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Board of Selectmen Minutes 06/02/2015

Call to Order
The meeting was called to order by Chairman, Ann Farley at 6:00 p.m.
I.      Roll Call       
Present were Selectmen; Ann Farley, Edythe Harnden, Jim Libby, Chris Parker; Tim Mayberry, Town Manager; Jim Smith, Recorder and Town Clerk, Michele Bukoveckas

II.     Adjustments to the Agenda
        There were none.

III.    Written Communication
        A.      Approval of the May 19, 2015 Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes      
        Edythe Harnden made a motion to approve the May 19, 2015 Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes.  It was seconded by Jim Libby.  Motion carried.

  • Comments from the Public
There were none.

  • Old Business
  • Update on Linda Lane
Jim Smith read a letter from Fay, Spofford & Thorndike which completed a survey of Linda Lane.  It was in their opinion that the road met the criteria for acceptance.  Jim Libby stated that he would have liked test pits done to further substantiate the condition of the road. A copy of the letter will be available at Town Meeting.
  • New Business
  • Rescue Debt Collection Discussion
Due to the absence of the Deputy Rescue Chief, this issue will be placed on the next agenda.

  • Disbursement Warrant
Michele explained that the disbursement warrant was something that is done on an annual basis.  This warrant allows the disbursements of state, school and payroll checks with one  board members signature on the warrant.  The remainder of the weekly warrant checks will be disbursed when the majority of the board members have signed off. Ann Farley made a motion to approve the Disbursement Warrant.  It was seconded by Edythe Harnden.  Motion carried.

  • Town/School Election Results
The Board reviewed the May 26, 2015 Town/Election Results.

  • Early Closure of the Town Office on June 30th for Year End Procedures
Ann Farley made a motion to close the Town Office at 2:00 pm on June 30th for Year End Procedures.  It was seconded by Tim Mayberry.  Motion carried.

VII.    Reports from Town Officials

  • Town Manager
Jim Smith commented/reported on the following:
  • The ramp at the Historical Society will be fixed by June 6.  The materials have been purchased and Phil Strike will be doing the work.  In addition, Phil Strike will be providing Jim Smith with a quote to repair the cupola. Sherrill Brown (president) has requested a porta potty and alarm system for the Historical Society.  There was discussion that this should have been discussed during budget season.  Jim Smith will look into these issues to see if something can be done for this summer.
  • The lights in the gym have been replaced.  The check is being withheld until they come back and fix the insulation around the lights so it does not drop down from the ceiling.
  • Update on Bateman-The judge assigned to the case was on vacation, so we expect an update sometime this week.

  • Selectmen
Jim Libby reported/commented on the following:
  • Noticed that heating costs for the Town Office and Town Hall were down 1/3 from last year.  This could be attributed to the insulation and the lower fuel prices.
  • Stated that he had done some research regarding the use of public vehicles for private use.  The research revealed potential issues of personal and vehicle liability.  Jim Libby would like us to check with our insurance company on these issues.
  • The Food Mobile (sponsored by Good Shepard) will be in Sebago on July 22.
Edythe Harnden reported/commented on the following:
  • Michele was able to get the fund raiser calendar off Donna’s computer.  Edythe stated that she had questions regarding the calendar such as what donations have been received, how do we get the rest of them, and completion of the calendar so that sales may begin.
        Ann Farley reported/commented on the following:
  • Would like to see the radar/speed sign around town.
  • The Board will be meeting with Neal Allen at 8:30 am, Saturday, June 6th  at the Town Office, which is prior to the Town Meeting.
  • In the near future the Policy Committee will be meeting to review and create policies.
Chris Parker and Tim Mayberry had nothing to report.

VIII.   Adjournment
        Tim Mayberry made a motion to adjourn at 6:50 pm.  It was seconded by Edythe Harnden.  Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Michele A. Bukoveckas
Town Clerk