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Community Disaster Committee Updates 04/22/2008
Shelter committee -

I've received 32 adult comfort kits and 20 children comfort kits from the Red Cross for the shelter.  Comfort kits contain soap, shampoo, toothbrush, facecloth, and other personal hygiene items.  We would hand these out to folks who come to the shelter when it is activated either as a warming shelter or for a longer stay.  The kits were free and are at the old selectmen's office.

I'll pick up a bag of teddy bears tomorrow from the Red Cross - another donation.

I went to the Red Cross storage warehouse in Portland today and brought back 16 cots and 17 sleeping bags.  That brings out cot total to 56, which should take care of any foreseeable needs.  Tomorrow when I'm in Portland I'll pick up another 10-12 sleeping bags.  These are all free.  Some of the sleeping bags will be available to go on the mass casualty/rehab trailer and some with the ice water/rescue team for people who get pulled out of freezing water.  The rest would be available for the command post when it is activated.

The "Knit-wits" are having a blanket sewing party tomorrow at the town hall with the Polartech material that Jeff was able to have donated.  By the time they are done they should have made 100 blankets to add to the 80 that we now have.  Again, enough to meet our foreseeable needs.

Am still working on the MREs.

Robert and I were able to get a stack of lumber donated by MSAD 61 for shelving, mainly in the food pantry.  We also have 2 large and 2 small white boards for the shelter admin area and/or the command post.

Several bids have been received for the emergency generator system and these are now being reviewed.  The pre-bid meeting was held last Friday for the bathrooms and showers, and bids are due in May.  The bathroom and shower work will not be done before Town Meeting on June 7.

Other action items -

-  Carol - any luck in getting price quotes on storage bags (vacuum ones) and large totes? -  Anita - progress in ordering the first aid kit?
-  Tim -  How are the maps coming from Eric Sawyer that you and Alan met with him about?
-  Jason - are things warm enough now to finish the work in the projection booth?
-  Dan -  we'll need the recreation stuff moved out before the work is done on the back storage room/food pantry.  Let us know if you need help hauling stuff.
-  Allen - I need to follow up with the MREs and donation of paper goods, etc.
-  Jason - please follow up on the donation of a pallet of water from Poland Springs.
-  Allen - I need to generate a letter/e-mail to those who went through the shelter workers class and set up a meeting and a shelter simulation in May.
-  Tim and Anita -  can you let me know when the CPR/AED class is going to be scheduled for May so we can let the shelter workers know.
-  Jim - can you start recruiting some people who would be "victims" for the May shelter simulation?  Perhaps 10-12?
Thanks.  Allen