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Community Disaster Committee Minutes 11/29/2005
Community Disaster Committee

Minutes of Committee Meeting, Tuesday, November 29, 2005.  

Meeting called to order at 7:10 p.m.

Members present:  Carol Brown, Ken Littlefield, David Hague, Allen Crabtree
Members absent: Ted Shane

1.      Committee positions – representative from Rescue to be named.  Ken said that Anita Chadbourne will likely represent Rescue and will attend future meetings.
2.      Two at-large members need to be recommended for appointment to the committee by the BOS.
3.      The next meeting of the Public Safety Building Committee will be held on Monday, December 5 at 19:00 hrs.  Members of the Community Disaster Committee are invited to attend.
4.      There was discussion of purchasing a generator to provide emergency power for all three town buildings at Mud City.  Ken has investigated a 55kw generator that is available through Steve McClean that is available.
5.      David said that the old projection booth is earmarked for storage and could be used for blankets and cots storage.  Carol said a place for a computer is needed that will need to be secured.  There was discussion of using the back office behind Belisa’s office for that, plus other records.  
6.      Communications will be needed.  George Flaherty from Cumberland County EMA said he could provide a radio.  Ken said that there is an antenna now on the old town hall and perhaps it could be used.  Allen suggested that the emergency power at the Fire Department repeater would keep the town on the air for public works and emergency services. Carol said we also need to set up communications with EMA.
7.      Showers would be needed.  Allen suggested that money should be put in the budget this year to re-install a shower in the men’s room.   Dave thought that the shower in the ladies room still works.  This needs to be looked at.  A tour should be scheduled for the next meeting to make up a list of needs.
8.      The capacity of the shelter was discussed.  Allen had asked Maurice to tell us how many elderly and at-risk people there were in town that should be used as a planning guide.  Carol said that the Red Cross had looked at the old town hall and said the building would hold 400.  Ken said that the building needs to be rated for occupancy.  During the ice storm the Elementary School was used for a shelter and many people came for meals and showers, but often chose to go home to make sure pipes didn’t freeze.  Carol said that nearly every day more than 100 people were served hot meals and provided showers.
9.      Sebago should on having enough supplies for 48 to 72 hours on hand to take care of ourselves before we could plan on getting any help from the Red Cross.  David said that we could have bottled water, MRE’s and other supplies on hand and rotate the stock periodically.  Allen suggested that there would be a line item in the operating budget for shelter supplies.
10.     Allen suggested that the shelter should plan on dealing with a mass casualty situation by having medical supplies, back boards, trauma kits, etc. on hand.  David said that many of the supplies could be stored in the Rescue building at the second floor, and Ken said that the upstairs at Station 2 could also be used.
11.     Allen said that a generator is needed at the Public Works garage to run the fuel pumps, and Rescue needs one for their building.  David said that a 5kw generator should be enough for these light use requirements.  David said that we could make a list of emergency equipment like generators that would be available to borrow from people around town.
12.     Next meeting Wednesday, December 14 at 7:00 p.m.
13.     Ken suggested that perhaps Belisa would be a good committee addition to help plan for use of the town hall.  
14.     Assignment for next time –
a.      Ken follow up on generator
b.      David to ask Belisa
c.      Ken will follow up with Anita
d.      All to come up with our list of supplies, food, etc that would be needed and bring that to the walkthrough.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.