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2003/10/28 Minutes
Sebago Fire Station Committee
Minutes of Meeting
October 28, 2003

Chairman David McCarthy called meeting to order at 19:00 hours.


Members present - Ken Littlefield, David McCarthy, Maurice Davies, David Hague
Members absent – Ed Fitzgerald, Bill Cooper
Non-members present – Allen Crabtree, Bob Irish Jr.

Old Business

Minutes from the October 15 and October 22, 2003 meeting were approved as drafted.  Motion by Maurice and seconded by Ken.  Approved.

New Business

1.      Fire Apparatus in other towns

Ken provided information from adjacent towns on the fire equipment and fire houses:

Year Built
5 +2 Rescue
1938 with many additions
8+2 Rescue

Ken will get additional information on Denmark and Baldwin equipment.

There was discussion of the use of Sebago’s fire equipment on fires, and the types of apparatus that mutual aid towns provide.  There was discussion also of the age of Sebago’s vehicles.

Ken mentioned that if a central station were built between Station 2 and 3, we could eliminate Engine 3.  One newer forestry unit might replace Forestry 1 and Engine 3.

David Hague and Bob Irish joined the meeting at 19:30 hrs.

2.      Needs Assessment

Ed has arranged to borrow a copy of NFPA 1720, standards for volunteer fire departments.  NFPA 1710 is for full time departments and don’t apply.  He will provide this information at the next meeting.

Ed also tried to get a copy of the checklist from Ed Marks at SMCC but was told that when Neil Courtney comes to Sebago he will bring his checklist with him.

3.      Run Statistics

Allen did an analysis of the average elapsed time from when a call is toned out until an engine arrives on the scene, for 2002 and YTD 2003.  

Type of Call
2003 YTD
Automobile accidents
8 minutes
13 minutes
Structure fires
13 minutes
13 minutes
Wildfire calls
14 minutes
14 minutes
All in-town Sebago calls
11 minutes
12 minutes
Mutual aid calls only
21 minutes
20 minutes
Average all calls combined
13 minutes
13 minutes

David M suggested that we should also do an analysis of the times of year for the calls.  David H asked for a sub sort by day of week as well.  Allen will do the sort and get the results for next time. There was question whether weekend calls had a better response time than week day calls.

Allen or Ken will call Augusta to see if we can get average run times from the state.

4.      Fire assessment

Ken has asked Neil Courtney to come to a future meeting, possibly November 12 or 13.  Ken will again ask Neil for a packet or checklist of items that the committee can prepare.   David M asked it the committee could meet at 16:00 hours to allow for Neil’s driving time to get to Sebago.  It is agreed.  

There was discussion about whether there was any funding left from previous fire house study committees that might be available for use in paying for Neil’s assessment.  Bob and David Mc were going to check the minutes of the 1999 and 2001 town meetings to see if money was appropriated for the study committees, and will talk with Bill Cooper to see if any funds are available.  No funds were appropriated with the article setting up the current committee, at the June 2003 town meeting.  This was an oversight.

It was also mentioned that if a land survey were going to be done to locate the corners of the town property at Station 2, it would cost about $1,200.

5.      Immediate Fire House Needs

Allen suggested that the committee might want to look at a water supply/bathroom for Station 1.  David H said possibly look at a training room also.  A smaller, lower cost estimate for repairing the furnace at Station 1 and adding a small bathroom would be looked at.

There was discussion of “needs” and “wants”.  Ken outlined the immediate needs – furnace and chimney replacement plus roof repair at Station 3, bathroom and anchor chimney at Station 1.  

Dave H suggested that we brainstorm immediate needs next time.  Allen will distribute the inventory sheets that Ed prepared from our firehouse inspections.

6.      Next meeting

Next meeting is scheduled tentatively for Wednesday, November 12, at 16:00 hrs if Neil can join us.  When Ken is able to talk with Neil and firm up a date the meeting date and time will be finalized.

Meeting was adjourned at 20:42 hours.