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Sebago Maine Town Seal
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2005/07/16 PSB Committee Members
Public Safety Building Committee

A Public Safety Building Committee is hereby established
for the Town of Sebago, Maine.

Section 1:   Members; Terms; Vacancies
      A.  Members
         The Committee shall be composed of seven (7) registered voters of the Town of Sebago;
      B.  Term
         Committee members shall be appointed by the Board of Selectmen for a period of one year.  
The one year term will begin on July 1st and expire on the last day of June to coincide with the fiscal year of the Town.
      C.  Vacancies
         All Vacancies may be filled within thirty (30) days by appointment by the Board of Selectmen for the remaining term duration.  A vacancy can be created by written or verbal resignation of any appointed committee member, or when a member terminates their residence within the Town.  It will be considered a forfeiture of the position if a member misses three (3) consecutive unexcused committee meetings.

Section 2:   Purpose
         To assist and advise the Board of Selectmen in planning matters related to the establishment of a new Public Safety Building as directed and requested from the Board and to prepare a presentation for the Public to keep the tax payers and residents informed as to progress on this project.

Section 3:   Duties and Responsibilities
      A.  The Public Safety Building Committee shall be advisory in nature to the Board of Selectmen.  They shall participate in the review of recommended building design and required facilities.
     B.  To review and make recommendations on the possible locations of the future building to the Board of  Selectmen.
      C.  To prepare a drawing of the proposed structure.
      D.  To prepare a presentation for the next Annual Town Meeting.

    E.  The Board of Selectmen and Town Manager shall provide the Committee with such information as may be reasonably necessary to enable the Committee to carry out its advisory role.

Section 4:   Meetings Procedure
      A.  The members of the Committee shall attend regularly scheduled meetings of no less than once per month.  The dates and times for these scheduled meetings will be by consensus of the members.
      B.  A Chairman shall be elected from the membership by the committee members.
     C.  Meeting minutes are posted on the Town’s web site as a process to keep Town residents informed.

This Committee was established by a vote of the Board of Selectmen on June 21, 2005

Members:        Donald Olden
                Jason Greene    - Fire Department
                Lauris Champagne – Rescue Department
               Bob Irish Jr.
                Maurice Davies
                Carol Brown
                David Hague – Town Manager
David K. Hague – Town Manager