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Board of Selectmen Minutes 06/17/2014
Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Chairman, Ann Farley at 6:00 p.m. She welcomed Tim Mayberry as the newly elected selectman.

  • Roll Call       
Present were Selectmen; Ann Farley, Edythe Harnden, Jim Libby, Chris Parker, Tim Mayberry, Town Manager; Jim Smith, Deputy Town Clerk and Recorder; Donna M. Cook, Kenny Littlefield and David Hague.

  • Adjustments to the Agenda
There were no adjustments to the agenda.
III.    Written Communication
  • Approval of the June 3, 2014 Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes
Edythe Harnden made the motion to accept the June 3, 2014 minutes as written. It was seconded by Chris Parker. Motion carried all in favor.

  • Approval of the June 7, 2014 Town Meeting Minutes
The approval of the June 7, 2014 Town Meeting Minutes were tabled until the next meeting. This item will be added to the next agenda.
  • Comments from the Public
Donna Cook reported the following from Town Residents who could not attend the meeting:
  • Mrs. Aucoin asked if a decision had been made in regards to a room that could be locked and used for a lending closet for wheel chairs, walkers, crutches and other medical equipment that have been donated for resident’s to loan out for their use. The Board agreed that a secure room could be made available for use.
  • Mr.Tibbets requested the name and number of the individual that hired the mason doing the cemetery work on 107 as he would like reference information as he would like to hire him.
  • A resident came in to let us know that two stones had fallen over in Haley cemetery. He knows it is a private cemetery with Mrs. Esther Chase being point of contact but hoped that since these stones were about 400 pounds, the Town could assist in getting them set back up and secured.
Jim Smith said he would follow up with each of the Town residents.

  • Old Business
  • Discussion Concerning Generators for Station 2 and Station 3
Jim Smith stated a bid opening was done today and there were some great bids submitted. Osgood Electric gave the best price by quite a bit. For station 3, they bid $3400 with the next closest bid coming in at $4,950. For Station 2, they bid $5800 with the next closest bid being $7,200 for the needed 20 Kw unit.
Suburban Propane gave the best price for installing the propane tanks and lines at $499 for each of the two tanks verses two other bids of $508 and $840 per tank. Jim stated that the tanks were at no charge but the labor and materials for installing the line is how the cost was determined. Several Board members asked Jim to verify there will be no additional no costs, such as tank rental, associated with the tanks after installation.
Additional discussions were had regarding drilling a new well at Public Works.
The motion was made by Ann Farley to award the generator bid to Osgood Electric and the installation of the propane tanks to Suburban Propane and to look into drilling the new well at Public Works pending available monies for the well. Edythe Harnden seconded the motion. Motion carried all in favor.
  • New Business
  • Town Meeting Discussion (Article 17)
The decision was made for Jim Smith to contact MMA and report at the next meeting. This will be added to the next agenda.
  • Elect Chair and Vice Chair for the Board of Selectmen
Once discussions were held:
  • Edythe Harden made the motion to elect Ann Farley as the Chair for the Board of Selectmen. It was seconded by Chris Parker. Motion carried all in favor.
  • The motion was made by Ann Farley to elect Jim Libby as Vice Chair of the Board of Selectman. It was seconded by Edythe Harnden.  Motion carried all in favor.
VII.    Reports from Town Officials
  • Town Manager
Jim Smith reported:
  • He got an email from Kathleen Beecher stating a letter was going out to School Board Member Richard Merritt for 2 unexcused absences. Jim stated that he responded to her that he read and understood what their Board was planning to do.
  • There is a $33,890 pre-payment due to Sugarloaf for the cab and chassis that needs to be paid out of the CIP. This will give a $1,000 reduction in total cost once delivery is taken. The motion was made by Edythe Harnden to make the pre-payment of $38,000 to Sugarloaf from the CIP account. It was seconded by Jim Libby. Motion carried all in favor.
  • He left a message for the gentleman on Folly Rd that the decision was made not do winter plowing. Jim also said he asked for this man to ask Mr. Hancock if there has ever been an agreement with the Town to plow during the winter. He had not heard back from him as of this meeting.  
  • Selectmen
Jim Libby reported the follow:
  • Warming Hut will not be doing the summer kids meals at Veteran’s park. The school cafeteria workers will be taking this over and will work with St Joseph’s College. The lunches will start next Monday, June 23rd.
Edythe Harden the following:
  • Wanted to ask about the waste oil. Jim stated it was being sold and credit was being given on purchases as opposed to getting a check back for it.
  • When is the town going to be able to afford a new mail box? Jim stated we had 4 purchased in case we needed them and would put a new one up soon.
  • Regarding the Fuel Assistance Fund, stated hadn’t been in touch with Camp O-AT-KA or the Lions Club but will before the next meeting.
  • Ideas for fund raisers to raise money for the Fuel Assistance at Sebago Days are to have a dunk tank. In checking with insurance they feel that it is covered but are checking with the underwriter. Will report at the next meeting.
  • Another option is to do a Little Caesar’s Pizza Kit sale. The Fund would get $5 per kit sold by individuals and also at a table at Sebago Days for sales. There will be options for people to order on line and we get the credit. Michele confirmed that checks could be made to Town of Sebago and then a Town check could be written to pay for the sold kits once they are delivered.
  • Also maybe put up donation jars around town and also ask businesses to donate gift certificates to raffle off at Sebago Days.
  • Information is being put in the Newsletter regarding Fuel Assistance.
  • Ann offered to help with manning the table.
Ann Farley reported the following:
  • Need to elect someone to replace Jeff Harriman for the Policy Committee. After discussions, Tim Mayberry offered and the Board accepted his offer.

Chris Parker reported the following:
  • Theodore Greene said we have some non working street lights. Jim to follow up
Tim Mayberry had nothing to report.

  • Committees
No committee reports.

  • Executive Session, Pursuant to Title 1 § 405 (6) (A) to Discuss a Personnel Matter – Town Manager Performance Review
At 7:05, Jim Libby made the motion to go into Executive Session, Pursuant to Title 1 § 05 (6) (A) after a short break to discuss personnel matter. It was seconded by Edythe Harnden. Motion carried all in favor. The Board came out of Executive Session at 7:40. No action taken in Executive Session.

  • Adjournment
Chris Parker made the motion to adjourn at 7:45. It was seconded by Edie Harnden. Motion carried 5-0.

By:     Donna Cook
        Deputy Clerk