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2003/09/12 Minutes
Sebago Fire Station Committee
Minutes of Meeting
September 12, 2003

The committee conducted an inspection of the four Sebago firehouses.  They met at the old firehouse attached to the old town hall at 16:30 hours.  Attached to these notes will be copies of checklists prepared by Ed Fitzgerald, as well as photos of the old firehouse showing damaged rafters and rotten wood.


Members present - David Hague, Maurice Davies, Ken Littlefield, Ed Fitzgerald
Members absent B David McCarthy, Rosemary Kulow
Non-members present BAllen Crabtree

Old Fire House

The rot around the front door and the need to replace the overhead and entry door were not the only problems with this structure.  Several of the roof rafters were split and broken, and could fail with a heavy snow load.  (See attached photos)  The cost to repair this structure needs to be addressed by the Selectmen.  Engine 1 will be moved from the old firehouse at the earliest convenience.

Station 1, Center Sebago

Two options were discussed for the addition of a bathroom, shower, and sink at the firehouse B 1) add a 20= deep addition on the back of the firehouse, with an outside entrance door.  This would provide the second means of egress.  If the addition ran the width of the building there would also be room for a training room and small office. 2) add a toilet, shower and sink inside the station at the back of the north bay.  Engine 1 and  Forestry 1 would have to be switched to make room.  A second door for egress would be needed as well.

The furnace needs to be replaced, and the chimney needs to be strapped to the building.  It is not currently attached, but is in good condition.

Station 2, East Sebago

The station is a hodgepodge of three different additions.  It is currently too small for the Engine 4, and expanding the overhead door would not solve the problem with a too-narrow bay for the engine.  It is the most expensive station to heat, and adding a layer of insulation to the walls would not appreciably improve things.  There is no second means of egress neither on the first floor nor on the second floor, and the second floor is not handicap accessible.  The water is not potable, and there is no water heater.  

The fourth parcel of land in the fire station lot may be large enough to build a new station that would house the trucks and have room for parking and safe entry and exit.  Ed will tape and stake the boundaries, and the committee will review the site again and discuss options.  If a new station were built, one possibility would be to raze the existing station 2.  Maurice suggested the possibility of floating a land exchange with the owner of the lot where the rental house trailer is located, to the south of the fire station, or for other parcels of land adjacent to the town lot.  David H believes that the lot is useable as it is.

Station 3, North Sebago

The building is structurally sound, but the roof leaks and needs to be repaired or replaced.  The chimney bricks are crumbling and the mortar is falling out B the chimney needs to be replaced.  The furnace needs to be replaced.

Fire fighter Bruce Knowlton will inspect the roof and give his recommendations on what it would take to repair, and whether there are any major problems that would make repair difficult or impossible.

The inspection tour of the fire stations concluded at 19:00 hours.

Next regular meeting of the committee is scheduled for Wednesday, Sept 24, at 19:00 hrs at the Town Offices.

Broken roof rafters and rotten timbers at old firehouse