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2004/01/14 Minutes
Sebago Fire Station Committee
Minutes of Meeting
January 14, 2004

Chairman David McCarthy called meeting to order at 18:20 hours.


Members present - David McCarthy, Maurice Davies, David Hague, Ken Littlefield, Ed Fitzgerald, Mitch Manseau
Non-members present – Allen Crabtree, George Tinkham

Old Business

Minutes from the December 3, 2003 meeting were approved as drafted.  Motion by Ed and seconded by Ken.  Approved.

New Business

1.      Fire House Immediate Needs

The group discussed the list of immediate repairs that need to be done at the three firehouses.   The furnace at Station 1 has a cracked plenum and will need to be replaced.  Maurice wanted to know if it is fixable, and Ed said that the furnace might be too old to get parts.  David H said that if an addition is made to Station 1 for a training room and bathroom then we should look at replacing the furnace anyway.

Station 3 chimney needs to be replaced.  Maurice said that the furnace needs to be replaced and code would require a different type of furnace because of gasoline stored there, and a masonry chimney might night be needed.

There was a discussion of immediate needs and the money available in the town’s budget to deal with them.  David Mc suggested that Mitch and a committee member meet with Ted Shane to discuss needs, plans and budgets and come back to the committee.

Maurice wanted to know if future building maintenance funds would be in the town’s public work’s budget, or with each department.  Mitch said that the plan is for public works to have the budget and responsibility, but that each department would input their needs.

2.      Future Land in North Sebago

George Tinkham had a statement for the group.  At an earlier Selectmen’s meeting George asked if the landowners in North Sebago had been contacted to see if there was land available.  Comments at the town were that all had been.  George since contacted a landowner there who is interested in possibly offering their land for sale in North Sebago for possible use as a fire station.  He would not reveal the owner, nor whether the land would be offered for sale or as a donation, but he wanted the committee to know this for their future discussions.

3.      Land Survey at Station 2

At their January 6 meeting the Selectmen approved that a survey of the Station 2 lots be made and paid for from the Town’s legal account.  Mitch contacted the surveyor that does the town’s surveys.

Mitch reported that John Parmenter, a surveyor, toured the site with Allen and Mitch on Monday, January 12.  Mitch had public works clear the snow banks at the Route 114 property line, and John is planning to do the on-site survey Friday.  John has the property maps and deeds for the property.  Mitch said that he expects results by month’s end.

Ed wanted to know the class of survey that would be done.  A Class D survey compares the physical site to the deed descriptions and identifies any encumbrances.  A Class A, B, or C survey would place corner stakes at the lot.  Mitch will contact John to find out the details.  Ed said that there is a difference in price for the different types of surveys.

4.      Needs Assessments

David Mc said that the Selectmen at their last meeting (January 6) approved $3,500.00 from the Fire House Reserve Account to pay for a needs assessment by Neil Courtney.  Neil at the earlier meeting that he attended said that the price would vary depending on the scope of the survey that he does.  David H remembered that Neil had quoted $54.00/hour for services.  David Mc wanted to know who is really going to do the work, whether the State would be involved, and whether there was any room for negotiations on the cost of the survey.  

David Mc again polled the committee to get a consensus that the plan was to assess our equipment now and 10-years in the future, including the role of mutual aid.  The next stage of his survey would be an assessment of the town’s demographics and advise on the number and location of stations to meet future needs.  The last part would be a review of station needs and components.  

David felt that the first two stages are needed, but that we would use a design contractor/architect would be better for what the next firehouse should look like.   Because of the limited funds available for the committee to work with Ed suggested that we contact Steve Dodge, with the State Fire Marshall Office as a plan reviewer, does exactly this for code enforcement and design review for firehouses.  Ed offered to call Steve and explore whether he could help us.  Ed will also ask Steve Willis for some background on Neil Courtney, where he has worked and what type of work he does.  David Mc said that Neil comes highly recommended, but would welcome any additional input.

David Mc said that when we are ready Mitch should be the one to negotiate the contract with Neil.  David Mc and Mitch will review Neil’s proposal and budget.  David Mc said that we need to know exactly what we will be getting, and also what materials Neil expects the town to provide to allow him to do his analysis.  Also we should see examples of the reports he has done for other towns.

David H and Mitch M left the meeting at 19:00 hours to attend a Selectmen-Budget Committee CIP meeting in the main conference room.  

5.      Next Meeting

David Mc said that for the next meeting these things would be discussed:

a.      Status of Station 2 land survey
b.      Update and decision on Neil Courtney and possibly Steve Dodge on the surveys
c.      Finalize the costs and recommendations on immediate needs (see Dec 3 meeting notes)
d.      Develop costs and recommendations for short-term needs (see Dec 3 meeting notes)
e.      Discuss the recommendations that will be presented to the Selectmen for consideration during the new budget cycle that is now beginning.

Next meeting is scheduled tentatively for Thursday, January 29, at 18:30 hrs.   

Meeting was adjourned at 19:43 hours.