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Community Disaster Committee Agenda 04/06/2008
Sebago Community Disaster Committee


Meeting scheduled for Wednesday, April 16, 2008 at 1:00 p.m., Town Offices

1.      Generator – Allen, Robert
Update on contract to purchase and install

2.      Town hall renovations – Allen, Robert
Update on contract to install showers and bathroom

3.      Shelter supplies – Allen, Carol, Anita, Tim
                Purchase of first aid kit for shelter - Anita
                Purchase of MREs for shelter - Allen
                Getting price quotes for storage tubs - Carol
                Donation of paper goods - Allen
                Donation of drinking water from Poland Springs?
4.      Emergency Command Center - Allen, Robert , Tim, Jason
                Finalize disaster maps for command post and shelter - Tim
                Location of command post - Station #1 or Town Hall?
                Emergency communications - radios and antennas
                Monthly communications check

5.      Update on shelter worker training
                Plan for shelter activation exercise in May
                Involvement of trained shelter workers in the committee

6.      Inventory control
                Need to develop and maintain a list of shelter supplies, rotation schedule.                             
7.      Shelter Activation Triggers
                Need to develop a protocol when the shelter will be activated, by whom.
8.      Schedule our next committee meeting

A lot of positive things have been going on concerning the emergency shelter and it is time to schedule a meeting of the committee.~ Please check your calendars and see if you would be free for a meeting on Wednesday, April 16, at~ 1:00 p.m. at the town offices.~ If that time doesn't work for you please suggest another.~ Robert and I have a meeting that morning at 10:00 a.m. which conflicts with our usual time, but perhaps just before lunch would work for everyone.~ Please get back to me.


Please see attached.~ Good progress is being made on the emergency generator system and the renovations to add showers to the town hall - I'll have an update for you.~ The shelter worker class was a huge success and we now have a core of trained workers for the shelter, thanks to the Red Cross.~ We have several discussion items that need your participation, including planning for a shelter activation exercise and making a recommendations on the location of the command center.

Action Items - please come to the meeting with a progress report

1.~~ First Aid Kit - Anita

Please go ahead and order the first aid kit for the shelter that you proposed to me.~ Have the distributer bill the town.~

2.~~ MREs, blankets, and paper products - Allen

I am in the process of ordering MREs for the shelter as we've discussed.~ Jeff Harriman has given us a good lead for donations of paper products which I will follow up on.~ He has also provided material for additional blankets and the Grange has agreed to make 100 additional blankets for us.

3.~ Storage Tubs - Carol

Gather prices and sources for plastic storage tubs to store the blankets, MREs, paper products, etc. so they are dry and dust-free.~ How many of what size do we need?

4.~~ Town Disaster Maps - Tim

Please complete this assignment and get back to Eric Sawyer with comments on the maps he has proposed, and have him generate 2-3 sets of them.~ Remember Alan Greene had some comments and others from the Fire Department had also, primarily about the level of detail, street and fire lane names, etc.~ Eric and his boss Jim Budway are just waiting for the word from you to produce the maps.