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Community Disaster Committee Minutes 03/21/2007
Community Disaster Committee

Minutes of Committee Meeting, Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Meeting called to order at 6:35 p.m.

Members present:  Carol Brown, Robert Nicholson, Allen Crabtree, and Jason Schoolcraft.

Members absent: Ken Littlefield, Anita Chadbourne, Dan Nowell, and Tim Smith

Guests present:  Roberta Douglass, Sebago Food Pantry

1.      Minutes from January 2007 meeting were distributed and approved

2.      Generators – Robert reported that he had contacted electrical contractors for additional information on the emergency generator setup for the shelter, town offices and fire station 1.  There would be problems in linking the three buildings together.  All three electrical service panels must be moved to one location.  

Power needs – Emergency shelter/town hall – 16kW, $4.4k
                Town offices – 7kW, $2.6k
                Fire Station #1 – 7kW, $2.6k
Total estimated cost for the generators - $9.6k, plus installation

We were not successful in having the shelter generator added to the CIP list, and also in having funds for the generators added to the public works operating budget.  There is also still a need for emergency power for public works garage and the rescue barn.

Action item – Allen will investigate preparing a grant request for the 3 generators listed above as well as emergency power for the garage and rescue barn.
3.      Old town hall renovations – There was additional discussion about the work that will need to be done to renovate the old town hall in getting it ready for the emergency shelter.  Work needed include: (1) sealing the inside wall of the command center, installing SD20 drainpipe and sealing the outside wall.  This in lieu of a French drain; (2) Re-install 1 shower each in the Men and Women’s rooms; (3) Cutting a new exit door for the command center; (4) rehabilitation of the projector room (dry wall or plaster) so it can be used to store cots and blankets; (5) replacing the window in the command center.

There is $6,000 in the FY07/08 budget for town hall maintenance.  

Action item – Robert will work with DPW to get as much work done within money allocated as possible, starting after the budget is approved effective July 1, 2007.

Action item – Robert will talk to Corinne about clearing out the Recreation supplies from the command center so that work may begin there after July 1, 2007.

Action item – Jason to take a closer look at what is needed for rehabbing the projector room and get a cost estimate to Dan and Robert.

4.      Shelter Supplies:  Carol has submitted a request to CCEMA for 100 cots and blankets.

Tim has prepared a list of supplies for medical kits.  He estimates that $1,300 will be needed, including $1,000 for an AED and $300 for misc. supplies.  There is no money in the budget for FY07/08 so another route will have to be taken to equip the kits.

Other start up supplies for the shelter will be needed, including paper products, water, and food.   It was estimated that the shelter should have on hand 2 pallets of water, 1,000 each paper/plastic cups, plates, utensils, 300 grade 3 garbage bags (30 or 50 gallon), duct tape, 100 rolls of paper towels, 200 rolls of toilet paper.

Allen reported that he had received a VHF radio, power supply and antenna from MMEMA for the shelter.  It has been loaded with local and county channels, but it needs to be checked out.  It is now temporarily being stored in the town office until the shelter command center is ready.

Action item - Carol will follow up with MMEMA on the cots and blankets.  As soon as the projector room is ready we can take delivery.  Carol would like plastic tubs to store the blankets and will find out what size and how many would be needed.

Action item - Tim will take another look at building medical kits from donations, etc. since no money is available.

Action item – Carol will develop a wish list for “Gifts in Kind” for United Way donations, or other items needed at the shelter and bring it to the next meeting for discussion.

Action item – Jason and Tim will check out the new radio to make sure it has the channels that we need programmed into it.

5.      Red Cross Inspection – Carol has reviewed the draft agreement and it looks OK.
Action item – Robert and Allen will review it and present it to the Selectmen for approval once the shelter is up and running.

6.      Food Pantry – Roberta gave a tour of the food pantry.  She explained that the town food pantry operates on private donations.  There is no federal or state funding for it.  The pantry account now has $1,700 in it.  In the event of an emergency when the shelter is opened, the supplies in the food pantry would be available to feed people.  After the disaster, the supplies would be replenished.

7.      Pet Shelter – Allen raised the need for a companion pet shelter somewhere in the vicinity of the people shelter.  Many people will not evacuate their homes if they cannot bring their pets with them.  MMEMA has 20 crates for animals anytime we have a place to store them.  Additional pet supplies would also be needed.  More planning is needed to determine what would be needed, after the people shelter is set up.

8.      Next Meeting - The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 16, 2007 at 6:30 p.m. at the town offices.  

Meeting adjourned at 7:52 p.m.