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Board of Selectmen Minutes 10/16/2012

Call to Order
The meeting was called to order by Chairman, Ann Farley at 6:04 pm.
I.      Roll Call       
        Present were Selectmen; Ann Farley, Edythe Harnden, Jeff Harriman, Chris Parker, Town Manager; Jim Smith, Town Clerk and Recorder; Michele Bukoveckas.  Guests present were; Candidate for District 99, Jonathan Kinney and Fire Chief; Ken Littlefield.

II.     Adjustments to the Agenda
III.    Written Communication

  • Approval of the October 2, 2012 Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes
Jeff Harriman made a motion to approve the October 2, 2012 Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes.  It was seconded by Chris Parker.  Motion carried.

  • Comments from the Public
Candidate for District 99, Jonathan Kinney addressed the Board.  Mr. Kinney stated the following:
  • Married for 30 years with two children
  • Lives in Limington, Maine
  • Served 24 years in the U.S. Coast Guard
  • Operates a successful small landscaping  business serving York and Cumberland County
  • Served on the Jonesport Arnold Memorial Medical Center Board of Directors
  • 9 year member of the Planning Board in Limington
  • Strong supporter of Maine’s outdoor heritage
He stated that if elected, he would  support economic growth to create more jobs and lower taxes.

Fire Chief, Ken Littlefield stated the following:
  • The battery backups at the repeater site have been stolen again.  It was suggested that an alarm be installed or perhaps install a camera. The Town has a camera and Jim will report back to the Board.
  • Invited Safety Works from MMA to conduct a safety inspection.  They made some recommendations which the department will work on implementing.
  • There is a tree near Station 2 which should be taken down before it causes damage to vehicles or buildings.  
  • Inquired about service on the generators, who is responsible?  Jim Smith stated that Public Works is now responsible for servicing the generators and will speak with Tim Mayberry Regarding this issue.
  • Inquired when work would begin on Robinson Hill Rd.  Jim Smith stated that that the Road Committee will recommend Robinson Hill Road next year which will include grinding and paving.  It was suggested that some roads be posted with weight limits after they are re-built to help preserve them.
  • Old Business
  • Discussion of Pickering Street Survey
Jim stated that he had contacted Amy Tchao awhile ago and still hadn’t received an answer.  He also left a message today which had not been returned as of this meeting.  Jim contacted the attorney representing the property owner and informed them of Title 23 § 2952.  Jim explained that the burden of proof of how long the building existed is on them and that they are welcome to come and research our records.

  • New Business
  • Discussion of Options for Police Patrol
Jim distributed copies of contracts from the Towns of Gray and Waterboro.  He suggested that the Board review the material and that this issue be brought back at the next meeting.  Ann Farley asked that Jim inquire with Cumberland County to see how many calls they received from Sebago in the past year.

VII.    Reports from Town Officials
  • Town Manager
Jim reported the following:
  • Received a $4,600 bill from Drummond & Woodsum.  This bill is for services regarding a lawsuit the Town is involved in.  The lawsuit involves the Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals.  Initially, when the individual made his presentation to the Planning Board, it was a fact finding, a non complete application. They went back to the Planning Board two years later, the Zoning Rules had changed during that time.  The Planning Board denied the application based on the new ordinance.  The Zoning Board of Appeals agreed with the Planning Board.  Had the applicant presented a full application the first time, they would have been “good to go” as the old ordinance would have been in place.
  • Selectmen
Edythe Harnden reported the following:
  • Received three estimates to replace a roof for a resident under the weatherization grant.  They are as follows:
  • W.F.Treehouses          $5,500 to $6,500 depending on what he finds.
  • Board With It           $6,300
  • Two Sons Const. $7,200
Jeff Harriman made a motion to approve an estimate from W.F.Treehouses once a upgraded complete estimate is received. It was seconded by Chris Parker.  Motion carried.
  • Questioned the time sheets of two Public Works employees regarding taking down the roof of the school house on Bridgton Road.
At this time an earthquake shook Maine at 7:15 pm.

Jeff Harriman reported the following:
  • The flags which hang on the poles in Town need better monitoring.  Some of them are torn and need to be replaced.  Jeff suggested that perhaps the flags should only be displayed from Memorial Day to Veteran’s day.
Chris Parker inquired about the following:
  • Have we received bids to cut the trees at the Town Beach.  Jim replied he had not done that yet.  Jim and Chris will go look at trees on Friday morning at 7:30am.
Ann Farley reported the following:
  • The next meeting is November 6, 2012.  Since the room is used for elections, the Board of Selectmen will use Station 1 for their meeting.  Ken will check the availability and report back to Jim.
  • A new schedule will be drawn up for the Tuesday morning meetings.  The schedule will be kept in the Town Manager’s Office.
  • Saw a bill in the warrant from Drummond & Woodsum concerning the Niles issue.  She thought this issue was put to rest.  Jim will look into this, but believes it was for a follow up.
  • Inquired if Jim had obtained estimates to insulate the Town Hall and do electrical work.  Jim stated he had not, but will get some estimates in the near future.
  • Committees
  • Department Heads
Town Clerk, Michele Bukoveckas reported the following:
  • Reminded the Board that election materials are not permitted 250 feet of the polling area.
  • The voting tabulator would be delivered on October 17, 2012.  Michele stated she would be attending training in Augusta for the tabulator on Friday, October 19.  She stated that she would be holding a training for the ballot clerks the following week and  that the Board was invited to attend and see the machine in action.
  • Asked the Board what to do with the old photocopier. It was suggested to place the machine in the hallway for the public to make copies at $0.25 a page or perhaps see if some organization could use it.
  • Adjournment
Jeff Harriman made a motion to adjourn at 7:30 pm.  It was seconded by Chris Parker.  Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Michele A. Bukoveckas
Town Clerk