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Community Disaster Committee Minutes 09/19/2007
Community Disaster Committee

Minutes of Committee Meeting, Wednesday, September 19, 2007.  

Meeting called to order at 6:30 p.m.

Members present:  Tim Smith, Jason Schoolcraft, and Allen Crabtree
Members absent: Ken Littlefield, Anita Chadbourne, Robert Nicholson, and Dan Nowell

1.      Minutes from August 15 meeting were distributed and approved.

2.      Generators – Allen reported that we are still waiting for the FY07 grant application window with Homeland Security to open.  He is monitoring it and will prepare a grant application when the time comes.  In the meantime, he has prepared a grant application worksheet and presented it to the BOS for approval at their September 18 meeting.  They approved going for the grant.  The grant window will likely open in late September or October.

Allen had Bob Greene tour the three buildings and look at what will be necessary to connect them to generators.  Bob will prepare a working estimate for the committee to plan.

Action item - Allen will track the grant application process to see when the window will open.

3.      Old Town Hall Renovations - Jason gave an update.  Only some mud will be needed.  All other materials will be donated.  Dan has not received any estimates for the showers.  Jason suggested just writing an RFP to get bids to do the work.  No report on whether the Rec Director’s office and storage space behind it has been cleaned out.

Action item – Robert will be asked to prepare an RFP for the shower work.

4.      Shelter Supplies – Tim will follow up to get 50 cots and 100 blankets.  Once we have them, we will see what containers are needed.  Tim and Jason both said they will get water when needed from Poland Springs.  In the interim there is enough water stored at Station 1 for immediate needs.  We will need to acquire paper supplies – there was no report from Carol.   Tim said he would contact Fairchild about used and donated office furniture.

Action items - Carol will solicit donations of storage boxes and paper supplies for the shelter.  Tim will get the cots and blankets and check on office furniture.
5.      Report to Board of Selectmen – Allen has prepared a report to the Selectmen telling what the committee has done and requesting that the town hall be designated as the primary emergency shelter in Sebago, and that the Town Manager be directed to enter into the shelter agreement with the Red Cross.  This was presented to the BOS for review at their September 18 meeting with action to be taken at their October 2 meeting.

Action item – Allen will follow up with the BOS at their October 2 meeting.

6.      Emergency Operations Plan - Allen and Robert have revised and updated this plan and will bring it to the BOS for their approval at their October 2 meeting.  Having an updated plan on file is a requirement for filing a Homeland Security grant application.

7.      Next Meeting – the next meeting will be on Wednesday, October 17.  Tim and Jason suggested that it be held at 9:30 am.  Allen will check to see about everyone’s availability.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.