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Community Disaster Committee Minutes 11/17/2006
Community Disaster Committee

Minutes of Committee Meeting, Friday, November 17, 2006

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Members present:  Carol Brown, Robert Nicholson, Allen Crabtree, Anita Chadbourne, Richard Aube.

Members absent: Ken Littlefield

Guests present:  Bruce Peters, American Red Cross, Jason Schoolcraft, Tim Smith

1.      Minutes from January 11, 2006 meeting were distributed.  There were no minutes from the last scheduled meeting of the committee on February 8, 2006, which was cancelled.

2.      New Member – Jason Schoolcraft joined the group as a new member-at-large.

3.      Generators – No progress has been made on acquiring the generator.  Ken has talked with Alan Greene who said that the generator is a military 3-phase unit and the cost of rewiring it for our use would be prohibitive.  Bruce said that we should investigate acquiring a three-phase converter box to plug the generator in to – it is much less expensive than rewiring the generator.  Dick said that a 10kw generator would not be enough to power both the town offices and the town hall.  

Allen will talk with Ken and Alan about the generator, getting estimates for a three-phase converter, and having an electrician look at it.  Dick and Jason will develop a proposal for a concrete pad, fuel tanks and connecting the generator to the three buildings and bring costs back to the next meeting.  Dick will also do an estimate of the wattage requirements for the town offices and town hall.
There was discussion about a generator for the DPW and Rescue.  Dick thought that a 25kw would be needed to handle all requirements of the two buildings.  He will investigate costs and bring them back.  Tim suggested that there might be grants available to help, but nothing specific was identified.  At our January 06 meeting Town Manager Dave Hague said that there should be enough in the FY05-06 operating budget to buy a 5kw portable generator for Rescue and perhaps for DPW as well.  Nothing was purchased with the FY05-06 budget however.  

4.      Discussion of Sebago Elementary vs. Old Town Hall – the group debated the pros- and cons of the two locations and felt that the Old Town Hall was a better choice for a community shelter.  It has a fully equipped kitchen (SES does not), more space for clients, and would not be dependent on having to open school again.  SES does not have emergency power provisions.  The shelter space at the SES would be the multipurpose room, which would not be available for school use while there were people housed there.  Bruce pointed out that sometimes there is a need for a shelter long after normal community activities resume but school could not reopen if there were people sheltered there.  

5.      Old town hall renovations – The group toured the old town hall and Bruce felt that it was a good structure for a shelter.  We were not able to access the old Selectmen’s office or food pantry/shelter office space and will do so at our next meeting.

Bruce said that the rule of thumb is 1 toilet for every 40 persons and 1 shower for every 40 persons housed at a shelter.  For an evacuation shelter each person needs 20 square feet, and 40 square feet for sleeping space.  We had planned on setting up the town hall to accommodate 25-30 people, and the structure will do that and much more.  

Carol will follow up on a request for 100 cots from George at MEMA.  The other materials will be discussed next time.

Dick will obtain cost estimates for repairs to be done to the old town hall to reinstall the showers in the men and women’s johns and correct the drainage problems around the foundation.  There needs to be estimates made for setting up an office, with wiring, phone and internet connections, setting up the communications tower, renovation of the projection booths.  Dick will need to do this as well.  Robert will check to see what funds are available in the FY05-06 budget to do some of this work.

6.      Items not addressed:  

Shelter supplies – At the January meeting Tim said that he would assemble a medical kit to have at the shelter.  This will not be needed until the shelter work is completed and it is ready to go.  Fire and Rescue have pallets of water.  We need to have a resource list of supplies needed and contact names.  We should have enough supplies on hand to be self-sufficient for the first 24-72 hours.  For a future meeting the committee will need to develop a resource list of suppliers, phone numbers, types of supplies, etc.

Shelter exits – At the last site walk it was discussed that we might need to have a second exit at the basement level.  There was discussion about making an exit door at the new office opening to the parking lot.  We will discuss this at the next meeting when we have access to the area in the basement.

7.      Next meeting – Tuesday, December 12, 2006 at 6:30 p.m.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.