-resident unpaid invoices.
Tim is working on updating the Standard Operating procedures for EMS.
VII.~~~~~ Old Business
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A.~~~~~~~ Grant Discussion~~ - Just received packet from Aaron Shapiro regarding current availability of CDGB grants.~ Need to decide what is wanted, letter of intent due on December 17, grant application due on January 28.~ Weatherization for Senior Housing.~ A discussion was held regarding the meeting with Aaron Shapiro regarding grant status.~ Edie Harndon expressed a need for requests, worksheets, applications, etc. to determine eligibility for weatherization.~ Allen has guidelines from a similar program in Harpswell and will provide information for Sebago.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ B.~~~~~~~ Radio Repeater Update – Received two bids for new contract.~ Maine Radio at $6454.87 and Radio Communications Managemet @ $6398.20.~ EMS will review bids and make a decision.~ It appears there will be funds left for emergency power and security.~ Tim Smith recommended we stay with RCM.~ Allen Crabtree moved, Edie Harnden 2nd; pending approval, passed unanimously.
VIII.~~~~ New Business
A.~~~~~~~~~~ Computer Use Policy – Systems engineering has provided a sample Employee Computer Use policy.~ The sample policy requires some modification.~ The addition of wording regarding use of social networking sites is needed. Allen Crabtree made a motion to have the Town Manager implement a Computer use policy that each employee will sign.~ The signed copy will be placed in the employees personnel folder.  The move was 2nd by Ann Farley. It was moved and carried to accept the computer use policy as amended.
B.~~~~~~~~~~ Workfare Discussion – Discussion of liability to the Town for GA recipients being required to work (if able) in order to receive assistance.~ Tabled due to need to research town liability.~ Lin Greene to talk with Chalmers Insurance regarding coverage.~
C.~~~~~~~~~~ Abatement as Recommended by Assessor’s Agent – Moved, 2nd and unanimously accepted.~
D.~~~~~~~~~~ Board of Selectmen Vacancy – A moment of silence was held in memory of Selectman Abraham Parker.~ A special election to replace Abe was discussed.~ The date of February 15 was recommended.~ Ann Farley moved, Allen Crabtree 2nd that a Special Election be held in February to elect a Selectman to complete Abe’s term.~ Passed unanimously.~ Jim to discuss dates with Michele.
IX.~~~~~~ Reports from Town Officials
A.~~~~~~~~~~ Town Manager – The concrete foundation has been poured at Public Works and also a pad at the Transfer station expansion.~ Public Works crew will erect the building at the Transfer station...
Jim has asked Bruce Hart to appraise the piece of property we may acquire from Shaw Brothers for future Fire and Rescue site; and also a 25 acre parcel on the Folley Road that might be offered as an exchange for the Shaw Brothers property, if approved by voters.
Jeff Fleming, Job Architect – Will attend the Fire & Rescue Meeting on Sunday, November 14th at 6PM.
B.~~~~~~~~~~ Selectmen – Allen Crabtree, owes RFP’s for CDGB grants to Selectmen to proceed with grant requests.
The Municipal Oversight Committee has given extra funds, so handicapped access can be completed.
Fire House/Rescue building committee, plot has been marked.~ The next meeting scheduled for 11/14.~ Moving ahead to hard proposal for cost estimates.~ Report in January.
Harbor Master,~ Ralph Sarty expressed that a law change to extend the authority of town beyond 200 feet into the lake regarding moorings is unlikely to happen.~ George Powell may be amenable to a rule change.~ Further discussion needed.
Edie Harnden – discussed helping Parsonsfield with Clerical work while their office is without clerks.
C.~~~~~~~~~~ Committees – None
The need to appoint an auditor on an annual basis will be discussed at the next BOS meeting.~ Cost increase will be topic.
Allen Crabtree made a motion to adjourn, Edie Harndon 2nd.~ Passed.
X.~~~~~~~ Adjournment at 8:00 PM – Selectmen to continue with Workshop.
Respectfully submitted,
Lin Petersen Greene
Deputy Clerk