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Community Disaster Committee Minutes 01/10/2007
Community Disaster Committee

Minutes of Committee Meeting, Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Meeting called to order at 6:30 p.m.

Members present:  Carol Brown, Robert Nicholson, Allen Crabtree, Anita Chadbourne, Tim Smith and Jason Schoolcraft.

Members absent: Ken Littlefield

Guests present:  Morgan Bickerstaff, American Red Cross

1.      Minutes from December 12, 2006 meeting were distributed and approved

2.      Generators – Jason did research into the size and type of generator that would be needed to provide emergency power to the Town Hall shelter, Town Offices and Fire Station 1.  He looked at both a 25Kw and 40Kw generator to power all three buildings and recommended a 40Kw generator with an industrial grade motor, liquid cooled, propane fueled and auto start.  He talked to Guardian to get this recommendation.  He presented the following estimates:

25Kw generator
40Kw generator
$  2,000
Cement mounting pad
$  1,500
Building to enclose the generator
$ 4-5,000
Electrical work at three buildings
$  1,500

Action item – Allen and Robert will present the idea of an emergency generator to the Capital Investment Committee and request $20,000 for FY07/08.

3.      Old town hall renovations – Estimates need to be prepared for renovations to the Old Town Hall, including restoring the showers, drainage, and a new exit door. There also needs to be estimates made for setting up an office, with wiring, phone and Internet connections, setting up the communications tower, and renovation of the projection booths.  

Action items – Robert will work with DPW and develop costs, which will then be presented to the Budget Committee and Selectmen to be included in the FY07/08 budget under the Town Hall account.


4.      Shelter Supplies:  Carol has submitted a request to CCEMA for 100 cots and blankets.

Tim has prepared a list of supplies for medical kits.  He estimates that $1,300 will be needed, including $1,000 for an AED and $300 for misc. supplies.  

Other start up supplies for the shelter will be needed, including paper products, water, food.  It was estimated that $3,000 would be needed for start up supplies to get the shelter ready to accept clients.

Action item - Carol will follow up on a request for a radio and antenna for  communications gear from George.  She suggested storage tubs for the blankets to keep them clean and free from vermin, and will check into costs and bring numbers back next time.

Action item - Tim and Allen will develop a grant request for the AED.

Action item – Robert and Allen will include start-up costs in the amount presented to the Budget Committee and Selectmen to be included in the FY07/08 budget under the Town Hall account.  Jason, Allen, and Robert will meet on February 1 to rough out estimates.

Action item – Next time the committee will begin developing a wish list for “Gifts in Kind” for United Way donations, or other items needed at the shelter.

5.      Red Cross Inspection – Morgan Bickerstaff did a walk-through of the town hall and made suggestions for getting it ready for use as a shelter.  She said that Sebago’s would be a Partner-Based shelter under the ARC’s new shelter definitions.  She offered to set up training courses for a cadre of 12-20 volunteers in the community who could be called up to man the shelter.

Action item – Morgan will complete the shelter agreement and send it to Sebago to be reviewed by the committee at a future date, and then submitted to the Selectmen for approval.

6.      Next Meeting - The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, February 7, 2007 at 6:30 p.m. at the town offices.  At that meeting everyone should bring cost estimates for renovations, supplies, capital items, etc.  Town budget deliberations for the FY07-08 budget start soon and we need to be able to make our recommendations to the Budget Committee

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.