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2004/02/25 Minutes
Sebago Fire Station Committee
Minutes of Meeting
February 25, 2004

Chairman David McCarthy called meeting to order at 18:50 hours.


Members present – Mitch Manseau, Ken Littlefield, David McCarthy, Ed Fitzgerald, David Hague, Maurice Davies
Non-members present – Allen Crabtree, Bob Irish

Old Business

1.      Minutes

Minutes from the January 29, 2004 meeting were approved as drafted.  Motion by Ed and seconded by Ken.  Approved.

2.      Update on Neil Courtney

Mitch briefed the committee on the status of the contract with Neil.  It has been signed.  There was discussion of the items that Neil would need for his study, and the deliverables.  

Mitch and Ken are gathering the information that Neil has requested.    The list of information was reviewed.  David Mc requested that a complete packet of information be prepared for Neil, with another copy for the committee.

Mitch intends to have the package together by March 5 for Neil, and will contact him.

3.      Fire Insurance Rating

David Mc distributed a fire insurance quote from State Farm with information on the fire ratings for various towns.  Apparently a mutual aid agreement can help improve our fire rating, as well as current information on the location of hydrants in town.  David H commented that a documented pump test is the only real data to earn a better fire rating.  Until one of the stations is closed and homes are more than 5 miles from the nearest station the question is moot.

We don’t have the information on what impact there would be on homeowner insurance rates if the rating were changed to either an “8” or a “10”.

4.      Status of Station 2 land survey

Survey has been completed and Mitch showed a map that the surveyor had done.  Pins have been set and flags shown.  The initial rough survey that Ed did was very close to the final survey.  No further action is necessary on the land survey at this time.

5.      Maintenance items for Stations

The fire department maintenance budget for FY04-05 was distributed and discussed.  The budget has been submitted to DPW and includes the following:

·       Replace furnace and venting system at Station 3       $4,000
·       Remove old chimney at Station 3                               $ 250
·       Replace furnace at Station 1                            $4,000
·       Repair chimney on Station 1                                       $ 250*
·       Install fire alarms and low temp sensors
at all three stations                                         $3,000
·       Install phone line at Station 3                                      $ 300

*Note – an inspection was made at Station 1 by DPW with a contractor.  The contractor found that the chimney had been incorrectly installed with less than sufficient clearances, with a flue size that was too small and did not match the furnace flue outlet, and with weathering of the cement blocks as well as the need for a strap at the top that was previously noted.  Further the foundation of the chimney was in question.  The contractor recommended that it be completely replaced.  At this time, DPW does not have a price estimate, but it will be in the range of $1,200 to $2,100.  A forced vent in lieu of a chimney would be about $700.

6.      Station 1 modification estimates

Ed distributed a rough floor plan and cost estimates for an addition to the back of Station 1, including:

a.      920 square foot addition 46x20 wood frame structure with 8’ walls, with metal roofing, vinyl siding, interior finish.  Addition and foundation similar to existing allow $58 psf. Include water and septic, heating system. - $53,360.00

b.      920 square foot addition 46x20 as above, but unfinished except for bathroom - $43,760.  for 10” exterior walls, insulation, exterior finish, studding add $2,760 for a total of $46,520.00

c.      144 square foot 12x12 addition to house ¾ bathroom at the rear of station 1 - $8,352

d.      add a bathroom inside Station 1 – not recommended.  It would diminish the use of the fire station.

Ken said that there is no room inside Station 1 for an interior bathroom.  

Maurice did an estimate for a 40x16 addition at $46,500 and distributed floor plans.  He talked with a well man and got an estimate of $6,500 for a new well and pump.  There is an unused well at the new town hall that could supply water to the station, but there is some concern if it is potable.  He recommends that a small septic system would cost about $4,500.  There is the possibility of building a common septic and water supply system to serve both Station 1 and the old Town Hall and possibly sharing costs.  Maurice didn’t think that putting a bathroom alone on the back of Station 1 made any sense at all.

Ed said that there is a Wells Unlimited builder’s package that guarantees a working well for $4,200.

Total price would be $55,000 to $60,000 for an addition with water and septic.  

There was discussion whether one of the bays could be used for the training and storage and putting a truck bay in the back.  ODP will have grants available for up to $10,000 for finishing/renovating existing buildings for training rooms.  This could reduce the overall cost.

There was discussion on handicap accessibility and fire exits that would be required.  Ed commented on code requirements and reminded the committee that this is a concept only.  David Mc said that CEO would have to review and approve.

David Mc is concerned that a training room at Station 1 might be premature until Neil’s study is completed.  If recommendations are made to do something in East Sebago then he had a concern that doing something now at Station 1 may be premature.  We don’t know what it would cost to upgrade Station 2 if any upgrades are done.  There is the question of future pieces of equipment and where they might be housed.  He has a sense that there are too many things up the air.  There was a consensus that something needs to be done at Station 2.  He would rather wait until we have all the options worked out, especially if we are talking $50,000.  

Maurice said that if we do an addition at Station 1 to take care of the bathroom and meeting room requirements that then resolves those needs for the town, and Station 2 then becomes a place to house equipment only.  Doing an addition at Station 1 cuts the overall fire station problem for the town in half.  Then solving the equipment housing needs for the rest of the town becomes an easier problem to resolve.

David H suggested that if the same size addition were added to the side and not the back of Station 1 it could be used as either a truck bay or a training room.  It would be at ground level.  The bathroom, etc, would also be added.  Ken said that we are not looking at new truck bays for Station 1.  Ed said that Station 1 is in the best condition of any stations and could be added to.  As a contrast, Station 2 is a band-aid structure and any additions would be a poor use of funds.

David H said that we have immediate needs at Station 1 for bathroom, etc. that mean we cannot wait up to 10 years for a new station.  A modest addition to Station 1 would meet longer-term needs for the town, regardless of what Neil’s study comes up with.  

Ed said that if we add to the side of Station 1 at a full height for large trucks the cost would be much more than $55,000.  An 20x40 addition would be about $46,400 plus water and septic, for a total cost of about $60,000.  There is $25,262.52 in the fire station reserve account that could be used to lower the cost to be raised at the town meeting to $34,737.48.

There was discussion of the CIP process and whether a Station 1 addition would be a CIP item for this year’s budget.  David Mc wondered whether if this should be spread over 2 years.  Mitch thought that Station 1 should be resolved and put behind us so that the question of a new fire station would be in the future.  Presentation at the town meeting is key.  

Next Meeting

At the next meeting the committee will discuss the following items:

·       Ed will prepare revised cost estimates for an addition to the side of Station 1 for about $60,000 inclusive of water and septic.  The width or the length would vary.

·       The committee will discuss the presentation to the Selectmen of its recommendations, for their consideration of items for the FY04-05 budget cycle.

Next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 18, at 18:30 hrs.   

Meeting was adjourned at 20:45 hours.