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Capital Investment Program Committee Minutes 12/17/2012
CIP minutes 12 /17/12
Members present: Jim Smith and Phil Lowe. New members, Sherri Miller and Jim Jansz, will be officially appointed at the next Bos meeting Jan.15th. Others present: Allen Crabtree, Ann Farley, Edie Hamden and Fire Chief Ken Littlefield.
CIP Committee members per the CIP Handbook
Jim Jansz—Planning Board
Phil Lowe—Budget Committee
Edie Hamden—Board of Selectmen
Sherri Miller—at large
Rick Bates—at large
One at large vacancy
Phil Lowe elected as Chairman. Meeting dates Dec.26th ,Jan.2nd and Monian3th from6:30 — 8pm.
Allen explained the CIP spreadsheet to the new members. Ken stated that Engine2 needs to be replaced with the estimated cost from $299 k to $329 k. Phil asked about the feasibility of looking at a used vehicle and Ken to research pricing for new, used, and the option for lease/purchase.Ken also explained the need for special specs relating to trucks operating in the Northeast pertaining to climate conditions. He also stated that years to action have been decreased to 15 instead of the 20 now in effect.
Engine 2 estimated cost changed to $299 k and is to be funded at $108 for 12/13
Engine 2 has not been funded for 2 years predicated on the plan that Standish would be placing a truck in Sebago.
Tank 2 estimated cost increased to $150 k
Tank 1 estimated cost reduced to $ 350 k from $459,358
Next meeting Jan3rd. With Public Works.
Ann Farley