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2011/06/16 Minutes
Sebago Fire and Rescue Building Task Force
Minutes from Meeting of June 16, 2011

Meeting opened at 7:05 pm at the Sebago Town Offices.

In attendance were Task Force members Carl Dolloff, Ann Farley, and Allen Crabtree.  Task Force members Jim Smith, Alan Greene, Phil Strike, Tim Smith and Anita Chadbourne were absent.  Fire Chief Ken Littlefield was there from Sebago.   Guests present were Architect Jeff Fleming and Cathy Greene from the Sebago Fire Department.

1.      Meeting with Shaw Brothers – Ann reported on the June 9 meeting that she, Jim Smith and Allen Crabtree had with Tom Beagle and Dan Shaw of Shaw Brothers.  A purchase and sales agreement option for $1 will be drafted by Shaw Brothers for the town.

There was discussion that the land purchase should be a separate transaction from the site development work, to make the letting of contracts simpler.  The purchase and sales agreement should provide for the $1 option for the land up front, and then when all approvals are obtained the town would pay the balance of the purchase price.  Purchase price was $30-35,000.  The purchase and sales agreement should have a clause to allow an extension of time if needed.

Assignment - Jim will follow up with Shaw Brothers on the option

2.      Time Line/Project Schedule – There was considerable discussion about the project schedule with the several different tasks that need to be undertaken to bring the project to the voters and to then begin construction.  The critical elements include:

-       Request bids and select a firm to do the engineering work and prepare an application for the site plan review of the Planning Board
-       Submit the completed application to the Planning Board – July meeting if possible.
-       Public hearing by the Planning Board on the site plan at their August or September meeting
-       Make changes to the application and plan as required after hearing
-       RFP out for site work bids in September or October following 2nd Planning Board meeting, allow 4-6 weeks for responses.
-       Planning Board approval of site plan at their September or October meeting.
-       Select a contractor for the site work in November.  Site work to begin from end of December through February..
-       RFP for building construction sent out to prospective bidders in Sept or Oct
-       Finalize financing package before Christmas
-       Special town meeting to approve building and financing in December or January.
-       Building construction begin in the spring 2012, occupancy by year-end 2012.

There should be one or more public hearings on the proposal over the summer to explain the plan and lay out the process, prior to the special town meeting.

Assignment – Jeffrey will rough out a project schedule and bring to the next meeting for discussion.  Jim will follow up with a bid package for the site work and identify prospective bidders.

3.      Other loose ends to be addressed - There was general agreement that it would be appropriate to approach Neal Courtney of the Maine Fire Training and Education to review the site plan and building design to see if it meets the long term needs of the town.

Assignment – Allen will approach Neal Courtney.  Jeffrey will approach Jim Graves of the Fire Marshall’s office with the same question.

The future use of the Rescue Building needs to be pinned down before the public hearings.  

Assignment - Jim will follow up with County Sheriff Joyce to explore future use of the building as a satellite deputy’s office.

Next meeting of the task force will be held on Thursday, July 7, 2011 at 7pm at the Town offices.  

Meeting was adjourned at 8:12 p.m.