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2010/11/14 Minutes
Sebago Fire and Rescue Building Task Force

Minutes from Meeting of November 14, 2010

Meeting opened at 6:05 pm.

In attendance were Jim Smith, Phil Strike, Carl Dolloff, Ann Farley, and Allen Crabtree.

Absent was Alan Greene, Tim Smith, Anita Chadbourne

Guest was Jeff Fleming, Ward Hill Architects (625-7331,

1.      Building Design – Jeff Fleming of Ward Hill Architects made a presentation with a preliminary estimate for a 2x6 wood frame building, 115’x90’, 10,350 square feet.  His estimate included radiant heat, four 20’x80’ bays, and unfinished office space at the rear of the apparatus bay.  Estimate was for $431,186.24, but with several areas not estimated (e.g. – water well, septic, kitchen,...).  The task force members were favorably impressed by his proposal.  Next is to interview Patco and Cook to explore their building designs..

Assignment – Jim will contact Patco and Cook and invite them to the next meeting to talk with the task force.

2.      Site Selection – Jim, Allen and Ann marked off a 300’x300’ lot at the Crowe Pit to give the task force a rough idea of where the lot would lie.  This was only 90,000 square feet, less than the 3 acres we will want.  Bruce Hart has been contacted to do the appraisal work on both a 3-acre lot at the Crowe Pit and the town’s 23 acres on Foley Road.

Assignment – Jim will follow up with Bruce for numbers.

3.      Participation by Standish –  Jim had lunch with Standish TM Billington and also met Chief Libby who was looking at the Crowe Pit site.  Billington will talk with his town council.

Assignment – Jim will follow up with  Billingham about Standish’s time line and what assurances they will need from Sebago in order to move ahead.  

Next meeting of the task force is on Sunday, November 21, at 5pm at the town offices.  NOTE THE EARLIER START TIME.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:05 p.m.