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Community Disaster Committee Minutes 01/11/2006
Community Disaster Committee

Minutes of Committee Meeting, Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Members present:  Carol Brown, Ken Littlefield, David Hague, Allen Crabtree, Tim Smith, Belisa Harriman

Members absent: Ted Shane

1.      Minutes from December 14 meeting were approved as read.

2.      Old town hall renovations – Ted has been asked to develop a cost estimate for repairs to be done to the old town hall to reinstall the showers in the men and women’s johns and correct the drainage problems around the foundation.  There needs to be estimates made for setting up an office, with wiring, phone and internet connections, setting up the communications tower, renovation of the projection booths.  Dave will have Ted do this.

Carol talked about Volunteer Maine where we could list our needs for equipment, computers, furniture, racks, etc.  She will follow up on getting the town registered and a list of needs needs to be assembled.  Needs include:
1.      2 each 8’tables for maps
2.      2 each regular office desks
3.      2 computers
4.      60 blankets
5.      30 cots
6.      Large storage tubs for blankets
7.      Washcloths and towels
8.      2 each 4 drawer filing cabinets
9.      Emergency lighting, flashlights
10.     2 each large white boards
11.     Television and radio
12.     Coffee maker

Belisa noted that we need to have a second exit at the basement level.  There was discussion about making a exit door at the new office opening to the parking lot.  Ken will talk to the fire marshal about code requirements.  Ted will look at this when he is getting cost estimates for the drainage excavation.

3.      Generators – Ken said the generator is ours and just needs to be picked up and connected.  He said that one place to put it might be behind the old firehouse.  Previously he had talked about pouring a pad next to the fire house.  In any event, cables will need to be installed to the three town buildings and wiring will have to be modified to be compatible with the generator.  
Alan Greene and Ken will make arrangements to have it picked up and moved to town in the next week or two.  Alan has talked with Bob Greene and Ken will talk to Arthur Osgood about three-phase wiring requirements.
Dave said that there should be enough in this year’s operating budget to buy a 5kw portable generator for Rescue.  DPW would like to purchase a generator that would power the fuel pumps and also serve as a power source for the welder and other shop tools.  There should be enough in this year’s budget for this also.

4.      Residential Check List – There was discussion about adding names, a column to indicate seasonal residences, another column for known condition/handicap (e.g. – hearing impaired, blind, bed-ridden,).  Allen talked with Maurice Geoffrey who will check with Maureen for any additions.  Carol had several additions to the list.  David will get the updated list to Maureen.  Carol suggested that those who have medical problems should be identified as well as seasonal.  It was decided not to do this, but to add names as needed and sort by street.  Copies would be kept confidential and sent only to the committee and Fire, Rescue, Public Assistance. In the event of an emergency the list would be used to send people around to check on shut-ins, etc., who might need help or evacuation to the shelter.

5.      Shelter supplies – Tim will assemble a medical kit.  Fire and Rescue have pallets of water.  We need to have a resource list of supplies needed and contact names.  We should have enough supplies on hand to be self-sufficient for the first 24-72 hours.  For next time the committee will develop a resource list of suppliers, phone numbers, types of supplies, etc.

6.      Shelter operations training – The Red Cross can do this once we have a list of shelter operators.  Next time we can discuss developing a list of operators.

7.      Next meeting – Wednesday, February 8, 2006 at 7:00 p.m.

Meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m.