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2005/11/07 Minutes
Sebago Public Safety Building Committee
Minutes of Meeting
November 7, 2005

Background Information:

At the Sebago Town Meeting held on June 4, 2005 voters approved Article 19:~

To see if the Town will vote to accept the recommendations of the Fire House Committee and direct the Selectmen to begin the process of developing a new emergency services building for the Town of Sebago through the Capital Investment Program process with recommendations to be brought back to the Town Meeting in June 2007.

The Fire Station Planning Committee that had been created at the 2004 Town Meeting, made these recommendations which were approved by the voters with Article 19:

1.      Site and construct a single fire station that combines the East (Station 2) and North Sebago stations and decommission these two stations.  The new fire station should contain upwards of six apparatus bays and provide protection for the Route 114 corridor.

2.      Install fire suppression and detection systems in all public buildings.

3.      Implement an automatic aid program that meets the guidelines of the ISO’s automatic aid requirements.

4,      Replace the 1967 forestry truck as soon as possible.

5,      Replace Tank #1 by 2007 with a pumper/tanker.

6.      Replace Tank #3 by 2010.

7,      Improve the ISO rating for Sebago.

Committee Charge:

At their September 6, 2005 meeting, the Sebago Board of Selectmen established a Public Safety Building Committee with these duties and responsibilities:

A.      The Public Safety Building Committee shall be advisory in nature to the Board of Selectmen.  They shall participate in the review of recommended building design and required facilities.

B.      To review and make recommendations on the possible locations of the future building to the Board of Selectmen

C.      To investigate and recommend a preliminary design for the proposed structure and prepare conceptual architectural drawings

D.      To prepare a presentation for the next Annual Town Meeting

E.      The Board of Selectmen and Town Manager shall provide the Committee with such information as may be reasonably necessary to enable the Committee to carry out its advisory role

The Selectmen appointed the following individuals to serve on the a Public Safety Building Committee:

        Planning Board – Steve Burgess
        Selectman – Bob Irish, Jr.
        Fire Department – Jason Greene
        Rescue Department – Lauris Champagne
        Member at Large – Maurice Davies
        Member at Large – Don Olden
        Town Manager – David Hague

Minutes of First Meeting

The first meeting of the Public Safety Building Committee was conveyed at 7:15 p.m. on Monday, November 7, 2005 at the Town Offices, with these members in attendance:
Committee members Steve Burgess, Bob Irish, Lauris Champagne, Don Olden, David Hague, and Maurice Davies.  Absent were committee members Jason Greene.  Non-member present was Allen Crabtree.

The first meeting was devoted to discussing the overall direction that the committee felt was appropriate in carrying out its charge.  Lauris recommended that a chair needed to be elected and a meeting schedule be developed.  

Bob recommended that everyone on the committee needs to read the Neil Courtney report before the next meeting.  He suggested meeting in two weeks for the next meeting.  Lauris suggested that the committee meet at least once a month.    David ran off copies of the Courtney report and distributed them to the committee.

Maurice nominated nominated Steve Burgess as committee chair.  Lauris seconded the motion.  The vote was unanimous in favor.  

Lauris volunteered to draw up project initiation plans to help guide the committee’s efforts.  Steve said that he can pull up property descriptions, maps and GIS information through his work, which will help when the committee gets to the site review stage. Allen volunteered to take minutes.

There was discussion on the direction that the committee should take and the order that tasks would be addressed.  Bob suggested that this is a new committee and it should develop new ideas.  Allen pointed out that the charge of the committee was set at the town meeting to follow-on the work that was done by the previous committee and the Courtney report.

Maurice said that whatever building is recommended should allow for expansion and growth.  The town in 20 years will be different and have different needs.  Don said that the building should be developed in stages.  Maurice commented that the building could be designed so that additional bays and structure could be easily added.

Bob raised the question whether the committee should look at building designs first or sites first.    Lauris said that the committee should get the requirements down first.  Steve suggested that the committee read the Courtney report and formulate questions for the next meeting.  Bob commented that different members of the committee could be looking a different things at the same time.

Lauris suggested that the committee plan on looking at other communities to see what buildings have been considered a success and which would be done differently if done today.  Bob said that this was the process used in planning the transfer station changes and the future sand/salt shed.  Various committee members suggested the following communities to visit:

·       Westbrook
·       Cornish
·       Cumberland
·       New Gloucester
·       Raymond
·       Naples
·       Limington
·       Standish

Bob said that siting the building must match the comprehensive plan and consider future growth.  The site will influence the building design.  The changes in the town in the future are the most important factors determining building design and location.  A copy of the comprehensive plan would be most helpful to the committee.  David said that he would get a copy of the most recent draft of the comprehensive plan for committee members to review.

Don observed that much of the tax base in town is located on the Route 114 corridor.

David said that there could well be a need for including a police department in a public safety building at some point in the future, and that the building design should keep possible future community needs.  Allen commented that it might make sense to include a community shelter in the building.  Steve said that the new building should be a true public safety facility, for fire and rescue, training, shelter and public use.

Bob reiterated that the committee must lay out the steps to be taken to get the process done.  Don said that everyone should write down their perceived needs for discussion.  It is cheaper to plan ahead now that to do it 15-20 years from not.

Assignments for next meeting:

1.      Read the Neil Courtney report
2.      Read the Comprehensive Plan regarding areas of future town growth
3.      Bring suggestions for towns to visit to view their public safety buildings
4.      Be prepared to discuss the order in which the committee will proceed

The next meeting is scheduled for November 21, 2005 at 7:00 p.m.  Allen will not be able to attend, and Lauris volunteered to take minutes for that meeting.

Don made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Lauris.  Meeting was adjourned at 8:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:
Allen Crabtree

Reviewed and approved at the November 21, 2005 Committee meeting, with the following changes/corrections/additions: