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2007/06/19 Excerpt from Board of Selectmen minutes - Special Town Meeting
Excerpt from Board of Selectmen Minutes 06/19/2007

VIII~~~~New Business

A.~~~~~~Public Hearing on Public Safety Building Committee Recommendation
~Bob Irish Jr. made a motion for discussion. ~Seconded by Maureen Harriman. ~Motion
~carried with all in favor.

Chairman, Allen Crabtree opened the Public Hearing at 7:22 p.m. ~Present were: Selectmen; Allen Crabtree, Jeff Harriman, Maureen Harriman, Bob Irish Jr., Abe Parker; Town Manager, Bob Nicholson, and Recorder, Maureen Scanlon. ~
Guests present were: Don Olden Sr., Jim Libby, Maurice Davies, Don Allen, Joan
Morford, Corinne Davis, Ann Burns, Bob Burns, Jason Greene, Phil Strike.

Mr. Nicholson presented a slide presentation on the Public Safety Building
Committee’s findings regarding the advantages and disadvantages of each of the
three potential sites for this building. ~After a thorough review by the committee, their
recommendation to the Board is to select the first site (Town owned property adjacent
to the Rescue Building) for the construction of the building.

Committee member, Maurice Davies, asked the Board to table this item with no
action tonight. ~He explained that after further consideration he feels that an
additional site should be researched. ~The site he suggested is the current location of
Fire Station #2. ~He also suggested staking out the footprint area of the building at
Site #1 with ribbon, including the area for a handicapped ramp and driving access
areas in the front and back area for a better understanding of how the building would
actually sit on the property. ~He explained different scenarios that he would like to
explore with the committee before a final decision has been made by the Board.

Committee member, Jason Greene added that he has received input from most
members of the Fire Department that also suggests using the current Fire Station #2

Maureen Harriman asked why this was not discussed by the committee before
tonight’s meeting? ~Mr. Davies explained that the committee reviewed information
that was presented to them as previously discussed by prior committee members.
Bob Irish Jr. stated that the location of Fire Station #2 was previously researched by
prior committee members and found not to be a feasible location. ~Quite a bit of
discussion ensued regarding this matter.

With the understanding that this is going to probably be the biggest project that the
town will be undertaking for the next twenty years, Mr. Crabtree suggested that the
options discussed this evening be researched before a final decision is made.

Maureen Harriman made a motion to direct the Town Manager to reconvene the
Public Safety Committee. ~They are to review the Fire Station #2 location and the
footprint of Site #1 with a follow-up workshop with the Board of Selectmen to review
their findings. ~Seconded by Jeff Harriman. ~Motion carried with four in favor and Bob
Irish Jr. abstaining since he is a member of the committee.

The public hearing adjourned at 8:25 p.m.