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2010/10/24 Minutes
Sebago Fire and Rescue Building Task Force

Minutes from Meeting of October 24, 2010

Meeting opened at 6:10 pm.

In attendance were Jim Smith, Tim Smith, Phil Strike, Carl Dolloff, Ann Farley, Anita Chadbourne, and Allen Crabtree.

Absent was Alan Greene

1.      Building Design – There was general agreement that the most current building design portion for apparatus was adequate, and that drive-in vs. drive-through bays were most practical for several reasons.  The current design has four 80’x20’ bays and will house Engine 4 (1 bay), Tank 2 or its replacement (1 bay), Engine 3 and the mass casualty trailer (1 bay), and two Rescue units (1 bay).

There was general agreement that the office space should be moved to the side of the building, with the offices in the front.  That would allow the back wall of the apparatus bay to be used to hang gear, equipment, etc.

Jim reviewed the three ballpark budgets he had received for a wood structure, a steel frame with siding, and a combination structure.  Both Allied Cook and Patco can do a design-build arrangement, and a local architect (Jeff Fleming) has a connection with the third firm.   Bids were from $450k to $725k for an enclosed structure that would be ready to house the apparatus, but with no interior office finishing.

Tim raised concerns that building only a shell building to house the apparatus and no additional finishing of offices, etc would not be acceptable.  When rescue people are manning the station they need something more than just bare walls.  He was also concerned that funding from the town might be very slow in coming to finish the offices part of the structure, and that we shouldn’t count on volunteers to be very efficient.

Jim said that the only way to fund this and get the building through the budget process and then get voter approval is to do a shell structure, with extended term financing.  He felt that the voters would not approve a multi-million dollar structure.

It was suggested that a middle ground might be to finish minimum space in the new building to accommodate on-call personnel.  That would include an office for fire and rescue use, a day room and small kitchen, a bathroom and shower, a separate decontamination room, a secure medical closet and storage space.  That seemed to be satisfactory to all concerned, and it was felt that this would not add significantly to the cost of the building.  The remainder of the unfinished space would be completed over time as it was needed.  Jim thought that it would be reasonable to have the rest done within three years of the building being erected.

Any building should be designed to allow for additions over time as these are needed.  Phil suggested that the apparatus bays could be done in steel and the office spaces in wood.  There was concern over the height of the roof to span the entire structure.

Assignment – Jim will contact the three contractors and invite them to prepare additional bids.  He will also invite them to a future meeting to talk with the task force in case they have questions.

2.      Site Selection – There was general agreement that a 3-5 acre parcel at the Crowe sand pit would be the most desirable of the three sites under consideration if the price and terms are right.  Jim has talked with the Shaw Brothers and they were leaning towards a 3-acre site with a 2-acre easement which would be a buffer to their remaining holdings there.  The acquisition would include site preparation work by Shaw.

Jim has contacted Bruce Hart about doing an appraisal to determine a market value of both a 3-5 acre parcel at the Crowe pit as well as a 23-acre parcel of town-owned property off Folly Road on the NW River.  

Assignment – Jim will call Shaw Brothers and get their permission for the town to mark off with flagging the parcel at the Crowe pit we are interested in.  Ann, Jim and Allen will set a date in the next few days to do so once permission has been given.  Once flagged, all the members of the task force are encouraged to walk the site, as well as the Folly Road parcel, prior to the next meeting.

3.      Participation by Standish –  Nothing further to report since our last meeting.  

Assignment – Jim will be having lunch with Gordon Billingham, Standish Town Manager on Wednesday and will talk with him about Standish’s time line and what assurances they will need from Sebago in order to move ahead.  

4.      Financing – Jim brief the task force on Michele’s research on financing options through a bank.  More work needs to be done, however.

Next meeting of the task force is on Sunday, November 14, at 6pm at the town offices.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:10 p.m.