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Community Disaster Committee Red Cross Training 03-24-2008
 This is a reminder for all members of the Community Disaster Committee -

The Red Cross will be teaching two classes for get people prepared to work at the shelter when we activate it in the event of an emergency in town.  Without trained workers all of our efforts to get the shelter ready will be for naught..  The class on Monday, March 24 is an introduction to the Red Cross and on mass care and the other on Thursday, March 27 is on shelter operations. Classes will start at 6:30 each night and run till about 9pm.

I hope to see all committee members at the classes.  Some of you have already had the classes, but you are more than welcome to join us to have your shelter skills refreshed.

Here are the course outlines:

Mass Care: An Overview (ARC 3068-1)
Shelter Operations course (ARC 3068-11)

The purpose of these basic level Disaster Services courses is to provide an overview of the activities performed by the Mass Care group in support of a disaster relief operation and to prepare volunteers and employees of the Red Cross and other agencies to effectively and sensitively manage shelter operations as a team while meeting the needs of people displaced as a result of a disaster.

Participants for these courses will be volunteers and employees of the Red Cross and other agencies and community leaders who will be working on shelter operations teams.

After completing this course, participants will be able to—
-Describe the procedures for opening, operating and closing shelters.
-Explain ways to demonstrate quality service.
-Organize available human resources as a shelter operations team.
-Identify resources available to assist shelter workers.
-Organize the physical facility and material resources to meet the needs of the
people in the shelter.