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2011/03/08 Minutes
Sebago Fire and Rescue Building Task Force
Minutes from Meeting of March 8, 2011

Meeting opened at 6:07 pm at the Sebago Town Offices.

In attendance were Task Force members Jim Smith, Carl Dolloff, Phil Strike, Alan Greene, Tim Smith, and Allen Crabtree.  Fire Chief Brent Libby was there from Standish.  Absent were Ken Littlefield, Ann Farley, and Anita Chadbourne.  Guests present were Architect Jeff Fleming, Selectman Edie Harnden, and Tom Beagle from Shaw Brothers.

1.      Site Selection – Since the last meeting Jim has met with the DOT to look at the sight distance from the proposed site on Route 114.  Sight distance was 590 feet, while 635 feet is required for heavy trucks.  Alan suggested that traffic lights would help at the intersection, but Jim said that it was likely that DOT would issue a waiver.  

Jim, Ann Farley and Allen met with Tom Beagle and Dan Shaw at Shaw Brothers offices in Westbrook the morning of March 8.  Shaw Brothers continue to be very positive about selling a piece of land to the town and were willing to work on the shape and location of the lot.  They would prefer to sell a minimum amount of frontage to keep their future development options open, but would agree to 200 to 250 feet of frontage if that were required to meet minimum lot sizes in the town and in consideration of the DOT sight distance requirements.  They also suggested that they could handle the financing through the use of state bonds for the town.  They would want to include in any land agreement a written waiver from the town that there would be objections to future gravel operations on the rest of the site.  Shaw would want to bid on the site preparation work and ideally would deal with a package of the land and the site work together.  They feel they could be very competitive.  At the meeting with the Task Force Tom Beagle reemphasized these points.  

2.      Building – Shaw Brothers said that they would be willing to do either bonding or private financing, with a 10-15-20 year note with a balloon payment at the end.  They could also build, act as project manager, do design, etc – as desired.  He preferred that the land and site work be put together and the building as a separate issue.  

Brent commented that 10-years is usual for bonds for buildings.

Alan commented that this site is ideal and a good option for the town.  The financing deal is the best we’ve heard so far.  Voter approval is important.

Tom Beagle suggested that they might mark out a 50 foot easement to the south of the town parcel which could then be used both as the access by fire trucks to route 114 and as access to back lots on Shaw’s property.  This would extend the sight distance.

Jim said that the lot size needs to meet the town’s 3-acre minimum, and there needs to be 10x20feet for parking on either side.  We would ideally want 250 feet of frontage on Route 114.  The site plan needs to be marked with both a 200-foot and 250-foot frontage so we can see exactly what we are talking about.

Building cost based on preliminary estimates should be in the $800k range, but a better estimate will be developed once the details of the building are worked out.

Jim will work with architect Jeff Fleming on conceptual drawings.  

Jeff wanted to know about the future of Station 2 if a new station is built.  The deed from Mary and George Fitch has a clause that the land would revert back to the estate if the town no longer uses it for fire protection.  

Jim has met with County Sheriff Joyce about possible future use by the Sheriff’s office of the Rescue Building as a satellite deputy office.  Joyce was interested.  They would pay for utilities and having a satellite office here in Sebago would likely result in enhanced law enforcement.  The town has looked at paying for law enforcement and the cost ($129k) was too high to be practicable.  This might be a good way to go.

Carl suggested that the Rescue Building might be likely offices for either Time Warner or Fairpoint.

Assignment – Jim will work with architect Jeff Fleming to lay out different options of lot configuration and location of the new building on the lot, for review of the task force and eventually by Shaw Brothers.  

Jim will ask the town attorney what obligations that the town has if the Station 2 land reverts to the Fitch estate.  Is the town obligated to remove the building?

3.      Participation by Standish – Brent distributed a revised copy of Standish’s sample agreement incorporating the changes discussed at the last meeting.  There was general agreement.  The task force was asked to take one more look to see if there are any further changes they would like.  Once run by the task force it will be presented to the Board of Selectmen at their March 15 meeting for approval.

Assignment – Task force members will do a final review and send any comments or changes to Allen or Jim.  It will then be presented to the Board for their approval.

4.      Replacement of Tank 2 – Jim has talked to the truck vendor but the file is still missing.  Alan said that he would locate the file and bring it to the next meeting.

Assignment – Follow up with specific information on the warranty on the tank on Tank 2 as soon as possible, so that a decision can be made for CIP funding this year.

Next meeting of the task force will be held with Jeff Fleming and the Fire Department officers to discuss building concepts on Monday, March 14 at 7pm at Station 1.  Meeting was adjourned at 7:34 p.m.