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2005/12/19 Minutes
Public Safety Committee Meeting Minutes of 12/19/05

Present:  Don, Maurice, Lauris, David

Held a quick meeting that covered:

·       Minutes from last meeting.  Updates included addition of Ken Littlefield and update to requirements to include training facility and clarification to what would be housed in the new facility.  
·       Distribution of letter to the public through an article in the Bridgton News; available through handouts at various public locations; Town Web Site.  Based on feedback received, next updates will be done as a selective mailing.
·       Discussed that we would visit Raymond and Gray facilities on Saturday, January 12.  
·       Reviewed the requirements to determine what questions should be asked during the visits.  Basically, we can turn the requirements into questions.  Some additional questions would be:
o       What would you have done differently?
o       What was the biggest unplanned expenditure?
o       How did you acquire your land?
o       Did you self-fund the project, use grant money, etc?
o       What stations did you visit during your research?

·       Next meeting scheduled for January 9, 2006 at 7:00 p.m.