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Board of Selectmen Minutes 09/16/2014

Call to Order
The meeting was called to order by Chairman, Ann Farley at 6:00 p.m.
I.      Roll Call
Present were Selectman, Ann Farley, Jim Libby, Chris Parker, Tim Mayberry, Edythe Harnden, Town Manager; Jim Smith, Town Clerk and Recorder, Michele Bukoveckas.  Guests present were: Fire Chief; Kenneth Littlefield and Phil Strike.

II.     Adjustments to the Agenda
        There were none.
III.    Written Communication
                A.      Approval of the September 2, 2014 Selectmen’s Meeting
        Jim Libby made a motion to approve the September 2, 2014 Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes.  It was seconded by Edythe Harnden.  Motion carried.

  • Comments from the Public
Ken Littlefield inquired when the parking lot at the Town Hall would be paved, as the fire department wants to do some striping but wanted to wait for the parking lot to be paved.  Jim Smith stated it would be done within 2 weeks.  Ken also stated that the ramp going into Station 2 needs to be fixed.  Jim Smith will address this tomorrow.

  • Old Business
A.      Tax Acquired Property (007-015-B) Discussion
Jim Smith will speak with Code Enforcement Officer, Brandon Woolley to check the status of the property’s conditional use (does it qualify for commercial or a home business).  Ann Farley made a motion to have the Town Attorney draft the ad to sell the property listing the building as professional use, with a minimum bid of $25,000.  Additionally, the ad should state that bids are due by October 21, 2014.  It was seconded by Tim Mayberry.  Motion carried.

Jim Smith presented that draft article for the sale of 031-032:

The Board of Selectmen for the Town of Sebago, Maine, are accepting bids for the purchase of the municipality's interest in a tax-acquired property located on Quaker Camp Road, 031, Lot 032. All bids must be in writing and in a sealed envelope marked "Tax Sale Bid" on the outside. ~A minimum bid of $________________ is required.~ A deposit in the form of a certified check, cashier's check, or money order, payable to the Town of Sebago in an amount equal to or greater than 10% of the bid price must accompany each bid. ~Any bid which does not contain the proper deposit will be rejected. All bids must be received by Tuesday, October 7, 2014, at 3:00 PM and will be opened at the Selectmen's Meeting beginning at 6:00 PM. The Board of Selectmen reserve the right to refuse any and all bids. The successful bidder must make full payment by certified check to the Town of Sebago within 14-days of acceptance of bid. The property will be conveyed at closing to the successful bidder by municipal quitclaim deed, without representations or warranties of any kind. All deposits from unsuccessful bids will be returned.”

He stated that all that was needed was a minimum bid price and due date.  Ann Farley made a motion to approve the wording for the tax sale, set a minimum bid price of $150,000, and set the due date for October 21, 2014.  It was seconded by Chris Parker.  Motion carried.

B.      Fire Truck Discussion
Ken Littlefield went over the differences between a custom and commercial fire truck.  He stated that the custom truck is $75,000 more than the commercial, and he is ready to defend the need for a custom truck.  The Board asked several questions i.e. wheel base, extended cab, foam, and life expectancy.  A public hearing is scheduled for 6:00 pm. October 21, 2014 at the Town Hall.  Townspeople will vote on this issue at a November 4, 2014 referendum.
Ken asked who was doing maintenance on the generators.  Jim Smith responded that Public Works was responsible for oil changes.  It was also stated that the generator at the Rescue building was not functioning.  Jim Smith will research this issue.

  • New Business
A.      Abatement of Taxes on Tax Acquired Property (021-009)
        Town Clerk/Tax Collector Michele Bukoveckas requested that since the Board voted at their last meeting to retain the above mentioned tax acquired property, that the principal, interest and lien costs be abated.  Edythe Harnden made a motion to abate taxes, interest and lien costs for tax years 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013, in the amount of $1,049.51.  It was seconded by Chris Parker. Motion carried.
VII.    Reports from Town Officials

  • Town Manager
Jim Smith had nothing to report.

  • Selectmen
Chris Parker had nothing to report.

Tim Mayberry reported/commented on the following:
  • Requested an Executive Session in the near future to go over the Town Manger’s contract.
Ann Farley reported/commented on the following:
  • Ann and Jim Libby will meet with Jim Smith Thursday morning.  Next Thursday’s meeting is canceled.
  • Feels that Board of Selectmen minutes should be amended during the meeting.
  • Would like the Town Manager to check the status of the fall cemetery clean ups.  It was stated that all fall clean up needs to be done by Veteran’s Day.
  • Stated that there were some trees down on Hancock Pond Rd, which were in the road.  Jim Smith will look into this.
Edythe Harnden reported/commented on the following:
  • It was stated at the turkey dinner that the transfer station should have been open on Labor Day (and closed on another day) since a lot of people were cleaning their camps for the winter and could not dispose of trash on Monday.  It was stated that closing on another day would only cause confusion and perhaps anger.  
Jim Libby reported/commented on the following:
  • The food in the shelter needs to be checked and cleaned out as many of the cans are out dated.
  • Was approached by a resident about drafting a “Quality of Life” ordinance.  This ordinance would address noise and visual issues.
  • Regarding the Loon Echo Trust parcel, if you look at Map 43, there is a small triangular parcel (which someone owns) that abuts the Loon Echo piece.  This potentially land locks access to the narrow gauge, unless we go through Denmark.
  • Committees

VIII.   Adjournment
Ann Farley made a motion to adjourn at 7:15 p.m.  It was seconded by Tim Mayberry.  Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Michele A. Bukoveckas
Town Clerk