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2008/01/16 Minutes
Public Safety Building Committee Minutes 01/16/2008


Sebago Public Safety Building

Minutes from Public Safety Committee/Board of Selectmen meeting held on January 16, 2008 at the Town Office.

Noel Smith and Stephanie Lull (Smith Reuter Lull Architects); Norm Chamberlain (Taylor Engineering Associates); Abraham Parker, Ann Farley (Town of Sebago Selectmen); Donald Olden, Maurice Davies, Greg Smith (Resident); Robert Nicholson (Town Manager); Phil Strike (Fire Department)
Not Present: Lauris Champage~(Rescue Dept); Allen Crabtree (Town of Sebago Selectmen)

General Notes:
Meeting notes will be supplied by SRL and emailed to Robert Nicholson for distribution and posted on the town website.

The next meeting will be held at 6 pm at the Sebago Town Office in February after more information is gathered about the recommended site and the space program and equipment sizes for the public safety building

Noel reviewed activity since the last meeting, and noted that SRL had received and reviewed the background information from the town manager and the site information from the code enforcement officer. Norm shared a composite site plan of the town owned site and the Crowe pit site. Noel distributed copies of a generic public safety building plan and a space program list for use as a starting point for discussion about the new facility and the town’s priorities.

The two sites were discussed at length. It was noted that the Crowe pit site would need a Phase 1 study, is not owned by the town and would need to be purchased, and the area where a public safety building would likely be located is at a lower elevation than the road, and emergency vehicles would have to either go up a hill to reach Route 114 or a long causeway or bridge would need to be constructed to higher ground beyond. The town owned site has two potential entrances to the site, is on the same level as Route 114 and would allow for a prominent location for the new facility. While existing recreation fields may need to be relocated within the site to ensure separation of children and rescue vehicles, the committee stressed the desire to maintain all of the current amenities available to the town, and the hope of upgrading them through this process. The property line locations for the town owned site need to be clarified, it was noted that parking areas and roads can be located near to property lines if needed.

A motion was passed to explore using the town owned site, with the understanding that if a suitable means of access to the public safety building cannot be found, the site recommendation will be revisited. The committee will recommend to the board of selectmen that the town owned site become the preferred site. Another motion was passed to ask the board of selectman to approve the distribution of a request for proposal from surveyors for a standard boundary survey and explore the potential to obtain the non-conforming lot. Robert will contact Norm about putting the RFP together.

Noel explained that the building plan and program should be used by the fire and rescue departments as a starting point to discuss and prioritize current and future needs. Expansion of the building should be planned for, and could be bid as an alternate. The study for the fire department outlining needs in the next 20 years should be used during the review of the space program. SRL offered to meet with the emergency departments if they felt it would be helpful in developing and prioritizing the program and equipment needs. Phil stated that the fire department does not want to have drive through bays, and this would mean that one vehicle would be stored per bay. The reasons for these two preferences were that drive through bays allow too much heat loss through the second set of doors, and if there aren’t a second set of doors and two vehicles are stored in one bay, the vehicle in the back of the bay may be landlocked if the vehicle in the front of the bay will not start in an emergency.

The next meeting will be scheduled as soon as additional site and facility space program information is available.

These meeting minutes reflect the events and discussions, which occurred as interpreted by Smith Reuter Lull.   If any of the above listed items are construed as inaccurate, corrections should be made known in writing within seven days of receipt of these minutes.
cc:  Attendees, James Reuter
Attachments: Generic Public Safety Building plan and Space Program list