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2005/12/05 Minutes
Public Safety Committee Meeting Minutes of 12/5/05

Present:  Don, Steve, Maurice, Jason, Lauris, David, Bob, Ken Littlefield

David presented the group with a draft of a letter to review for the next meeting.  The group determined that the audience would be a mass-mailing.  Draft attached.

Steve touched base with Bruce at SMTC and received space requirements and a planning outline for Public Safety Facilities.

Steve also shared a map of the Rt 114 corridor.  This map displayed a great view of all the unused space available.

Jason shared call stats for the Fire Department.

We began to brain storm requirements for a Public Safety building using the concept of what Sebago will be in 25 years.  Building should include:

·       Police facilities
·       2 rescue units
·       6 fire units (Ladder truck, 2 engines, 1 tanker, brush unit, Hazmat vehicle)
·       Facilities for 14 full-time (24/7) Fire/Rescue personnel
·       Dispatch facility
·       IT facilities
·       Day room
·       Kitchen facilities
·       Shower/toilet facilities for full-time crew
·       Toilet facilities for public
·       Decon area
·       Communication towers
·       Generator/alternate power supply
·       Landing zone for helicopter
·       Storage space
·       Locked record rooms (fire proof)
·       Compressor room
·       Boiler Room
·       Equipment Room
·       Emergency shelter for 25-50 people
·       Animal Control facility
·       Training Room

We also determined that buildings currently owned by the Town will be used by Emergency Services in the Town.

Next Steps:
·       Begin scheduling tours of other facilities (Gray, Cornish, Standish, Naples, Raymond) – Lauris/Ken
·       Think about what would be included in a building in 10 years
·       Start developing questionnaire for visits to other facilities

Next Meeting:  Monday, December 19, 2005

Meeting adjourned 8:10 p.m.