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Community Disaster Committee Agenda 05/06/2008
Anita -

The first aid kit for the shelter has arrived at the town offices.  Could you check it out to see if everything has arrived as you ordered it please?  Thanks.

Where do you recommend that we mount the kit at the town hall?  Should it be in the old selectmen's office or out in one of the public areas where folks can use it if necessary?

For the entire Committee -

Several of you let me know that you were not available for our May 6 meeting, so we did not meet.  Some of you were involved with the floods in Fort Kent.

However, we have some business that needs to be attended to.  Please get back to me with the status of your assigned action items so that we can proceed.

These are your outstanding action items:

-  Carol - you are to get price quotes on storage bags (vacuum ones) and large totes?
-  Tim -  Have we received the maps from Eric Sawyer?
-  Tim -  did you take part in the CCEMA monthly communications test on April 10?  Are you set to do so for the May test?
-  Jason - are things warm enough now to finish the work in the projection booth?
-  Jason - please follow up on the donation of a pallet of water from Poland Springs.
-  Dan -  Has the recreation stuff been moved out of the back storage room/food pantry?  Let us know if you need help hauling stuff.
-  Jim - can you start recruiting some people who would be "victims" for the May shelter simulation?  Perhaps 10-12?
-  Robert - what is the status of the shelving/wall work for the storage room/food pantry?

We need to have a committee meeting sometime in the next couple of weeks, to schedule the shelter worker simulation, etc.  Please let me know if you are available for a meeting at 9am on Wednesday, 21 May.