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Capital Investment Program Committee Minutes 01/14/2013
CIP Minutes 1/14/13
Members present: Phil Lowe, Jim Jansz, Sherry Miller, Rick Bates, Jim Smith, and Selectman Edie Hamden. Others present: Ann Farley, Allen Crabtree, Firechief Ken Littlefield, Alan Greene and Carl Dolloff.
Phil Lowe asked those present from the Fire Dept. what their needs were regarding vehicles. Alan explained they were following the Courtney report reccomendations by reducing the number of trucks from 9 to 6 with the goal being 4 primary trucks. Two tank trucks and two Engines.It was stated that a further evaluation of Engine 2, as had been suggested, could pose more problems. Currently it passes the pump test and has an inspection sticker.Refurbishing not an option and not cost effective. Upon further discussion the committee decided to fund Engine 2 at 3 years to action and continue with the proper maintenance. Recommended funding $58,356.
Jim reported that Denmark has a Tank truck similar to Tank 2 purchased from Kenworth for $214,000. Decision made to continue funding Tank 2. Alan to get information about the possibiliy of joining a Firefighter group in Mass. that could lead to purchasing savings for the Town.
Changes as follows:
Backhoe-4 years to action —funded $15,036
Engine 2-3 years to action—funded $58,356
Transfer Enhancements—Zero funded
50 Yard Container—Zero funded
Yard Waste Facility—Zero funded and apply the existing $11,384 to reduce the CIP
Road Materials--$10,000 funded—discussed changing the fiscal year to allow for paving
before July with the possibility of savings in the cost of materials and labor due to a slower time for the
paving company. Decision made pursue this concept at another time.
Towb Bldg. Maintenance--$10,000--decreased from $20,000 as no specific plan in place
Public Safety Bldg.--0 funded
Fitch Rd. Bridge        0 Funded
Land Aquisition Fund--$1514 funded
Cardiac Monitor—Decision to ask voter approval for $36,000 from the UFB
114 Road drainage       0 funded
Next Meeting 1/21/13
Final Review
Revisit financial options for higher interest rates
Ann Farley