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Board of Selectmen Minutes 04/05/2016

Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at 6:02 pm by Chairman, Ann Farley.                             
I.      Roll Call       
        Present were Selectmen; Ann Farley, Jim Libby, Tim Mayberry, Edythe     Harnden, Town Manager; Jim Smith, Town Clerk and Recorder, Michele      Bukoveckas.  Guests present were: David Hague, Phil Strike, Alan Greene and     Fire Chief, Ken Littlefield.

II.     Adjustments to the Agenda
        New Business, item D. Signing of the MSAD # 61 Budget Validation        Referendum.
III.    Written Communication
        A.      Approval of the March 15, 2016 Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes
                Jim Libby made a motion to approve the March 15, 2016 Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes as amended.  It was seconded by Edythe Harnden.  Motion carried.
        IV.     Comments from the Public
        Fire Chief, Ken Littlefield stated that the department has responded to several                 fires on Stickney Mountain.  The road to the mountain is not maintained making it       difficult to get to.  He feels the road either needs to be blocked or repaired to       allow or not allow passage of vehicles.  Jim Smith will contact the land owner to       see what can be done. Jim Smith will research whether or not it is a town road.

V.      New Business

A.      Annual Town Meeting Warrant Review
        The Board will review the Town Meeting Warrant and will bring this back at the next meeting for discussion.

B.      Signing of the Town Meeting Election Warrant
        Michele stated that the following seats were up for election: 2 Board of Selectmen, 2 Budget Committee, 1 Cemetery Trustee, and 1 Dr. Joseph Potter Fitch seat. Ann Farley made a motion to sign the Town Meeting Election Warrant.  It was seconded by Edythe Harnden.  Motion carried.

C.      Fire Engine Bid Opening
        3 bids were opened.  The results are as follows:
  • Dana Batchelder $576.23
  • Barry Moses             $1,234.56
  • CIA Salvage             $629.00
                        It was stated that Lake Region High School might be interested in                               the truck for their Fire Training  and the Auto Mechanic                                        Program.  The Board stated they would be willing to loan the truck                               to the school providing they return the truck to the town when they                             no longer need it.  Tim Mayberry made a motion to loan the truck to                     the school district on the condition we get it back when they no                                longer need it.  It was seconded by Ann Farley.  Motion carried.                                 Ken Littlefield will check with the school department to see if they                            are still interested.

D.      Signing of the M.S.A.D. # 61 Budget Validation Warrant
        Ann Farley made a motion to sign the Budget Validation Warrant.  It was seconded by Edythe Harnden.  Motion carried.

VI.     Reports from Town Officials

  • Town Manager
                        Jim Smith reported/commented on the following:
  • Mr. Good has 140 acres of land he would like to sell to the Town for $165,000.  The land could serve as a gravel/sand pit.  The Board stated they had no interest at this time.
  • Public Works Director is in the hospital with pneumonia.
  • The grader needed a new clutch, not transmission as previously thought.  The crew will be doing the repair in house.

  • Selectmen
                        Tim Mayberry had nothing to report.

                        Jim Libby reported/commented on the following:
  • Stated that the Town receives $3 for tire disposal, but we pay $5.00-$6.50 to dispose of them with Pine Tree Waste.  Jim feels the fee schedule should be revised as there seems to be many tires being disposed of.  Tim Mayberry stated that in the past 3 tires would be placed in the containers to help with the BTUs at Pine Tree.  Jim Smith will look into this issue and it will be placed on the next agenda. Ann will put copies of the existing fee schedule in selectmen’s boxes.
  • Recommends having a “free” spring clean-up so residents can dispose of mattresses, sofas and other bulky items to prevent them from being deposited on the side of the road.
  • Stated that he has been packing up the returnables at the Transfer Station and placing them in the building getting them ready for pick up. Spoke with Denise Olsen and she will make sure that the Dawn Touchette will pick up with the  Girl Scouts and  she (Denise) will pick up for SYAA.
  • The Road Committee began discussions on developing the parking lot on the Loon Echo land which the Town purchased on the Swamp Road. It was stated that there were some volunteers that were interested in helping out.  Ann Farley suggested getting the word out on the web.  Jim Libby will type something out and give it to Michele to put on the web.
  • Noticed that $1,000 was spent for flags from this year’s budget and there were no funds budgeted for this year.  He feels better communication is needed.
  • Is aware of health issues in the Public Works Department and at the Transfer Station.  He would like to have these issues addressed before it impacts productivity.
                        Edythe Harnden reported/commented on the following:
  • General Assistance training in Cornish on Thursday,
April 13, 2016 from 9am to 2pm.
  • Would like permission to have the dunk tank at Sebago Days, as well as permission to hold the Camp O AT KA Harvest Dinner and Raffle Calendar.  All these fund raisers are for the Fuel Fund.  The Board stated they had no issue with any of these fund raisers.
                        Ann Farley reported/commented on the following:
  • Asked if the timber harvesting had begun.  Jim Smith stated it should start soon as the trees should have been marked last week and will follow up with Rene Noel.
  • Committees-Withdrawal Committee, Tim Mayberry
                        Tim Mayberry stated that the committee met with Dr. Eastman who                                 prepared a withdrawal proposal which the committee voted on                             this week.  This proposal is for the actual withdrawal and is the first                                  step in the process.  Once approved by the committee it will be sent                    to the school district.  After 1-2 weeks go by, the negotiation                                         process will officially begin.

VII.    Adjournment
        Jim Libby made a motion to adjourn at 6:55pm.  It was seconded by Tim Mayberry.  Motion carried.

Workshop-Starting at 7pm

Public Safety Building Discussion with Fire Department