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2011/01/25 Minutes
Sebago Fire and Rescue Building Task Force

Minutes from Meeting of January 25, 2011

Meeting opened at 6:01 pm at the Sebago Town Offices.

In attendance were Jim Smith, Carl Dolloff, Phil Strike, Tim Smith, Ann Farley, and Allen Crabtree from Sebago.  Fire Chief Brent Libby was there from Standish.  Absent were Ken Littlefield, Alan Greene and Anita Chadbourne.

1.      Site Selection – Jim has received an appraisal from Bruce Hart for the 3-acre lot at Shaw’s sand pit off Route 114.  A lot with 200 feet of frontage would be worth $23,000, while one with 300 feet of frontage would be worth $33,000.  Shaw is interested in the 200-foot frontage option and an “L” shaped 3-acre lot.  

Jim has talked with Tom Beagle from Shaw Brothers and they are interested in financing the entire package, for a 10-year note and possibly a 20-year note.  Total price tag for land, site work and building would be about $800,000.

Assignment – Jim will follow up with Shaw Brothers for our next meeting, review the site plan with them, and develop a draft purchase agreement for the land for review.

2.      Participation by Standish – Brent Libby brought a sample agreement for Sebago and Standish which laid out the process where Standish would locate one of its engines in Sebago.  This same type of agreement has been used successfully between Standish and Gorham for several years for a similar arrangement.  There was a great deal of discussion but the agreement looked acceptable, with a couple of questions to be addressed next time:  (1) a termination clause longer than 1 year, to allow Sebago to plan for a replacement should Standish pull out their engine; (2) amount of building upkeep (heat, electricity) that Standish would pay towards the Sebago station where their engine is stored; and (3) Standish’s plans for replacement with a newer engine.

Assignment – Brent will bring back the agreement and address these questions.

3.      Replacement of Tank 2 – There was discussion about the poly tank on Tank 2 and whether the lifetime warranty runs with the tank or with the truck and chassis it is mounted on.  This will make a significant difference in the CIP process funding replacement of the truck.   Carl thought that the warranty ran with the tank, but no one has seen the original agreement.  Jim said that he had looked in the files at the town office and couldn’t find anything.

Assignment – further research to locate the warranty or get confirmation from the manufacturer, for next meeting.

4.      Building Design and Bids – Jim said that he has spoken to an architect about doing the plans so that we can go out for construction bids.  He has spoken to the Board of Selectmen and will have to put the contract out to bid since the initial estimate for the work was $15,235.

Assignment – Jim to follow up with an RFP for the architect.

Next meeting of the task force is on Wednesday, February 23, at 6pm at the Sebago town offices.  Meeting was adjourned at 8:05 p.m.