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2011/05/09 Minutes
Sebago Fire/Rescue Building Task Force
Minutes 5/9/11

Meeting convened at 7:02 p.m. at the town offices.  Present were Task Force members Jim Smith, Ann Farley, Phil Strike, Carl Dolloff, Tim Smith, and Allen Crabtree. Absent were Task Force members Alan Greene and Anita Chadbourne.  Guests present were Brent Libby, Edie Harnden, Jeff Fleming, Jon Whitten, Cathy Greene, and Ken Littlefield.  

1.      Site Work

Jim met with Danny Shaw and Tom Beagle at Shaw Brothers.  Time is not crucial for the site work to be done.  Jon Whitten said that the cost estimate for the site work is $230,373, assuming a 60-foot right of way for Shaw access.  There was discussion about sharing the access road and who would pay for its construction.  Ken suggested that there should be a 1-inch water line for domestic water service.  Would there be a hydrant assembly, and he had questions about signs, septic estimates and the need for a 40 foot side pad .  Jon said that the NPDES permit fee was not included in the estimate.  Jack Murphy will be approached for the septic and perc tests.

2.      Building

An initial estimate by Lowell has the building designed by Jeff Fleming costing $878,039.  This includes $612,011 for the Fire portion of the structure and $266,028 for the Rescue portion.  This estimate does not include the vehicle exhaust system ($30 - $50k), but does include 2x8 framing with R21 and R38 insulation.  Wood  construction would be cheaper than steel in todays market, although that could change as market prices of wood and steel vary.  Land acquisition costs will be $25 – 30k.  

3.      Town Meeting

There was discussion about a warrant article to present to the voters at the June 2011 town meeting to allow purchase of the site and to do site development work on it.  CIP amounts that could be transferred with voter approval include $169k for replacement of Engine 2 (to be replaced with a Standish engine), $50k in the land fund, and $52k from the funds saved for a total replacement of Tank 2 (assume a lower-cost replacement of cab and chassis only).  Total that could be available for the site acquisition and site work would be $271k.

It was suggested that a short presentation by the Fire and Rescue departments of the need for the new station would be very helpful, as for many voters this will be a new thing.

·       These questions should be addressed:
·       Why is this site recommended, vs. one at the town pit?
·       Why can’t we renovate Station 2?
·       What will the energy savings be with the new building vs. Stations 2 and 3?
·       What will be done with Station 3 when the new building is built?
·       What use will be made of the Rescue building?

The Town Manager suggested that he have a dry run with the Fire and Rescue on 24 May in advance of the town meeting on 3 June.

Meeting adjourned at 8:12 pm.