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Board of Selectmen Minutes 06/07/2016

Call to Order   
The meeting was called to order by Chairman, Ann Farley at 6:00 pm.     
I.      Roll Call       
        Present were Selectmen; Ann Farley, Tim Mayberry, Edythe        Harnden, Chris  Parker, Town Manager; Jim Smith, Town Clerk and Recorder, Michele       Bukoveckas.  Selectman, Phil Lowe joined the meeting at 6:15 pm, due to                 miscommunication. Guests present were: Jim Libby Joan Morford, and Donelle      Allen.

II.     Adjustments to the Agenda
        Ann Farley added Town Meeting Discussion to New Business-F
III.    Written Communication
        A.      Approval of the May 19, 2016 Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes      
                (Note, the date should read, May 17, 2016).  Edythe Harnden made a motion to approve the May 17, 2016 Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes.  It was seconded by Chris Parker.  Motion carried.
        IV.     Comments from the Public
                Joan Morford addressed the Board concerning the lack of ditching near her property on Douglas Mountain.  She stated that the water can’t flow and has backed up to her garage.  Jim Smith will speak with Neal Farwell about this issue.

                She also addressed the lack of signage on Douglas Mountain.  She stated that the “Drop Off Only” sign is ripped over at the top of the hill and that people are parking there, which could cause a hazard in an emergency.   In addition, she said the trail needs better signage as people are getting lost and that there are fallen trees on the trails.  Jim Smith will look into this issue.

                Jim Libby stated that the Maine Hunger Program would be interested in having the lunch program for children at the Town Beach next year.  The Board felt that the school would be a better location with less liability.

                He also stated that is was noted that a crosswalk would be beneficial at the intersection of Sebago Road and Baldwin Road (Route 114 and Route 11).
                Jim Libby encouraged the Board to periodically visit the Town Beach to observe the “traffic”.  He felt it is not as bad as they were lead to believe, therefore the Board could make a more informed decision regarding hours for the Beach Attendant at budget time.

                Lastly, Jim Libby informed the Board he would be interested on remaining on the Road Committee.

                Donnelle Allen asked when the porta-potty got pumped at the Historical Society.  She wanted to know because it was being vandalized and the society wanted to place a lock on it.  It was stated that the company will put their lock on it and provide a key to the organization.  Jim Smith will contact the company regarding placing a lock on the potty.

        V.      Old Business

VI.     New Business

A.      MMA Legal Policy Discussion
        This policy will govern who may contact MMA Legal Services.  Ann Farley made a motion to approve the MMA Legal Policy.  It was seconded by Tim Mayberry.  Motion carried.

B.      Personnel Policy Update
        The policy was changed to mandate physicals for all new hires in the Public Works and Transfer Station Departments.  Tim Mayberry made a motion to approve the Personnel Policy.  It was seconded by Phil Lowe.  Motion carried.
C.      Elect Chair and Vice Chair for Board of Selectmen       
        Edythe Harnden made a motion to appoint Ann Farley as Chairman of the Board of Selectmen.  It was seconded by Tim Mayberry.  Motion carried.  Ann Farley made a motion to appoint Tim Mayberry as Vice Chairman of the Board of Selectmen.  It was seconded by Phil Lowe.  Motion carried.

D.      Budget Committee Appointment / Discussion
        In the Budget Committee by-laws, it is stated that a Board of Selectmen cannot serve on the Budget Committee consecutively.  Jim Libby had expressed his interest on serving on the Budget Committee. That being said, Tim Mayberry made a motion to appoint Jim Libby to finish Phil Lowe’s term.  It was seconded by Chris Parker.  Motion carried.

E.      Disbursement Warrant
        Michele explained that this warrant will allow the disbursement of State Checks, School Payments, and Payroll with one Board of Selectmen’s signature.  All other checks would have to wait until three (3) signatures are obtained.  Ann Farley made a motion to approve the disbursement warrant.  It was seconded by Edythe Harnden.  Motion carried.

F.      Town Meeting Discussion
        Article 10.  Funds will be placed in a separate interest bearing account.  

        Article 19. Jim Smith will check with the Town Attorney regarding whether or not town timber is considered real estate.

VII.    Reports from Town Officials

  • Town Manager
                        Jim Smith reported/commented on the following:
  • Received an engagement letter from Berry, Talbot, Royer regarding the upcoming audit and the services they will provide.  Jim distributed a copy to the Board for their review.
  • Clear cutting of a few trees was done adjacent to the rescue building.  This will result in additional funds for the town.
  • Public Works have started working on Shore Road.  They have ripped up part of the pavement up to Marina Road, and will shim coat to the brook.

  • Selectmen
Edythe Harnden reported/commented on the following:
  • Will have a dunk tank at Sebago Days.  The dunk tank will be rented from Aubuchon Hardware for $88.00
  • She and her husband picked up the branches in front of the cemetery on Convene and moved them off to the side. She stated they need to be picked up and moved.  Jim Smith will have Public Works pick the branches up.
  • Noticed that Denise had hours relating to the Boy Scouts on her time sheet.  She inquired in what capacity she serves the Boy Scouts.  If she is volunteering her time, she should not be putting the hours on her time sheet.  Jim Smith will speak with Denise on this issue.
  • Stated that progress is being made on the raffle calendar.  If anyone wants to donate to the raffle contact either her or Donna Cook.
  • Had provided Jim Smith with information concerning the disposal of tires and asked Jim if he had time to review the material.  Jim stated he had and that it was not as cost effective as using CIA for disposal.
Chris Parker reported/commented on the following:
  • Asked if we knew the costs of the Bulky Waste Day.  It was stated the bill had not been received but that the tire disposal was around $2,980.
  • Asked if the compactor was working property, as he noticed it did not sound like it was.  In addition, it was noted that the safety on the compactor was not working.  Jim Smith will look into this issue.
                        Phil Lowe reported/commented on the following:
  • Felt that the Bulky Waste Day was a great idea.
  • Thought his term stared July 1st, but was very pleased to be here and looked forward to working with the Board.
                        Tim Mayberry had nothing to report or comment on.

                        Ann Farley reported/commented on the following:
  • Noticed that one of the granite posts at the Sebago Veteran’s Park needs to be repaired or replaced.  Jim Smith will contact Cliff Whitney in Cornish.
  • Inquired that she would like to attend the next Road Committee Meeting.  A meeting was set for Monday,
June 13, 2016 at 7 am.
  • Explained to Phil Lowe that she and an alternating Board Member meet with Jim Smith on Thursday morning for a short meeting. She will inform Phil when it is his turn to see if it fits his schedule.  She requested no meeting this week.
  • Would like a discussion of tax acquired property and a goal setting workshop on the next agenda.
  • Committees-Withdrawal Committee, Tim Mayberry
Tim Mayberry stated that the committee submitted their proposal to the School Board.  The School Board sent their reply to the committee.  After reviewing the School Board’s counter proposal, the Withdrawal Committee sent in an alternate plan.  To this date a response from the School Board has not been received.

VIII.   Adjournment
        Edythe Harnden made a motion to adjourn at 7:35pm.  It was seconded by Tim Mayberry.  Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Michele A. Bukoveckas
Town Clerk