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Board of Selectmen Minutes 11/14/2017
6:00 PM



Chairman, Ann Farley opened the Public Hearing at 6:00 pm.  She stated that besides her, the Franchise Renewal Committee members are as follows: Town Manager, Michele Bukoveckas, John “Jock” MacGregor, Chris Richard from Lake Region TV and Scott McCulloch, who was the IT person at the Spaulding Library.  Ann introduced Tony Vigue and explained that the committee met several times with him to weigh in on the renewal negotiations.  

Mr. Vigue stated that every town in Maine that has cable television has a contract with the cable company which is called a franchise.  This franchise gets renewed every ten to fifteen years, depending on the length of the contract.  The Town of Sebago’s contract is up for renewal; therefore a “needs assessment” was done in order to move forward with a new contract.  He proceeded to explain how this process works.  He mentioned that he does not work for the cable company.  He recently retired from the City of South Portland where he was the manager of their community television station for the past twenty-one years.  Over the years he has participated in the renewal process on three different occasions which allows him to assist the Town of Sebago with the renewal process.  He noted that this only affects the cable television service and not the phone or internet services that the cable company provides.  

Mr. Vigue proceeded to answer questions from the audience ranging from the reliability of service, especially in regards to the recent power outage; the amount of coverage locations that the cable company is required to provide to Sebago residents; and the need for 911 emergency calls to get through even in the event of power failures.           

There were no further comments; the Public Hearing was closed at 6:20 pm.


The meeting was called to order by Chairman Ann Farley at 6:20 pm.  


Present: Selectmen; Ann Farley, Edythe Harnden, Phil Lowe, Tim Mayberry, Chris Parker, Town Manager, Michele Bukoveckas, Town Clerk and Recorder, Maureen Scanlon.

Guests present: June Johnson, Jim Libby, Lonney Girard, Amie Girard, Tina Vanasse, Allen Crabtree, Kirsten Goff, Tony Vigue, Chris Richard (Lake Region TV Station Manager), Donelle Allen, June Allen, Joe McMahon, Anne McMahon, Grosvenor Newcomb, Lisa Johnson, Carrie Smith, Donna Cook, Phil Harnden, Gerry Holt, Michael Foye, Claudia Lowe, Deborah Howard, Harvey Price (Town of Naples Recreation Director), Ted Greene.    


Lake Region ATV Club Access Route Request moved to Item B. under Adjustments to the Agenda, after approval of the minutes.  

School Withdrawal Committee moved to New Business Item #A (where the Lake Region ATV Club was located) on the agenda.  

  • Approval of the October 17, 2017 Selectmen Meeting Minutes
Edie Harnden made a motion to approve the October 17, 2017 meeting minutes. It was seconded by Ann Farley. Motion carried with all in favor.

  • Lake Region ATV Club Access Route Request
Lonney Girard from the Lakes Region ATV Club explained that they are based out of Casco but they have trails in every town in the Lakes Region district.  They have come before the Board of Selectmen to request an access route on Hancock Pond Road.  They currently have two separate trail systems in this location.  They would like to be able to connect them with an access route that would be approximately ¾ of a mile in length.  This would be a stretch of roadway that would legally allow both ATV vehicles and motor vehicles to share the road.  The ATV Club will be responsible for posting speed limit signs of 35 mph.  It was noted that permission can be rescinded by the Town at any time if it were to become a problem.  It was also noted that if the access road is posted it is policed by any member of law enforcement, which includes game wardens.

Tim Mayberry made a motion to approve an access route from the Narrow Gauge (Railroad) at the south end of Hancock Pond up to the Swamp Road Narrow Gauge (Railroad) access.  It will be a dual access route for the use of both motor vehicles and recreational vehicles.  No curfew will be implemented at this time.  This is to be a “Quiet Zone” with signs installed at both ends of it that designate “No excessive noise”.  The speed limit will be the same as is currently posted on this roadway.  Mr. Girard will provide the town with a document from the Department of Conservation that needs to be signed.  The Board agreed to the ATV Club’s request and directed the Town Manager to sign the aforementioned document.  The motion was seconded by Ann Farley and carried with all in favor.     

June Johnson spoke about the impact the recent extended power outage had on the community.  She suggested that the town solicit the help of other towns and the Maine Municipal Association as a collective voice to perhaps evoke some change.  In the meantime she hopes the town will take the necessary steps to ensure that in the event of an emergency, citizens will be able to reach town personnel; and also review/update the town’s Emergency Preparedness Plan.  

Michele Bukoveckas has been working with a representative from Fairpoint to switch the town’s municipal phones over from Time Warner Cable (Spectrum).  However, Fairpoint is in the process of being bought out by another company which has caused a delay in this process.    

Alan Crabtree gave an update on the town’s Emergency Shelter which is located at the Town Hall building.  This shelter was used during the past power outage for citizens to take a shower, charge their cell phones, get water or just warm up a bit.  Improvements are in progress for the storage of the emergency supplies.  

Jim Libby expressed concern that there is a very large parcel of land for sale in Sebago. If the State of Maine purchases this land for conservation purposes it could potentially be a large revenue loss for the town.  

                A.      School Withdrawal Committee

On behalf of the School Withdrawal Committee Lisa Johnson stated that the committee would like to request that the town set the date to elect the new SAU School Board and also to determine the number of School Board members.  Their recommendation is for a five member board staggered on a three year term.  They also requested that funding be provided for the interim time period from now until July when the new school system will start.  They estimate the necessary funding needed to get everything started to be about $25,000.00.

Michele Bukoveckas stated that she has done some research into the matter of what the next steps are to be taken in this process.  She was advised by the Legal Department at Maine Municipal Association that there is no definitive answer or schedule determining when to hold an election.  The legislation put a lot of information in about the do’s and don’ts of the withdrawal process, but never covered the election of School Board members.  The attorney at MMA is still looking into the matter in respect to what other towns have already done in this situation.  At this point it looks like the earliest an election can be held is on Feb. 13, 2018 with Nomination Papers being available starting next Tuesday.  They would be due back to the Town Clerk by January 4th.  Absentee ballots would be available on the 12th of January with the election on February 13th.  

There was some discussion regarding the number of School Committee members that may be elected on February 13th and the start-up funding.   

Phil Lowe made a motion to authorize the Town Manager to set in place the shortest possible term to elect a five member School Board.  It was seconded by Tim Mayberry.  Motion carried with all in favor.  

It was noted that the terms of the School Board positions are as follows:

2 positions for 3 year terms
2 positions for 2 year terms
1 position for 1 year term                      
  • Recreation Department Discussion
Michele Bukoveckas stated that the Recreation Department Director is currently on an unpaid administrative leave.  In the Director’s absence, Michele and some of the Sebago parents have pitched in to continue with the previously scheduled events such as the Halloween party.  There was some discussion on the immediate need for volunteers to help out with the Basketball and Holiday Wishes programs that are funded by the town.  Harvey Price, Recreation Department Director for the Town of Naples, gave input on what needs to be done for the Basketball program to proceed.   

Michele Bukoveckas suggested that in the future the Recreation Department be run by the school with funding provided by the town.        

  • Abatements as Recommended by Assessor’s Agent
  • 019-121 (restricted and cannot be developed separately)
  • 003-019 (acreage was over stated)
  • 027-019-A (split was assessed to wrong owners)
Michele Bukoveckas explained the three proposed abatements to the Board.  Ann Farley made a motion to approve the three abatements as presented.  It was seconded by Phil Lowe.  Motion carried with all in favor.

  • Supplemental as Recommended by Assessor’s Agent
  • 027-016 (Correcting land ownership)
  • 027-019 (Correcting land ownership)
  • 021-054-F1 (Inadvertently given unwarranted exemption)
Michele Bukoveckas explained the three proposed supplementals to the Board.  Ann Farley made a motion to approve the three supplementals as presented.  It was seconded by Phil Lowe.  Motion carried with all in favor.

  • Town Manager
  • The sills at the Historical Society have been fixed.  As the contractor began fixing the sills, more damage control was needed such as a new door. (There was a lot of rot).  He will be doing some work on the cupula as well.
  • Water heater at the EMS building has been fixed.
  • Anderson Rd was paved…yea!!  Thank you to Wayne and all who helped make this happen.  Great job.  The shoulders should be done this week as well as finishing touches on the Cumberland County Soil and Conservation Grant.  We should expect to receive about $2,800 dollars back.
  • Responded to numerous resident inquiries.
  • We made it through the storm with some minor bumps along the way. Generators will be serviced in the very near future. Routine PMs should definitely be done on the generators. The battery charger on the generator at the Town Hall needs to be replaced.
  • McIver will be servicing the generators as he is familiar with our service schedule.
  • Arthur Osgood will be fixing the lights on the Town Office building’s porch and will be putting a new light on the flag pole.
  • Filled out the F7 (preliminary form for disaster relief).  So far, we have about $7,100 in tree removal, generator repairs, and propane fuel. The motor on the compressor at the Town Garage was damaged during a surge, not sure if I will put this through as a FEMA/EMA event or insurance.  
  • The front end on the 1 ton truck needs repairs.
  • Halloween Party…may have happened at the last minute, but it was a success.  Some parents and my daughter pitched in and it went well.  Roughly 80 children attended.
  • Working with parents to make the Recreation Program work. Other Recreation Directors have offered to help as well.  As far as I know, PTC and Lion’s club will be working on the Breakfast with Santa and the gift giving for needy families.
  • Tom Cutting has winterized the lines at the ballfields.
  • Gave budget worksheets to department heads.  Plan on having talks either this month or next.
  • Spoke with Time Warner Cable to get a new power supply for the phone modem at the Town Office. Working on getting discount for outage period.
  • Met with Allen Crabtee and Corinne AuCoin to see about making more room for the medical closet at the Town Hall.  Allen suggested storing the cots and blankets up in the projector room at the Town Hall.
  • Had Tim Anderson fix vent and trim in women’s bathroom at the Town Hall.
  • Met with Karen Moore from Pine Tree Waste to begin negotiating the Solid Waste Contract.
  • The first CIP meeting is scheduled for Wed., Dec. 6th at 6pm. at the Town Office building.
  • BDS is going to start picking up tires at the Transfer Station and will do a pick-up whenever we have 50 tires or more.
  • The Town’s Attorney has finalized the paperwork for the Haley Cemetery.  The Trustees and the Town Manager will sign off on this documentation.  Then the transfer of the Haley Cemetery and all funds will be final.   
  • Update on Solar pre-bid meeting that occurred today…
  • Selectmen
Chris Parker expressed concern about the shoulders on the newly paved Anderson Road.  It was noted that the Public Works crew is still working on this portion of the project.

Tim Mayberry had nothing to report.

Phil Lowe had nothing to report.

Edie Harnden had nothing to report.

Ann Farley stated a Personnel Policy meeting needs to be set-up in December.

                C.      Committees
  • Withdrawal Committee
Discussion occurred under Old Business agenda item A.

  • Ordinance Review Committee
Nothing reported.

Change in Meeting Date: The next Board of Selectmen’s meeting will be held on Tuesday, December 12th at 6:00pm.


Ann Farley made a motion to adjourn at 7:43 pm.  It was seconded by Edie Harnden.  Motion carried with all in favor.

Respectfully submitted,
Maureen F. Scanlon
Town Clerk