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Board of Selectmen Minutes 03/23/2011-Workshop
Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at 5:00pm by Chairman, Ann Farley.
  • Roll Call
Present were Selectmen; Ann Farley, Allen Crabtree, Jeff Harriman, Edythe Harnden, Dana Batchelder, and Town Manager, Jim Smith.  Guests present were: Tim Mayberry and Phil Lowe.

II.     New Business
  • Letter of Memorandum of Understanding with Standish for Fire Protection
  • Edythe Harnden made a motion to approve the Letter of Memorandum of Understanding with Standish for Fire Protection with the proposed changes, contingent with Standish’s approval.  It was seconded by Ann Farley.  Motion carried.  Allen Crabtree will send the letter to the Standish Town Manager and Fire Chief.
III.    Old Business
  • Review Any Unfinished Budget Items
The Board discussed the various options that Maine Municipal Employee Health Trust offers.  The plans vary with premium costs, and deductibles.  It was stated that POS 200 (which is a step down from our current plan) would save about $9,000 a year.   Employees will have the option of paying the additional premium and stay with the POS C, or they can even drop down to a lesser plan with a lower premium. Ann Farley made a motion to change from POS C to POS 200.  It was seconded by Jeff Harriman.  Motion carried.  The Board requested that the Town Manager have Michele set up a meeting with Deb Bridges of the Health Trust to explain the changes to the employees.

The Board went over the remainder of the budget making various changes which resulted in a $4,000 reduction over last year’s budget.  The Board then decided to send the budget back to the Budget Committee and CIP for their review of the changes.  A meeting of
April 4, 2011 at 6:00pm has been set.

IV.     Adjournment
        The workshop adjourned at 8:30pm.