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Capital Investment Program Committee Minutes 01/10/2013
CIP Minutes 1/10/13
Members present: Selectman Edie Hamden, Jim Jansz, Phil Lowe, Jim Smith, Sherry Miller, and Rick Bates. Others present: Chris Parker, Allen Crabtree, Ann Farley, and Rescue Chief Tim Smith.
Ambulance—Tim stated the years to action still on track with proper maintanence. He recommended increasing the escalator from 2.5% to 3%. as suggested by the vendor.
Estimated cost--$171, 091 from $156, 727
Funding-- $19,141 from $14,349
Cardiac Monitor—Tim explained the requirement for capnography( recording of successful intubation) will need to be met in the near future. The existing machine is 13yrs.old. Years to action-17/18
Estimated cost--$36,000
Turn out gear as a CIP item was proposed. Tim felt this should remain in the regular budget as the crossover program with Fire and Rescue worked well. Grants are also available for the gear and will be applied for.
Engine 2—Jim reviewed the pros and cons of lease/purchase following his discussion with Casco Town Mananger.The committee decided not to pursue this route. Jim and Allen looked at an engine in Newfield similar to Engine 2 with the specs as discussed at the last meeting.After discussion, the following changes were made pending the inspection of the pump and cab and chassis on Engine 2.
Years to action--2
Estimated cost--$270,000 decreased from $350,000
Funding--$62,535 ($125,069 needed for 2 years)
Yard Waste Facility—Removed from the list. $11,271 to be used for new roof over demolition debris container and possible addition to the new bldg. to house white goods pending voter approval.
Transfer Station Enhancements—Zero funded. A well is not allowed at the landfill as a condition of the permit from the DEP, thus disallowing a bathroom.
Excavator—no change in funding
Compactor Reserve—Fully funded. Decision made to move to bottom of the list.
Grader changes as follows:
Years to action 25/26 decreased from 36/37 Funding increased to $2,500 from$1,250
Next meeting Mon. Jan.14th @ 6:30. A follow up meeting scheduled for Jan.21st if
needed. Ann Farley