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Sebago Maine Town Seal
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2011/11/16 Agenda
Sebago Fire/Rescue Building
Task Force Agenda
Wednesday, 16 November, 2011, 19:00 hrs, Town Offices

1.      Discussion of response to Public Hearing on October 25

a.      Review of draft minutes from November 2, 2011 Task Force meeting

b.      Review of assignments made at November 2 Task Force meeting

·       Jim Smith to contact the owners of the cellar hole site on Route 114 about selling and get a cost.
·       Jim Smith to contact the landowners on either side of Station 2 for the same information.
·       Jim Smith to talk with the town attorney about the costs, etc involved in an eminent domain action by the town.
·       Jim Smith, Ann Farley and Allen Crabtree will~meet with Shaw Brothers to discuss flipping the site, moving the site to the southern access road, or other modifications to the site to~help reduce the costs of fill at the site, as well as deed restrictions or covenants on the town.
·       Phil Lowe will attempt to get cost increase estimates from insurance carriers if coverage within 5 miles is changed.
·       Alan Greene and Ken Littlefield will make some dry runs with Engine 4 to better document response times.
·       Jeff Fleming will look at moving the building on the site to better align access to the road, and also add a scale fire truck to show viewers a perspective.
·       Ann Farley will check with Barbara Cutting re the selling price for the cellar hole and with Chris Harriman and Corrine Davis as to the number of games at the ball fields to determine impact on safety and traffic.~

2.      Discussion of Neil Courtney’s draft review of the design, layout and siting

3.      Update on Standish engine moving to Sebago

4.      Preparation for the December 8 Public Hearing.

5.      Assignments and setting date for next Task Force meeting